Saturday, June 17, 2017

Send a Letter to Congress !

Tom's Journal.

Foreword in Norwegian: 

Kjære venner,
som jeg fortalte deg før, folk i Norge elsker å lese min ydmyke blogg: TOM'S JOURNAL, og det gjør meg glad. Jeg bare les om ditt land å ha så mange seksuelle angrep og rapes, men 'Nyheter Media' blokker den virkelige sannheten og nyheter av dette forferdelige fenomener fra den offentlige ! Ikke bra. Dette er også det som skjer i Sverige og USA, osv. Vi kan takke "Elite, én verden Gov't, folk" for alt dette. Minst Russland er å sette opp en kamp mot den islamske horder invadere hjertet av kristendommen, og de er også veldig nøye med hvem de gjør i deres land. Når og hvis USA endelig faller til sosialisme, som trolig vil være den siste roterende av sivilisasjon. Det KJV bibelen, i åpenbaringen snakker om slutten av denne Satan påvirket system, og i andre steder, Bibelen sier at Satan er "gud av denne verden !' være oppmerksom på disse ting, og planlegg, vær.
Varm hilsen
Tom Schuckman

Thanks to my friend,  Ruth, who sends me these captivating messages and news clippings --- such as the stuff below  !  !

YES! INDEED!  So many are wounded because of the non sophisticated bombs and stuff of those 
that we have to fight.  Unconventional wars and fighting in a modern time where there should be
advanced weapons and fighting.  Sad, and they want more women in the military!  Don't think so!
Not that it is any better or easier or whatever for our is even worse and they too are harmed
unconventionally.   Ther just ought to be a better way to fight the turban heads!

We see lots of pictures of wounded male veterans but women in the military get wounded and maimed too.

You may need to take a second, closer look though.  The first thing I saw was a bunch of beautiful smiles.

Study this picture again. Let the story it tells sink in.  These women and many others, as well as their male comrades,
paid this price for our freedoms.

And, they did it for less than what welfare recipients are paid!!!
And a HELL of a lot less than those over-paid athletes who choose to “take a knee” when the National Anthem is played!!!
They risked these injuries (or death) FOR AMERICA!

Hi  Friends,
    Here again is another great example of disparity, and cheating the Disabled Combat Veterans,  who, like myself, also had a good, productive working career all my life, learning, being educated, and accomplishing all kinds of hard work to provide for my family, a wife and 3 children that never went one day without food, clothing or shelter !   But then,  Mom and Dad certainly instilled a hard work ethic in me and all my siblings.   Obviously,  I had no control when being born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, of German-American descent with some Croatian, too.    Why does Germany do better and have a higher standard of living than many Middle Eastern countries  ? ?   Because they are Literate and they work HARDER !    I will never say that I am "better" than any other human being,  but I am who I am, along with having God's Grace, and the Holy Spirit.    PTL.

However,  we all need to have,  "Balance" and Common Sense, as we walk on the earth, preparing for the Lord and the Rapture.   We are not into Santa Claus of Easter Bunny,  but the absolute truth of the KJV Bible, along with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.   
       Personally,  I find refuge in the books of Psalms and Proverbs, etc., as they strengthen me, big time.   And I DO take some pride in memorizing as many scriptures and what they truly mean, almost every day, so I can share them [but not show off] with other people in my daily walk of life.   
      But here and now is a chance to HELP other Disabled Combat Vets, who usually get shafted by our Socialist leaning Gov't..... as half of our once great nation is not Socialist, Liberal, Satanic, so-called,  "Progressive" which is a lying, stinking way to say the word, Communist !   So many times I have posted here in my modest Blog, about the coming demise of America,  because we in general have kicked God out of our schools, courts, churches, and hearts !!   Sorry,  but the truth is the truth.   Albeit,  President Trump is fighting the good, hard, Constitutional FIGHT to give us all a "Reprieve"   ---- a short time to get God's work done, now,  before the SHTF.   Folks,  this is not, "Party Time,"  but this is our final hour to "Prepare"....  for many things that are about to come down and whack us.    And Friends,  there is NOTHING wrong, immoral, un-American, Scripturally, or stupid,  about "Prepping" for all emergencies....  with a balanced mind and heart.   Frankly,  I am very surprised that places like California still has pure water to drink.   I would have a very hard time living without my daily soap and hot water, shower, etc.    
     I once lived in a GP Medium, Army tent, made for about 9 men, in South Vietnam in early 1968, for 8 long months,  that just would not stop any bullets or shrapnel from the VC -  122 mm rockets that they launched at us in those days.   We did have electricity from a huge generator, and I had a new, small refrigerator to keep my soda and beer COLD!   It had a lock and key in it, too.   But I digress.....

Here is a picture of me,  Tom  Schuckman, in CuChi, Vietnam, early 1968...

Here Is a way to be heard.....Vets are being shafted so let's send letters to help or at least
let them know that we are out here and are tired of their ignorance of what should be!

Subject: Disabled Veterans need your help. This takes maybe 90 seconds of your time
Send a Letter to Congress Today:

Concurrent Receipt Offset: Senator Heller has introduced S. 66, a bill to end the offset of retirement pay and VA disability pay.  It is very important for your House and Senate lawmakers to co-sponsor this bill and its companion House bills, H.R. 303 and H.R. 333.  H.R. 303 and S. 66 aim to eliminate the current offset for all regular retirees with less than 50% disability ratings.  H.R. 333 would end the offset for this group as well as medically retired (chapter 61) retirees with less than twenty years of service.  
NOTE:   No other federal employees are penalized for retiring and having a disability.
Send a Letter to Congress Today:


H.R. 333 Concurrent Receipt + Chapter 61 Veterans

  • Current law does not eliminate the offset for those service-connected disabled military retirees with VA ratings of 40% and below, and Chapter 61 retirees, who were medically retired with less than 20 years.
  • No other federal employees are penalized for retiring and having a disability
  • A veteran who was wounded in combat but has a rating less than 50% is actually paying for being wounded out of his or her military retired pay.
Military retirement is earned by serving twenty or more years in the military, compensates for longevity of service, and is funded by the DoD. Disability pay is earned in connection with those years of service and compensates for pain and suffering, can be both combat and non-combat related, and is funded through the VA.
Prior to 2004, all disabled military retirees were forced to comply with the offset. Since 2004, military retirees with 20 or more years of service and a disability rating of 50% or higher are  allowed to receive both their military retirement pay and their VA disability compensation without the offset. However, current law does not eliminate the offset for those service-connected disabled military retirees with VA ratings of less than 50%, and Chapter 61retirees who were medically retired. No other federal employees are penalized for retiring and having a disability.
The American Military Retirees Association is committed to the notion that preventing a disabled military retiree from receiving the full amount of the financial compensation that they have earned is an egregious cost saving measure paid for at the sole expense of disabled military retirees. By not being allowed to receive both retired pay and VA compensation, a veteran with a disability rating less than 50% or a medically retired retiree is actually paying for the disability out of his or her military retired pay.
AMRA Position: The American Military Retirees Association supports a total repeal of the current law in order to allow ALL disabled military retirees to receive the financial compensation for their service that they have earned.
HR 333: Sponsored by Congressman Sanford Bishop, will provide concurrent receipt for all disabled retirees, including Chapter 61, medically retired retirees.
Related Legislation:  H.R. 303, S. 66
NOTE: AMRA supports similar bills, H.R. 303, and S. 66. Both bills will significantly broaden who is eligible to receive concurrent receipt. The key difference is that H.R. 333 allows all disabled retirees, including Chapter 61 retirees, to receive concurrent receipt, whereas H.R. 303 and S. 66 do not. If passed, S. 66 and H.R. 303 would still provide concurrent receipt for many retirees who are currently funding their own disability through reductions in their retirement pay and AMRA would then be able to pursue an amendment to cover Chapter 61 retirees in the future.