Sunday, October 21, 2018

The VAMC's still continue to hurt Veterans.

Tom's Journal.

From: Concerned Veterans for America <>

Thank you, Brother Greg, Navy Man, for sharing this important news with me.

Army Hugs, Fellow Veteran,
Tommy S

Subject: The Morning FRAGO | 17 October 2018

Dear Friends and Important Readers:

   I am so blessed to have a double handful of great Friends who send me the latest special News stories that MOST of the world including my fellow Americans NEVER see or read!!  How on Earth have we permitted the 'Lefty Trash Fake News' sneak up on honest Americans only seeking the plain Truth??   And please remember that,  "God cannot lie."  ---Titus 1: 2.  You can find that right before the book of 1st Timothy in your favorite KJV Bible in the New Testament.  

Well, Some folks and even some Veterans are upset with me for even publishing the Truth, although that's nothing new, either.  You  just cannot please everybody --- so you got to please yourself and do what the KJV Bible tells you to do.   Christ, Himself told His followers and disciples that they would be persecuted and killed for His namesake, as Africa is now a graveyard for our fellow Christian brothers and sister.  But that same prophecy is being fulfilled right here in the USA OF AMERICA, today !!   

Let's face the face dear brothers and sister.....  The "End of this System of Things -- the Old sinful World as we know it, will soon come to a halt after Jesus comes back as He promised, and after the war of Armageddon [Revalation 16: 16, the last book of our Bible--  you can't miss it].  People will be throwing their money and gold in the streets after they realize that NOTHING can save them from the Lord's [Lamb's] wrath [Hell] and the loss of Heaven!  And then the devil will fail and gathered up with his many demons and cast into a nasty place for 1000 years of darkness while grateful people who survive that great war grow into perfection on a Paradise Earth, but a smaller number closer to God and His Son Jesus, will serve in Heaven forever help the folks left on Earth.  Beautiful Picture ?   Folks right now like me, want to HELP -- with the Holy Spirit directing us as we also have that mission branded in our hearts and minds, so PLEASE take advantage of this FREE gift, NOW!     My Email:   --And we could even talk on the phone, too, if you have the courage to email me.   I am just an average older guy defined by a few outstanding things:  Being a true, well studied Bible-believing' teaching Christian, also a Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70 [ a lowly Huey Helicopter 'door gunner'--Honorable Discharge, also a retired auto worker/ welder, Chrysler- Kenosha, Wisconsin, 30.5 long years, and some college in between, etc, etc.   

But please understand that you can do this yourself too but only truly BELIEVE in the power of the Holy Spirit and Father God and His Son,  Jesus Christ, who suffered and died for our sins so that we could be Free and not go to hell for our sins.   We all were born imperfect, mind you, but Christ died [was murdered] for the sins of the world, everyone's.      First, find a quiet place all alone, and then beg forgiveness for all the sins that you can humanly remember, confess them to God alone --- THRU the merits of Jesus all-encompassing death on the cross.  Then ask for Jesus and the Holy Spirit to be/ stay in your heart, forever, and vow to do His Will, and begin reading and studying the Bible.  If the OLD KJV [King James Version -- written in 1610- 1611 is too hard for you to understand, perhaps the NASB will help you understand better, how ever many good people believe that the KJV Bible is more accurate.   Don't worry, it depends on your education, IMHO.   
        Now, after that the devil will send many to 'trip you up and also persecute you,'  but what is more important, a clean conscience, heart/ mind, or what your old friends'  silly mind games,  duh?   All Eternity is in the mix/ and risk.   Many will reject the kind efforts that you now want to help THEM.   Pray for them often and seek out a new BIBLE loving/ teaching church,  and they are becoming harder to find nowadays as they buckle from human and demon pressure, cowards that they truly are....  sorry.   Be busy in the Lord, and do His Will, as the time is short and Satan the Devil and his demons well know it !!

Please continue to pray for me to lose weight,  but I am eating less every day, also 'pumping iron' at the VAMC Gym-- PT.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman
Email:     -- also FaceBook, although I trust them NOT.... LOL.

>>> The Milwaukee VA Hospital,  where they really messed up my teeth, and my Right knee replacement which is now an inch shorter than the other leg !   And they treated me like used/ soiled toilet tissue afterward.   Beware, and learn all your VA Benefits.

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