Monday, April 17, 2017

Bee Killing Pesticides. Bad News.

Tom's Journal.


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The Last Bull Market

WARNING: The "Experts" Who Failed to Predict the NASDAQ Crash... the Housing Bust... the Panic of 2008... and told you Hillary was a "Lock" for President are Now Saying: "Prepare for a Financial Crisis"...

Once Again, They're Dead Wrong and Following Their Advice Will Cost You Dearly

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God does not like LIARS,  and we shouldn't either !   Yet, the scriptures say that,  "All men are liars."   But some folks just seem to lie so much more than other.... like politicians and doctors !   Oh.... I know that really pisses them off when I say things like that,  but I have personally caught many doctors, dentists and even clergymen in lies, and I got in their faces about it.    Now,  we cannot make enemies where ever we go, and we must be careful where we step,  surrounded by mine fields all over --- in every day life.   People just do not WANT to hear the TRUTH !!
       And that includes the Truth of the Gospel,  too !    Now....  I try hard never to FORCE myself on people, or make them uncomfortable,  but having Jesus as my Lord and Exemplar,  along with the Prophets, Psalmists,  Apostles and good mature Christian friends that I am so blessed to have,   I know what I SHOULD be doing every day, as much as my feeble, disabled body will tolerate !  

I had a bitter/ sweet happening today as I drove a long way to meet someone,   and I only hope that I might continue to be 'friends of sort,'   but this person lives so far away --- going thru a huge National Forest with lots of 'hair pin turns,' 'right angles'  and it was really a dangerous road trip where you just MUST pay attention, or you will wrap your vehicle around a bunch of trees !!   I also found out that I was wrong about a number of things, and perhaps made some poor judgements and choices.   I do not like to hurt people!   And lately,  looking at myself in a mirror,  I just got "bummed out" trying to be something and somebody that I am not.    Seems like I tried so hard changing myself for the better,  but ended up completely "Missing the Mark."   Maybe I am just so set in my old ways at age 69.   I am generous,  but the weight of all the rest of my personality flaws just negates the good parts of my nature.   It can be depressing.  
      My good friends email and talk to me, trying to sooth my pain,  but I am still hurting, and many of my challenges remain unresolved.    I guess that is one of the many reasons I ask for your prayers on this humble Blog site....  friends and readers.  

I cannot help everyone,  and everyone doesn't want to do all the hard work I have done through out my long life, either.   Most people just have no idea what it's like to stand up, working on a auto factory assemble line --- and you have to get your work --- your job done BEFORE the work horse goes by.... or else, you will get into trouble.   They paid us a lot of money/ wages and benefits at Chrysler Corp., in Kenosha, Wisconsin.... the 30.5 years that I worked there.   Plus the MANY OTHER PLACES that I also worked doing what ever I had to -- to pay the bills and support a wife and 3 growing children.   I bought and sold 4 houses in my life, and bought many new cars and trucks and motorcycles.  

And the scary part is:    We do NOT  know if the pensions, and earned money will continue to come in,  in the near future.
      Yep,  maybe most of you think I am nuts/  crazy,  but from what I read, the American Dollar  $$$$$, is in big trouble !!   !!   The value of our currency is really not there, and OTHER NATIONAL CURRENCIES  are about to push us off the Mountain Top.... soon !  China is almost there ! !   Sorry to burst your bubble,  friends,  but I can read the Alternative News and top Financial authorities in the world.   And when that all happens, it will not be the 'end of the world,' in that one day.... but things will BEGIN to get more rough, tough, and food, gas, clothing, autos, INTEREST on loans, will all get more expensive,  progressively.    I hope that you can understand this explanation, and perhaps DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.   But,  I am afraid that there is not much time left to do anything,  now.   My email address:     --If you email me,  I will try to give you some advice, if you still have the means.   I also worry about myself, and where I might end up living.

One thing I do know and have high hopes for..... and that is before things heat up and get TOO VIOLENT,  Father God will intervene, and the Son,   Jesus Christ,  will "call up --- lift up" His true Followers and Believers ----  and put them all in a nice, safe, place, above the battles, war, strife and violence as the world starves and gets much worse ! !   That is probably the ONLY good thing I have got going for me !   If you are not of the same "Mindset"  I urge you to 'get with the program.... NOW !'   Today !
    Read the 4 --Gospels, plus the book of Romans, and pray to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and  Savior, soon.   Why would any sane person wait or just mess around at this point in the game ?   This is the one huge Blessing that I have,  and I am humble enough to know it.   Jesus died to set all mankind free from our sins, past, present and future.   But we just need to "pick the low hanging FRUIT from the tree, now,"  and begin out forever, relationship with the Lord.   Here is a great place to buy your special:    DEFINED KJV BIBLE,   that will help you learn the best way to understand the pure rendition of the KJV Bible, and it is so poetic.    
        Or if you really have trouble reading the "Old English"  KJV... I guess you could get a copy of the NASB  version  Bible.  

I can't wait to see what this coming Friday brings us.

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman

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