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Obama and "Agenda 21." Work of the Devil.

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Dear Friends,
     Has it ever happened to you that you blindly accepted all the discipline and training from parents, schools, or Military, but never understood why until you grew older -- and then it all 'came together for you and made perfect sense?'   I had the same 'silver bullet' hit me, and I was so glad and happy that it all paid off in the end.   An older, wiser person told me that it would all make sense later on,  and it did!  Well, my early years of studying the KJV Bible and other books paid off in high dividends--- plus helped me calm down and relax more so than any VA drug!  God's Grace is that powerful and we cannot get to heaven without it.... and you can never have 'too much' of it, either.   For once in my life, I am a successful, well educated, retired gentleman!   PTL.   And we 'Grace-filled Christians' LOVE to share what we have with loved ones and everyone else that is humble enough to accept the Lord Jesus Christ with heart, soul and mind.  And thru my long life, I have learned many things, but this is the MOST IMPORTANT, something that Saves life forever!  So whether we are young or old, rich or poor,  we need to 'make hay while the sun shines!'  Are you game?

Remember,  I have always suggested that a new person ought to first read one or more of the 4-- Gospel accounts of, Matthew, Mark, Luke or John, and then the book of Romans, because of what time period we are now in.  In other words,  'You don't concern yourself with shinning the brass on a sinking ship!'    And you must strike while your branding iron is HOT!    If some of you good people are also "Preppers" who like to be prepared, all of this message will sink in faster, IMHO [In My Humble Opinion].  I don't know about you --- but I get a good feeling when I help other people with my advice and help.   And I would suggest tuning into this wise servant of Christ that I love to feature on my humble Blog,  Hal Linsey.   He also makes me feel good inside with all of his encouragement, and pure Bible logic and explanation.  

Please continue praying for my wife and her upcoming heart surgery.  Thank You!   I am so blessed to have a double handful of smart, Christian friends.

Warm Regards,
Thomas G Schuckman

Smile !   But take positive action, NOW!

    ----I so wish I still had my old body back again, being a power lifter, etc., about 20 years ago.  -->>>

April 26th, 2019
On September 28, 2016, FEMA, the FCC, and the National Weather Service conducted a nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS). EAS allows the federal government to take complete control of the content of television and radio stations, as well as cable systems.

Broadcasters are required to place the EAS switch between their studios and the station's transmitter. When the government activates the switch, the broadcaster's own sound and picture are replaced by the government's.

Only once before had this system been tested nationally. That was in November of 2011. There were several glitches and the system failed to perform adequately.

But the 2016 test was a complete success.

Ostensibly, EAS will be used to alert the public in the event of an impending natural disaster, probably a catastrophic weather emergency. Maybe even a national defense threat. Who could object to that? I don't.

But we've all seen movies where the super-villain somehow interrupts every broadcast in the nation (or the world) to announce his threats or demands. In real life, the EAS system used far too many and varied protocols for that scenario to be even a remote possibility.

But EAS is now part of the wider Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS). It is based largely on the internet. This wider system not only has the power to commandeer broadcast and cable content, it can also access smartphones.

Interestingly, your smartphone gives you control over the kinds of alerts or notifications you receive, such as Amber or weather alerts. But you do not have the ability to disable an alert from the White House. The President's order overrides everything else.

In view of what Bible prophecy says about the Antichrist's ability to communicate with the entire world, I noted at the time that this was an interesting development.

Someone remarked to me that the EAS was old news. It's been around for years.

I replied that every system or tool the Antichrist needs to accomplish his worldwide takeover has been in development for years, decades, even centuries. What makes it interesting is that they are all coming into completeness and full utility now. Just in time for the Antichrist's arrival.

Something else makes the rapid emergence of the tools and mechanisms he will need even more amazing. That is the fact that they are all being placed into the hands of global entities and authorities beyond the control of individual nations and states.

During the last gasps of Barack Obama's presidency, oversight of the internet was completely ceded to an international agency. The ultimate authority to grant internet domain addresses now rests with a corporation outside the reach of the United States government.

That pattern is repeating itself over and over. In his final address to the United Nations General Assembly, President Obama told the United Nations that the United States has too much power and needs to relinquish some of its sovereignty. I know that's hard to imagine, but it's part of a worldwide trend.

One of Obama's excuses for ceding portions of our sovereignty to the global interests was to implement the United Nations' 2030 Agenda. That's the program the UN claims will end poverty and pollution by 2030. Its provisions first became active in 2018.

Agenda 2030 is an update of the notorious Agenda 21. It passed the UN unanimously in 2015. And it calls for massive changes in all our lives. It is literally a scheme to subjugate mankind under the heel of corporate and international elites.

When the Antichrist assumes power, he will need global tools and organizations, as well as incredible technology, to accomplish his purpose. And it looks now like he will have everything he needs. Right on time. Just as the ancient prophets predicted.

Speaking of which, this week I want to tell you the difference between the Resurrection and the Rapture.

Let me give you a hint. If you are reading this, you don't need Resurrection, you need Rapture!

But you can prepare yourself for both, in exactly the same way!

Finally, speaking of God's grace and "faith in Christ's saving work and not because of any merit on our part....", this week I want to share with you the story of my personal conversion.

Many of you have heard it before -- how I came to learn about Christ's love while reading my childhood Gideon's New Testament on a tugboat on the Mississippi River. But in case you haven't, or in case you have a loved one that you think may never find Jesus, I think my personal experience may give you encouragement for your life or hope for someone else's.

Tune in this week and celebrate with me.

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God Bless,

Hal Lindsey
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