Thursday, November 29, 2018

Trey Gowdy's Response.

Tom's Journal.

Good Day,  Friends,
     I am blessed to have a double handful of friends and associates from whom I draw on for great ideas, etc., to incorporate in my sometimes daily Blog renditions and creations.   Thank You, dear friends and email buddies!   This also means that I cannot promise --- but welcome any suggestions you all may have, and please email them to me:    ----And I don't mind if you also "borrow" some of 'my stuff' but just give note and credit to me by including my name and source,  please.  Thanks.

Thru the years, I have 'tried to stay humble'  but I think that I failed somewhat... LOL.   In fact, Father God keeps me humble, big time!  He doesn't enjoy boasters hanging around, and I am fearful of gaining His displeasure.   Reading the book of Proverbs is very important to me.   I do, however, BS too much.  And my Dad once told me that, 'the person who brags a lot is missing something at home, like love and attention.'   We lived and worked on our parents' small 80-acre beef, hog, and grain farm plus our Dad worked at a few huge Crane Companies in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.   I was given the most laborious, harder farm chores every day, like hand milking the cows, cleaning manure from the calf pens, feeding the hogs, and many other things, while my brother Albert seemed to get off easy.   OK, the hard work didn't hurt me at all, but I felt that dividing up the chores was unfair.   Albert was only 2 years younger but more stocky than I.   Well, those days are now over with,  but it seemed like our Dad enjoyed creating some friction between Albert and I -- perhaps to get more work and competition between us.  It's not a big whole lot of jealousy between us,  but I didn't agree with it.   
     Well, I still got tired of that goofy game and decided to throw a 'monkey wrench' into the machinery when I found out that I didn't have enough money to attend college [and was let down], so then I joined the Army and saw the world and more!  Yes!  Albert was forced to pull his own load after that...Ha!   I know that revenge is not a 'Christian trait,' but it tastes so sweet when others have been running you down and criticizing for many years --- actually, 2- people ganging up on you, and then all of a sudden the tables are turned!  I wasn't their whipping boy anymore!  Toot--Toot!  And I WAS NOT running away from home or any problems in my age 19-year-old life, or the law,  as my brother used to lay on me---slandering me.   He was jealous all the way... sorry folks.  I was, however, Vindicated, and then also worked hard all my life, including a hard 30.5 stint at American Motors Corp./ Chrysler, in Kenosha, Wisconsin!  And when I was working in Finance with PFS Investments while laid off from Chrysler, we had a sign in the office in North Chicago:  "Massive Success is the Best Revenge."   Go Figure.
      The great article below proves my point, I do believe.  Not just anyone may join the Armed Forces of America.  You have to "Qualify" and meet THEIR standards.   And while so many put the Army, Navy down,  they are really trying to cover up their own faults of NOT being able to qualify!   And if I count all the jobs and schooling I collected in my long life,  I am better than just an average Joe.   I have proved myself over and over, got a decent retirement package and a good wife, finally.  If this sounds like boasting,  so be it.   Smile.

Still,  inside of me I sometimes think that I could have --should have done much more,  except that I had some serious injuries and accidents, blessed to still be alive and walking!   For so many years I prayed for, "Balance."  Now I wish that the Father would help me keep my big mouth shut instead of speaking my mind.  
      My advice to any younger person is to 'seize the day' and make good use of your remaining time!  Certain words were written in the Bible 1900 years ago that seemed like the "End of this System" of things could happen at any time... or some Bible translations would say, 'The End of this World" [as we know it].  But until recently how could this thing happen, unless the world had such powerful, destructive, 'weapons of mass destruction?'  And too,  things, times and events are also cyclic, like a modern-day 'Ice Age' of the smoke blotting out the sun [photosynthisis],  and toxic chemicals emanating from huge active volcanos, or lack of drinking water, also water to grow crops to feed ourselves.   We are polluting our planet to extinction, and greed will kill us.  Logic and Common Sense no longer exist.   

But now the Father in Heaven always makes a 'way out' or an escape plan along with His warnings of doom, and so it is now.   Study the "Good Book" now and learn what we all need to do... not just 'act.'   God can see and discern if we are just 'acting' or putting on a show of deceit.  God can read the heart, and all fakes, frauds, and liars.  The devil and demons can't, but they can see our actions and so tempt us into doing wrong.  If you feel that you have the wrong heartfelt desires,  PRAY and beg the Lord to 'give you a new heart!'  Fill your mind and heart with the good, pure things of the KJV Bible now.   And then share all that you have learned with others, as God commands.  See:  Matthew 23: 14.  Find a good, Bible teaching church, if you still can.   I hope I have helped some of you good people, today.

Tom  Schuckman

Question:  How can President Trump claim to represent all U.S. citizens, regardless of sexual orientation, when he banned transgenders from joining the military?  Isn't that discrimination?
Trey Gowdy's Response:
"Nobody has a 'right' to serve in the military. Nobody. What makes people think the military is an equal opportunity employer? It is very far from it, and for good reasons Let me cite a few:
The military uses 'prejudice', regularly and consistently, to deny citizens from joining: for being too old or too young, too fat or too skinny, too tall or too short. Citizens are denied for having flat feet, or for missing (or additional) fingers."
Clearly annoyed by the reporter's attempt to trap him with the question, he went on to explain:
"By the way, poor eyesight will disqualify you, as well as bad teeth.  Malnourished? Drug addiction? Bad back? Criminal history? Low IQ?  Anxiety? Phobias? Hearing damage?  Six arms? Hear voices in your head?  Self-identification as a unicorn?  Need a special access ramp for your wheelchair?"
"Can't run the required course in the required time? Can't do the required number of push-ups? Not really a 'morning person' - and refuse to get out of bed before noon? All can be legitimate reasons for denial."
"The military has one job: winning wars.  Anything else is a distraction and a liability. Did someone just scream 'That isn't Fair!'? Well, war is VERY unfair. There are no exceptions made for being 'special',  or 'challenged', or 'socially wonderful'."
"YOU must change yourself to meet military standards...not the other way around."
"I say it again: YOU don't change the must change yourself.  The military doesn't need to accommodate anyone with special issues The Military needs to win wars, and keep our country safe...PERIOD!"