Friday, August 10, 2018

Turkey Falling Down.

Tom's Journal.

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My woodworking years ago, in Union Grove, Wisconsin  >>>

Hi Friends,
   For some reason, I cannot download the entire article about the Turkish Gov't money going down the tube along with their economy  --- at the same time our US Dow Jones sliding down in triple digits,  and I think this is serious stuff.   I urge you all to check this out and form your own opinions.  

I was attempting to do some light carpentry today in building a sturdy large combo stool with secret inner hide-y hole space, for my wife, out of 2 by 12-inch lumber.   I have done this many times and also craved a fav. Scripture into the top:    Psalm 6: 1.   "O Lord,  rebuke me not in thine anger,  neither chasten me in thy hot displeasure."    But I find it much harder at age 69, and so out of shape,  but my wife helps me most of the time setting things and tools up for me on the table, etc.   I try to teach her my carpentry,  but it's not really her cup of tea.   But I swallowed and inhaled too much sawdust and got plaster with so much sawdust all over my big body.... LOL.   I should have worn safety breathing protection.... dang!   I should know better after all these years.   I work with my T-shirt off,  why should I soil a clean shirt?   Too bad my wife can't just 'hose me off.'   So, I just took a shower,  but that dust in the lungs is not good for me.
 Hey!   One man's gold is another man's garbage.    I get the feeling that I would be long for Mother Earth,  so I just want to teach others some of my hard-won gifts and skills.     The new Generation just wants to lay around and TEXT WITH THEIR HANDHELD DEVICES./ cell phones and toys.   And we wonder why they have no communication skills.    Many young kids cannot even carry on an intelligent conversation.   Few have EVER cracked open the Bible or know about Jesus Christ or why He died for all mankind.   
     The Psalms and Proverbs are so soothing for me and help me reflect and quiet my restless spirit.  

So,  we KNOW that something is going to set off a huge drop in the stock market and the 'experts' will call it a "correction."   I guess that older folks are fearful -- but even the KJV Bible in Revelation tells us what MUST HAPPEN,  soon.   We must trust in Father God - Yahweh, and bend the knee to the Son, Jesus Christ.    

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