Thursday, October 18, 2018

What's for Breakfast? GOLD.

Tom's Journal.

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Hello Dear Friends and Readers:
   I have told the true story many times on this humble Blog how I was laid off from Chrysler Motors in Kenosha, Wisconsin many years ago, then went back to college twice to learn a quick Trade to survive--Welding and Print Reading, etc.   Someone called me on the phone and offered me a completely different position in Finance, so I thought I might use some of my unemployment income to see how fast 'up the ladder' I could go in that time, and I think I did well.   However when, after 5-6 years off my good job at Chrysler, that huge company called me back and the wages and benefits could not be turned down, so I went back.   But I also took the new education and also the Financial learning and certified diplomas with me.    After all, I would almost never turn down the education that I worked hard to get.   
       Why waste money and learning, and why invest in something, stocks and bonds, properties, real estate,  etc.   Gold and Silver, IMHO, are wise investments!   I also love to teach special people the wisdom of the KJV Bible!   But there is no way I would ever 'charge' money for teaching others the Bible!   I would then be in serious trouble with Father God and His Son, Jesus.   "You received free, so give free."  --- Matthew 10: 8.   Some false religions charge money for their so-called "Sacraments"   But not True Christians, and the same are now in the spotlights of the law and others 'caught with their pants down,' so to say....LOL.   Do those kind of people go to court and do real jail/ prison time?   None that I have seen or read about.   But I am not worried, because I know that Father God will Judge us all in the end.   My prayers are for my self, Salvation and my loved ones.   

I cut and pasted some very interesting things about gold and silver for you all to check out.  One smart man used to tell me:  'Never be the first nor the last to invest in a commodity.'

Have a great day or night.

Warm Regards,
Thomas G Schuckman

Jim Rickards:
Gold is not just for Russians anymore. Poland (an EU member) just added to their gold reserves and Hungary increased its gold reserves 1000%. Got gold?
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