Saturday, November 24, 2018


Tom's Journal.

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Friends and Readers,
     I have always been afraid to brag and boast too much-- for fear that might invite some tragedy ..... or maybe I was just superstitious.    Some of our forefathers certainly were too superstitious, unless they had a firm grip on the KJV Bible, and "God cannot lie."  ---Titus 1: 2.   And the great thing about hooking up [getting married to a REAL  CHRISTIAN is that you can both sharpen up each other ---just like holding/ using an Arkansas black stone or a good bastard file [go look that up in the dictionary--Ha!].   And the experts say that it is downright STUPID to carry a dull knife.   But the point I want to make is:   I asked my pretty wife, Loretta Jean Schuckman, to please correct, also teach me when I error about anything, and that I would do the same for her.  Hey!  Our human brains are so wonderfully made that they were created to last forever, weather we end up in heaven or somhow survived the war of Armeggedon  ---Rev. 16: 16,  
         Sure,  studying the Greek N.T. [New Testament] is great and very important to our survival and future....   but studying the O.T. Hebrew Old Testament.    Many fellow Christians believe that President D.J. Trump is a gift from Father God, a sort of reprieve before the final Judgment and Rapture!   We should be very thankful for this act of Mercy!  So many people can still be Saved in the time of Trump.   And if they really apply themselves properly and use every free minute daily,  they could reach a mental, emotional, Christian knowledge and opportunity.   Capture the time and moment each day.   We may end up poor,  but we want to be Saved and allowed into Heaven and we might also take a few friends or relatives to heaven with us, too!

My Mom's recent passing away last week gave me much to think about.   There are always going to be small, petty wars in our families and relationships as people with the mentality of children might never change... or grow up.  We, who KNOW and UNDERSTAND the Bible, and Christ must never allow those misunderstandings or hatred to spoil our life now -- or in the future.   Rise above those situations and progress.   Live your own life and share your joy and happiness with others...  new ones that you meet.

Warm Regards,
Thomas G Schuckman

Below, one of the "gunships" in the 240th AHC [Assault Helicopter Company], at Camp BearCat, Vietnam: 69-70.   I was with the "Greyhounds" --White Flight Platoon, "Door Gunner."

Above:  My dear, old Mom and I, Tom Schuckman, at her 50th WEdding Anniversary.

The Video below is about top doctors who claim that we should the dangers of consuming NSAIDs [pain relievers] and the Heart.  Check it out.

Cardiologist: I Beg Everyone To Quit NSAIDs