Monday, October 8, 2018

A Simular Experience--RVN.

Tom's Journal.

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Hello Friends,
   It's always nice, and cool to belong to something,  A club, organization, outfit, group of like minded guys or gals... something much bigger than one single man who joins something in early life and uses it for a 'foundation' to build on.       Personally, my hitch in the U.S. Army was good training, learning, and discipline/ skill sets that would benefit me in later life.   Without taking things too far, a person needs some kind of organization and training that will mold him, suit him the rest of his life.   
     I wanted so bad to attend college to learn a trade and other skills, but I had to wait for 17.3 years later to finally get into a college, and then went a 2nd time to increase my knowledge.   For me,  that was so cool, and instructional.   I learned how to apply myself, study hard as my latent education opened so many other doors for me.   Praise the Lord!   But I was super amazed to learn the Personal Computer and learn TONS of more interesting things.... and I am in Paradise... LOL!  I will turn age 70 in a few months and my health is suffering a bit, but I now research Herbs to help me cope and survive, especially after I recently learned that the Medicines/ Concoctions given me by my local VAMC -- "Veterans Administration Medical Center" -- [memorize that, please] that are really poison to human beings,  but 'Big Pharm' MUST continue to create new medicines to 'TREAT' people, instead of 'CURING' them !  They want to milk that cash cow -- not slaughter the cow.  And they are rightfully scared of the good President Trump and VP Pence.   That will be a hard nut to crack and maybe the wicked, greedy, BIG PHARM turkeys will try to harm or extinguish our valiant Leader, Pres. Trump.   I worry and pray for his safety, and also wish that LEO's would use stronger law enforcement.   [LEO-- Law Enforcement Officers].   I personally believe that Father God is using Pres. Trump to give us all more time to repent and follow the "Son," before the Great Tribulation begins,  but not before the Rapture takes the Saints far away from the coming hell on earth sequence.   It is NOW that people need to make the time and study the KJV Bible, or the NASB to get with the program.   There is a limit to Father God's mercy, gentlemen and ladies.
     Some may say:   'God, don't take us yet,  because I need more time to work out my human imperfection and clean myself up!'   But the Father will send His Son when HE thinks [knows] the correct time.    

Personally, I am not satisfied with my own progress,  but at least I am trying harder to get somewhere.   BTW [by the way],  I am always looking for a few more email buddies and Christian friends.   
     I just ordered a few more healing Herbs for my sore back, etc., today.   And some folks in the know believe that we might be soon experiencing a radical change in our American Dollar.... a "Re-Boot."   I encourage anyone that can, to invest in Precious Metals, gold, silver, platinum, copper, etc., but never put them in a Bank !!  They will steal it, LEGALLY... Ha!  Beware.  I suppose that I can get into trouble just for posting information like this.   Shhhhhh!   And I figure that all the 'goods' I leave behind after the Rapture won't matter to us after we get to heaven.   The very streets of heaven are PAVED with gold, not that we need it in heaven... LOL.   We can't eat gold or silver anyway.    Smile.   
       Through the centuries and millenniums, great super powers have risen up, only to fall down when a news power takes it's place, many of them recorded for us in the Bible, a powerful, worthy Book that we all need to learn about true salvation and the life soon coming.   "God cannot lie."  --Titus 1:2.   

Warm Regards,
Thomas G Schuckman

Medal of Honor Monday:
"I'm not Superman. I was just a guy doing his job,"

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At about this time in 1947, a hero is born. Gary Wetzel would join the United States Army soon after his 18th birthday. Was he an unlikely hero? He’d then been in the habit of skipping school a lot. He joined the Army because it was “either . . . get a job or join the service, so I chose to join the service.”
Either way, the Army was blessed to have Wetzel!
The young soldier went to Vietnam, where he was assigned to an ordnance outfit. But Wetzel wanted something more. He wanted to be a gunner on a helicopter. He soon discovered that the best way to get there was to volunteer for a second tour of duty. He was only ten days away from finishing that second tour when disaster struck.
On January 8, 1968, Wetzel’s helicopter was flying an Eagle Flight when it was shot down. Two men aboard were immediately killed by enemy fire. Wetzel himself was soon struck by a grenade and thrown into a rice paddy.
His left arm was badly wounded. Yet Wetzel was in no mood to be stopped. “I got a little bit more zip left in me,” he later joked of that time.
“Although bleeding profusely due to the loss of his left arm and severe wounds in his right arm, chest, and left leg,” Wetzel’s citation says, “Sp4c. Wetzel staggered back to his original position in his gun-well and took the enemy forces under fire. His machinegun was the only weapon placing effective fire on the enemy at that time.”
Wetzel described the scene a bit more colorfully: There were so many explosions around him that it was “like the July 4th but it’s on the ground.”
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