Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Comey's Justice.

Tom's Journal.

     Building on what I have been posting these past 2 weeks,  thee seems to be TWO SETS OF RULES/ LAWS in America.  One for the common, working man and woman, and another for the "Connected, Rich and Powerful."   The Powerful almost have every type of immunity and can throw all kinds of road blocks in the way of justice.    Except for the "Final Justice,"  that Father God will deliver, right on time.  

But  two wrongs don't make a Right, and as Christians we much all try hard to follow the Rules set up by our Lord and Savior,  Jesus.

Tommy Schuckman

BREAKING: Someone From Comey’s Past Just Came Forward With Some BAD NEWS

The Obama spying scandal continues to grow in scope. Now, the FBI under its former director, James Comey, are accused of aiding Obama.
Late last month, the investigative website Circa released declassified documents revealing that the FBI illegally spied on American citizens. Now, a former employee is SUING James Comey for allegedly allowing that illegal activity to take place. (via Circa)
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Dennis Montgomery, a former intelligence contractor, has filed a lawsuit against former FBI Director James Comey and other top-level government officials.
The spying scandal, which originated when President Trump accused Obama of spying on his political campaign, is shaping up to be larger than the Edward Snowden leaks.

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In 2013, Edward Snowden, who was also an intelligence contractor, illegally copied and leaked classified information to British journalist Glenn Greenwald.
Snowden worked was a contractor for the National Security Agency (NSA) and revealed the chilling details of the NSA’s global spying apparatus, including the program known as PRISM.
Under PRISM, the NSA compelled seven major telecommunications companies to monitor and store information on their customers, including American citizens, in clear violation of American law.
Now, Dennis Montgomery is revealing that the FBI has similar programs that may be larger in scope. Snowden revealed that the NSA was collecting data indiscriminately on American citizens while the FBI’s efforts are targeted.
According to Montgomery’s allegations, the FBI was illegally targeting and spying on American citizens for political purposes, including judges, members of Congress, and major businessmen such as Donald Trump. This illegally obtained information was sometimes shared with third parties lacking security clearance.
Montgomery is now suing former FBI director James Comey for covering up evidence of the widespread and illegal spying. Montgomery claims he approached Comey and provided him with overwhelming proof of the illegal activity and that Comey refused to acknowledge the crimes and attempted to cover up the evidence.
Montgomery has been offered limited immunity so he can explain how he was able to smuggle 47 hard drives of highly classified information from multiple intelligence agencies.
Montgomery is proving himself to be a true patriot. He is risking everything to expose the extent of Obama’s crimes, and he is using the proper channels to do it — instead

Popular Knife Myths.

Tom's Journal.

How to sew a bullet wound shut (GRAPHIC!)
Dear Prepared Gun Owner,
A while ago, I attended a 1-day course where I was taught how to actually sew a wound closed (suturing) if society ever collapsed and I had to do it to save a life.
We practiced doing it on a piece of chicken leg ... and ... as you can see in my picture below, I don't think I did that bad (it was my first time):
turn on images to see my suture job
Now, here's the cool part ...
I always assumed life-saving medical skills like this took years to learn because Doctors spend years in school and thousands of dollars to get their degrees ...
But it turns out that there's an incredible amount of information you can learn in just ONE afternoon that could literally save the life of someone you love if you ever have to give them emergency medical care. And most of it you can learn just by reading.
But where can you get this critical info?
I recently came across this page here. I checked it out and it really does deliver some incredible info. Click the link below to see what I'm talking about:
(And yes, he'll even show you how to sew a wound closed in a survival situation)
"Molon Labe!"
Caleb Lee Signature
Caleb Lee
P.S. By the way, sewing a wound shut is not the only "Survival Medicine" you should learn. There are multiple things you should know, like how to survive without common prescriptions, pain killers, anti-biotics and more. Go here for more...

Foreword in Croatian: 

Zdravo prijatelji,
moj djed je došao iz Hrvatske na brodu kad je bio 13 godina, kao kod 2 starija brata koji je došao u Ameriku, i započela svoj vlastiti posao, krameru brat vozni red. u Michiganu, tako davno. I tako je učinjeno kada je Amerika bila dobra, pravna nacija. Sada, stanovništvo u pravilu naginje, socijalizam, koji je neprijatelj kršćanstva i sreća, po mom skromnom mišljenju. Pa, moj djed je govorio njemački i hrvatskih i upoznala moju baku, koji je govorio njemački, i njegova mađarska. Moj djed je bio jako strog i velikoduљan//. Svi smo ћivjeli u Milwaukeeu, Wisconsin, i ja se dobro sječati ogromne, Hrvatski izlete s toliko peиnim ovce i svinje, glazbe i plesa, s posebnim mještaninu, fancy, šarene odjeжu, to su dobre uspomene. Ja znam samo nekoliko riječi na hrvatsko- srpski. I znam da neki od pvijesti vlastite zemlje. Mislim da su neke od najljepših na svijetu! Ime mog ponizan, skroman Blog je TOMOV dnevnik. A moj e-mail je
tople pozdrave,
Thomas G Schuckman
"Isus je Bog".

Hello Dear Friends and Readers/ Followers,
      I fancy myself as a small, knife collector and expert knife sharpener,  plus I have always thought that "EDC"  --- Every Day Carry,  and being prepared have always given me an edge.   And if you are blessed to have the InterNet, and a good computer,  there is little that you cannot learn in the whole wide world.   But,  especially, now days,  we have LOTS of information... and perhaps,  "too much," so we have to filter out the true News from the Fake News, and Info/ Intel.   Our Gov't has been corrupted  --- but we LOVE America !  
        Please get this proper mind set and truth in your heads..... The good and pure, KJV Bible says for sure,  that the entire world WILL/  MUST get worse and more violent !!  Because how else would all the nations BEG for the New World Order to take over.... after so many humans are starving to death and getting killed ??  What we see now on TV is just the bare beginning  -- and even though Prez. Trump is trying his best, with one arm tied behind his back,  dogged by the evil Left-Socialists.   Please allow me to tell you one more thing, folks.....  Christians have NEVER done well under Socialism, and our Faith is under fire right now, even in America ! !   Sorry to burst your bubble.
        I, personally, feel, that I am on the right track,  by staying strong in the Christian Faith -- with the Holy Spirit, and trying to fill my head and heart with the Scriptures, every single day,  plus do what I can afford to "Prep" for harder times, help others if I can afford it,  while still paying all my bills.  
       And many Financial experts and investors say that our Country and the World, for that matter, WILL suffer a bad, Financial Melt Down, perhaps this Fall or sooner !   I believe that we can all do something to cut down on our spending of useless brick-a-brack,  expensive vacations, and constant parties, etc., and just hunker down.   That certainly goes for me,  too,  although I am NOT rich at all,  but a Disabled Vietnam Veteran, and retired Chrysler worker.   Right now I am alone, except for the 2-- crazy cats that catch mice for me,  but I have many great, friends all over the USA,  mostly Christians and combat Veterans.   I don't see myself as an "activist" or a 'shaker,'  but people say that I am a "good writer" and Blogger, still sharing the Gospel, as much as I can,  but there is always lots of room for improvement.   Smile.

I think that every, Legal, Law abiding, mature, man and woman ought to carry a legal knife --- just for utilitarian, use, and the Swiss Army knife has all kinds of multiple gadgets and tools on it !!  Save your pennies to pay about,  $100., for a good one.   Now that is not a "weapon,"  but more of a combination, tool.   Never, ever, lend your blade to another person !!   Nor ever lend your other tools, especially power tools to another human being !!   Most people just don't respect another person's property,  nor do they know the true value of a good, tool $$$$  ---- nor do they care !   They are probably too busy, pissing away their money [if they work...LOL] on smokes and strong drink, to even care.    And if you think that I am just an old, crusty, negative, person --- you'd be wrong.  Because I learned all of this the hard way,  plus my Dad taught me the same thing, many years ago,   but I still had to learn things the hard way..... Duh.... LOL.   

As for knives,  I think that ever smart man should invest in a quality, 'fixed blade --full tang' hunting knife, at least with a 6 inch blade,  plus a good pocket knife.   And I highly recommend:   ColdSteel. com  ---blades, American tomahawks, and other great tools.   Also Swiss Army knives for "EDC", and smaller "neck knives" with a 2 inch blade.   Buck,  makes great knives too,  but you usually get what you pay for,  so expect to invest at least $70 - $120, for a quality knife that should last you all your life, or at least 20-30 years, IMHO.   Learn and study some "Metallurgy" as I had to do in College Welding Class,  at MATC [Milwaukee Area Technical College] in the Great State of Wisconsin,  and GateWay Tech College, in Kenosha, WI.   One thing I learned in college was that:   'The more you learn --- the better off you will be in later life and forever !'    And that is one more reason why I love the Scripture:   "Iron sharpens Iron."    ---Proverbs 27: 17.   What that means, is that,  'When you hang around other smart, good quality, people,  some of that goodness will rub off on YOU,  and visa versa.'   The Psalms and Proverbs, also Ecclesiastes [written by the wise old King S0lomon], are filled with smart, wise quotes on how to live a good life --- and protect yourselves and your families against the wicked humans on earth that are really followers of Satan the devil.   Conversely,  if you or your kids run around with wayward, undisciplined/ untrained in the Bible, bad kids with no brains --- expect the worse to happen.... like drugs, alcohol abuse, unwanted early pregnancies, and law breakers, jail time and an early wasteful DEATH !   Our Father in Heaven is NOT trying to 'cramp our style' or take away our pleasures  --- but He knows what leads to a full, happy, wonderful life, in His service.   Our short life on planet earth is a 'preparation' for the next eternal life in either Heaven or Paradise,  and I will explain that sometime.   Please make a note of this... my Email address is:  

This is the time of the year that all the fine people who live in the far North of the State of Michigan... the "U.P." wait for,  when everything is so alive and BEAUTIFUL up here  !   I should really post a picture of our great forests and wildlife,  and we waited the whole, long, cold Winter to get to this point in time.   I just happen to be an expert at grilling meats and veggies on my kettle type, Weber grill in the back yard.   PTL ---  means:  "Praise the Lord ! "
        My deal Mom is suffering with a slow mending fracture hip in her Nursing facility in Burlington, WI., and I humbly ask, again, for your continued prayers,  please.   I will be crushed when she finally passes away,  help me Lord.  She was always to good and kind to me, and taught me so much about life.   Please also pray for my oldest sister, Linda, who is Mom's caretaker, and attendant, who also keeps me informed about our Mother.  

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman

Popular Knife Myths Debunked

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Editor’s Note: Today’s article is courtesy of Paul Burton. If you have information for Preppers that you would like to share and possibly win a $300 Amazon Gift Card to purchase your own prepping supplies, enter the Prepper Journal’s Writing Contest today.

Given the fact that knives are among the oldest tools which humans have been using, there is no surprise that there has been a wide array of myths associated with this universal tool. These myths include the various types of knives, the way they should be used as well as with the proper ways that they should be maintained. Here are some facts which you may want to consider before purchasing a new knife, which may debunk some of the common knife myths many people have come to believe over time.
1st KNIFE MYTH: Giving a knife to someone as a present will have a negative effect on your relationship with them.
Possibly one of the oldest myths associated with knives, this one is associated with the cutting function of a knife and the “cutting” of bonds between two people. When you think about it, this is a completely unrealistic perspective, and the symbolism of a knife can hardly have an actual negative impact on your personal relationships and interactions. So, if you think that a friend or other close person will be really happy with a new knife, do not hesitate to go ahead and buy one for them. How your relationship goes with that person depends on you both, and not on the present you give them!

2nd KNIFE MYTH: the harder the blade of the knife – the sharper it will stay for longer.
While the hardness of the blade can ensure that it stays sharp, too much hardness can actually make a knife brittle. This can cause chipping, dulling and the loss of the original sharp edge over time. If you want to make sure that your knife remains sharp for a longer period of time, you should choose one with a resilient blade, but one which does provide some give, so that the edge does not break or become dulled quickly.
3rd KNIFE MYTH: the duller the blade, the safer the knife is.
It may seem like common logic, but in actuality, this belief is false. The idea that by using a dull knife you are less prone to cutting yourself is not true, because dull knives require the use of excessive force for cutting, slicing and other actions, and this extra force increases the risk of losing control of the knife and injuring yourself.
4th KNIFE MYTH: stainless steel blades cannot keep an edge.
In the past, people found that their stainless steel knives were way too soft and their edges couldn’t stay sharp for long. In modern times, lesser chromium is used in the alloy for the stainless steel blades of the knives, and new more resilient alloys have been added, which ensure that the blades hold a sharp edge for longer. So, when looking for a new stainless steel knife, make sure it has been manufactured relatively recently.
5th KNIFE MYTH: there are knives which never need to be sharpened.
There are some knife manufacturers which advertise their knives as ones which do not require sharpening. These are knives with serrated blades which can still do the job of slicing and cutting when the edge becomes duller, but if you really want an efficient and safe knife, you will need to sharpen the blade periodically, even if it is a serrated one.

6th KNIFE MYTH: it is the food and not the cutting board which dulls the blade of a knife.
This is another false myth. While the blade will be cutting the food, it is the cutting board where it stops. Using a hard board, such as a granite, hard acrylic or stone cutting board can be very damaging to your knife. This is why you should stick to plastic or wood ones. The problem with wooden cutting boards is that they are tricky to sterilize.
7th KNIFE MYTH: automatic knives are the best choice for fast deployment.
The verdict is that this is a false myth. The fact is, with modern knife production the difference in the speed for opening and deploying a knife between a good quality automatic knife and a spring-assisted one is absolutely tiny and in some cases even non-existent. The deployment speed depends on the specific brand and model of knives you are comparing.
8th KNIFE MYTH: A dull knife has an edge which has worn away.
Nope. Contrary to what you may think, a knife which has lost its edge has its edge folding on itself. This can occur because a sharp edge is microscopic and can be deformed from use.
9th KNIFE MYTH: The higher the price of a knife – the better its quality is.
This is not always the case, unfortunately. There are some overly expensive knives which are of lower quality that the cheaper ones. For example, some of the older S30V steel knives are much better from their more expensive upgraded S35VN ones. There are also some very good and reliable knives which you can get at a reasonable price.
10th KNIFE MYTH: don’t bring a knife to a gun fight.

This myth was actually tested and debunked in the Mythbusters show. The fact is that the person with the gun will feel overly confident that they will win, but when the fighting occurs in a closer space, the knife can be a really efficient weapon. The Mythbusters found that it is especially useful when the distance between the opponents 16 or fewer feet. Other experts claim that the distance is actually up to 21 feet.
11th KNIFE MYTH: A sword or knife can be stopped by a book or by a pocket full of coins.
A thick book can actually prevent getting stabbed by a sword, but the part about the coins is untrue. The coins are not fixed one to another which means they cannot stay in place no matter how packed your pocket is with them. The knife or sword can slide off of a coin, but the pocket full of coins is very unreliable protection from stabbing. So next time you are in a sword fight, leave the coins at home and take a thick book with you!
About the author – P.Burton – Paul is the founder of Perfect Blades where he and his team review knives, tools and knife sharpeners