Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Attempted Political Coup.

Tom's Journal.

Hello  Friends,
    Well,  all I have got to say is,   some how,   some way, the KJV Bible prophecy MUST/  has to,  come true and just HAPPEN !!   The "Man of Lawlessness,"  the Anti-Christ must take center stage in the world/ Earth,  but that cannot and will not happen until the "Restrainer"  --- which is the Holy Ghost is removed from this Earth,  first !   So,  just what does that all mean ?  
     As I have said before in other Blog posts,  the Holy Spirit will be gone at the end of the Rapture, and then those totally frightened people Left Behind on earth will "experience something" so horrible that they will BEG for the NWO ---  the New World Order ! !  

So, in the mean time the Left Wing Lame Stream 'Media' is really pushing hard to over throw any Government,  especially the 'Last Man Standing,'   President Trump, to insert their  Socialist  goof ball, clown, in league with the devil.     Most of the other world governments already have one foot in the grave, following Satan,  so the devil doesn't really have to work too hard on them anymore.  
     The best thing that we can do right now is the share the Gospel with anyone and everyone,  before God pulls the plug on this stressed out,   wicked,  lame, game.   Really !   Get with the program. 

Click on the first Link down below,  please, to learn more.

Warm Regards,
Tommy  Schuckman

Attempted political coup was just initiated in Washington D.C. - here's what you need to know
Mike AdamsAn attempted political coup was just launched today in Washington D.C. to try to overthrow the Republic.
Central to this effort is an exhaustive series of false, fabricated news reports from the dishonest mainstream media citing non-existent "anonymous sources" that don't even exist.
It's important that you understand where this may be headed, because a successful impeachment would likely spark a civil war across America.
Read my full analysis and warnings at this link.
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