Saturday, December 29, 2018

The Demonic Spirit of P.C.

Tom's Journal.

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---->  Here is a picture of one of our "gunships" in the last Army Aviation Company that I served within [the 240th AHC --Greyhounds] the Republic of Vietnam on my 2nd tour of duty.   I was with "White Flight platoon" and flew as a door gunner in "Slicks."  Just the 2 years in 'Nam left a branded 'forever mark' in my heart, mind, and soul ---50 years ago !!  Hard and zealous study of the KJV Bible has mellowed me a bit, but it seems like I only feel 'comfortable' with other Veterans....Sorry.   I welcome all your emails and prayers, dear friends.   ---Tommy Schuckman

Dear Friends,
     You won't ever hear me complain about the hot, muggy, weather U.P. here in Northern Michigan, USA....  LOL.   I love to sunbathe on the upper front porch in my thrown that my wife, Lori helped me make last Summer.   Anyway, our weather is cold and icy today, after all, it's January.   The wind blows right into the old thin walled house that we rent for now.   I have already bought 4 houses in my life,  but don't know if I will buy another right now.   However, I honestly believe that interest rates will rise.   

Friends,  The KJV Bible [and I think personally that the NASB  version is good too.] predicts that the world is evolving/ changing for the worse...  [sorry] and left to it's own devices, wicked human beings will NOT find an amicable solution.   You may have heard me brag and talk graciously about the German Republic many times in the past, and even translated some of my blog posts into German.   They are smart, hard-working people, and I was in-country --U.S. Army in early 1968 for 2-- months.     I was very surprised to hear some of them leaning towards Socialism way back then!   France And Italy also lean toward Socialism and are now paying the price for allowing so many Muslims into their country.   
      The fine article below tells us that all people who carry the identity of being Christian may well experience hatred from Socialists and Muslims as time flows on.   Be Prepared, friends!   Beware.   Prepare, and 'draw near to Christ and His Father in Heaven.' 

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Tom's Journal.      

December 28th, 2018
If you're a regular viewer of "The Hal Lindsey Report," you know that I've hit hard and often on two ideas. One, that times of persecution (and legal prosecution) are headed our way. Two, that the reason for that persecution will be our insistence on pressing the claim of Jesus Christ that He is the only way to salvation and heaven.

As we see the demonic spirit of "political correctness" take firmer hold on all areas of our society, I'm convinced that the decision by true Christians to stand up for Jesus on certain issues and claims will spark an onslaught of derision and discrimination against us. I think those defining issues will include abortion, same sex marriage, parental rights, and the role of God in our national life.

Most importantly, though, I believe it will all come down to the name of Jesus. Already, our military, our schools, our courts, and our governments (we lost the entertainment industry and our universities long ago) are in a mad dash to eliminate any vestige of religious recognition, much less freedom. However, it seems to be only Christ-centered traditions that are being banished. Islam, humanism, and other religions are, in fact, being celebrated and encouraged in ways Christianity never has.

Just as Jesus Himself warned, the dividing line in the last days will be the name of Jesus. He said that because the world hated Him, it will hate us. He cautioned that true, and faithful, believers will be persecuted "for My name's sake." (John 15:21)

Over the last few years, I've shown you myriad examples of how this exact situation is developing right here in the United States -- and inside some of our most trusted institutions. As a "watchman on the wall," my calling is to declare what I see coming so that you can prepare yourself and your family for those days.

But that preparation should not be haphazard or random. If we are to remain strong in the coming days, months, and years, we must be standing on a firm foundation. To be able to unflinchingly press the claims of Christ in this hostile world, we must make every effort to understand the man who made those claims.

To fully appreciate who Jesus Christ is, we must first understand WHY there needed to be a Jesus Christ. There was a reason for God's provision of a savior and a reason for the path He chose for our redemption. I'll begin this week with an explanation of "Why God Had to Become a Man."

Then we'll start an examination (which I'll continue next week) of "The Man God Became."

The majesty, the beauty, and the sheer complexity of the concept of the God-Man Jesus Christ is almost overwhelming. But it was all necessary to redeem the creation lost to sin at the fall of Adam. Thank God that He loved us so much He provided a "second Adam" to unselfishly take our place. And thank you, Jesus, for being willing to bear our sins upon Your sinless shoulders so that we may be partakers of Your eternal glory.

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I pray you will have a prosperous and peaceful 2019. Happy New Year!

God Bless,

Hal Lindsey

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