Saturday, June 9, 2018

Defending our Gun Rights.

Tom's Journal.

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Hi Friends,
    I always considered myself a man of Logic, taught to me by my father, who was wounded in WW-2 --Saipan,  Navy Seabee.   'Go figure things out and THINK !'    In Algebra class in high school,  I had a terrible, tongue tied teacher,  but he had a sign in the front:    "Think or Thwim."    I was more into languages than heavy Math...  sorry.    But I loved Logic to death, and also became good with Words  --- my Verbal Aptitude.   So in college,  the main instructors pressed me into service,  teaching other college students how to Weld....  after I had mastered it.   There are many kinds of Welding, and I was a "Combination Welder."   My first stint in college ---Gateway Tech,  Kenosha, WI.,  I never read the Text Book.....  and that was stupid,  but still got straight "B's."    My 2nd stint at MATC -- Milwaukee, WI.,  I did read the books, but the goofy teacher didn't like me much, so I only got straight B's  again.....  Duh.   Hey,  crap like that happens all the time...  sorry.    

But now,  here is a piece of Logic:    If the Gov't takes away all of our costly firearms that are semi-automatic, and so called Assault Rifles,  what will we do when a terrorist tried to do a home invasion, or shows up at the school, theater, or what ever ??   Use a bow and arrow to protect our family ??   Come on, please use some Common Sense.   How about when they bomb us at the work places or businesses ----  shall we use a sling shot ?    In ancient Germany and other countries --- before gunpower and guns,  the man/ husband of the house owned a "Gross Messer"  --- a long, great, sharp, sword, or a Haliburton,   look that term up in the dictionary.   But I studied ancient combat, plus read the Bible some 40 years ago, and I actually own a read, sharp, sword,  but it won't compete with a terrorist's automatic weapon, nor a semi-automatic rifle !

The "One World Gov't folks" are already waiting in the shadows and behind the curtain,  and many in our American Congress have already taken sides with those KJV Bible prophecy, Socialist, Communist 'people.'   They don't even hide from the reality anymore now days.   Pres. Trump is the only guy with guts enough to fight for our Constitution and Freedom right now.   What a crying Shame !  And we older combat Veterans are dying like flies every day, or too old to march and hike thru the Woods.   I walk with a cane, and have some back trouble, at age 69.    And I hate the sound of,  Age 70,  dang.

Real Christians still have the right and freedom to vote the right way and support different issues,  so why not do what we can,  thru the InterNet,  Guys and Gals ?   Bless all my Christian Brothers and Sister, in the Lord,  Jesus Christ.   I study the KJV BIBLE with my hard working, beautiful wife, almost every day,  and we both get a lot of  that.   PTL.

Warm Regards,  and Blessings,
Thomas G Schuckman

Gun Guide

Up until two months ago, gun grabbers were satisfied with going after our guns at the Federal and State level...

Slowly passing anti-gun laws every so often.

But such simple times are behind us now because gun grabbers have made a terrifying discovery…

It’s much easier for them to ban guns at the local level.

In fact, it’s so easy for them to pass anti-gun laws at the local level that Boulder, Colorado’s assault rifle ban passed unanimously

There were no opposing votes whatsoever!

And it’s not just Boulder, either…

Deerfield, Illinois has now banned assault weapons and is fining violators $1,000 per day.

If it can happen in these towns, then it can happen in any town in America...including yours and mine.

That’s why I’m taking steps to protect my guns just in case they get banned locally.

I suggest you take precautions as well.

If you’d like some amazing advice on how to keep your guns out of the reach of the government, you need to
check out my friend Keith Jacobs.

Keith is a gun expert and he wrote a book about how to keep your gun where it your possession.

You’ll discover some tips and advice that you’ll be thankful for when the government comes knocking, such as…