Friday, October 19, 2018

The DANGERS of Heathen Religions.

Tom's Journal.

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Good Day, Friends in America and all over the World !
     I am very pleased that I get "hits" from so many people in other countries such as Norway, France, Germany, etc.   Is it not a high blessing how modern day mechanic translators can send quality messaging to far away countries to share the words of me and others in a matter of seconds!

Not that I am 'death oriented' but at my age of 'near age 70' many old friends have already passed on and now on the "other side" --for better or for worse.  It's been said:   "Words have meanings," and so it's NEVER too late to study or buy a good comprehensive DICTIONARY --- like Websters!   Woe to the person that never exerted himself/ herself to LEARN and STUDY!   I HATED Math in school, even though I studied hard -- my so-called teachers just could not teach, because they didn't have the proper "Verbal Aptitude !!"   However, I did well in History, English, Biology and also studied foreign tongues like,  German, French, Latin, etc.   But as my Dad used to say:  'To each -- his own."  Some of our I.Q. boils down to the DNA-- passed down from our parents and ancestors, also to our failed 'school system' as the Dems have destroyed it!   Kicking Father God out of the courts and schools didn't help either.  

OK, many respected teachers of History say that the KJV Bible is the most pure History on the Earth, so why not start there in Genesis, to uncover the main 'source' of  mankind's  original down fall,  Satan the Devil.   Hummmm,  words have meaning:  Satan means, rebel or resister.   And Devil means:  Slanderer, or Liar.  My Dad was in the U.S. Navy during WW-2, and he told me that lying could cost someone his LIFE!   A man can never get ahead if he lies!  Somehow/ somewhere that lie will come to the surface and spoil that person's reputation, and perhaps cost that person's life -- and others, too.  Beware.  Stealing is similar.   Hebrews and Christians are usually taught from young never to lie nor steal.    And ounce a person starts serving prison time,  that one single blot on his record will follow him forever!  So get into the right good habit early.
     However, looking forward to the future, there is a benevolent Father in Heaven that wants to, and has the POWER to forgive any and all, who honestly confess all their sins to Him through the merits of His only Son's [Jesus Christ] death on the cross!   Do that humble action in the privacy of your own bed room soon [or under the boughs of some big Oak tree...],  because the future of the Nations on Earth will soon be turned upside down, sometime after the "Rapture" when Jesus Christ comes back to gather up His Saints and Followers.   
      I am an average man, but been educated from different sources, also college, but it is the Holy Spirit  of God that puts the correct words in my mind, just as promised many centuries ago, by our Lord, Jesus Christ.  You can be part of that Army, too.  Join today !  And if you already have that great and Gift --- SHARE IT !   Invest in "Bible Tracts, Inc."  

Bible Tracts Inc. - Official Site
Bible Tracts Inc. was founded in 1938 through the preaching of our founder, Evangelist Paul Levin. As people came to Christ, they wanted to be able to tell others how to be born again. As they saw the transforming power of the Gospel, they wanted clear, simple gospel tools so they too could see folks come to Christ.
Have a great, safe day!

Warm Regards,
Thomas G Schuckman

Fri, Oct 19, 2018 11:13 am
Hal Lindsey ( Details

October 19th, 2018
People sometimes wonder why I bother to talk about the dangers of Islam.

They say, "Why not just present the positive aspects of the Gospel?"

They forget that Jesus Himself warned of dangerous belief systems. And He called them by name!

As a minister of the Gospel, it is my duty to show that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not just another "religion." It is the very truth of God!

Sometimes that can best be accomplished by revealing the danger of purely human, even demonic, belief systems that claim to compete with the Gospel.

It is also crucial to understand that I serve as a "watchman on the wall." God has charged me to sound a message of warning when I see danger on the horizon.

Islam is one of the truly great dangers facing the world today.

Dr. Peter Hammond is a missionary from South Africa. He has served in Mozambique, Angola, and Sudan. He's seen first-hand the tragedy caused by the Muslim faith.

By necessity, he became an expert on the subject.

On this week's program, I am going to draw from Dr. Hammond's extensive research on how Muslim populations, historically, have impacted the nations which they have entered as refugees and immigrants.

Dr. Hammond breaks down the demographics into easily understood explanations. And the information is stunning.

In fact, we are seeing each of the scenarios he describes played out on the evening news every day. Europe has become the textbook example of Dr. Hammond's findings. America may be next.

Ingrid Carlqvist, a Swede, is alarmed to see these population impacts manifesting in Sweden. She warns that Islam is not compatible with democracy because it is not simply a religion. It is "a political ideology, a justice system (Sharia), and a specific culture that has rules for virtually everything in a person's life: how to dress; who your friends should be; which foot should go first when you enter the bathroom.... Islam aspires to control every aspect of the human life -- the very definition of a totalitarian ideology."

This is happening in different degrees across Europe and is now beginning to impact our lives here in the United States.

Folks, immigration that is not followed by assimilation is just another name for "invasion."

But Islam is not the only tyrannical ideology troubling America today. The LGBT movement is proving more influential with far, far fewer numbers than Islam.

In fact, the latest ludicrous jackboot tyranny -- the transgender issue -- is being perpetrated on 99.7% of the American public by a paltry .3%.

That's not 3%, that's .3%. Three-tenths of a percent who identify as "transgender." Yet hypocritical multinational corporations, organizations, governments, and public figures are risking their entire reputations and fortunes in an effort to force their skewed values on every person in the United States. To them, it doesn't matter what the average American believes or thinks!

Why? It makes no sense.

Unless these are the end-times. That is one of the characteristics of the end-times predicted by the Bible prophets -- that the wrong would be called right and the right would be called wrong.

Last year, we observed the 50th anniversary of the Six Day War. 50 years ago last June, in 1967, a brief war erupted between Israel, Egypt, Jordan, and Syria. The world has never been the same.

This week, I'll reminisce a bit about that crucial event.

Finally, I want to discuss Christ's authority.

Most Christians have some vague concept of the power and authority that belong to Jesus, but they can't put their finger on just how He got His authority or how it relates to them.

I cannot think of another truth that has been more foundational to my whole understanding of God's working in my life than the truth of Christ's victorious defeat of Satan.

It's impossible to appreciate your position of victory in Christ until you know how He won His victory over your three great enemies: the world, the flesh, and the Devil.

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God Bless,

Hal Lindsey
mail: HLMM, P.O. Box 470470, Tulsa, OK 74147