Wednesday, May 1, 2019

The Stars and Stripes News.

Hello Friends and Readers:

We all should know and understand that this spurt of progress is LONG OVERDUE!   Please share this News with all Veterans and Military that you know of.  We may not agree with everything done or mentioned today, but the world needs to know and verify that our Veterans are getting a little bit better odds in earned benefits...  after so many already died waiting for these services.   My humble opinion is that President Donald Trump is certainly pulling his huge load and convincing others to help.   And some of the 'Congress Critters' are finally getting the drift to pass important VA rules and regs, but so many Veterans had to suffer and die first!   Shame...  I remember how the 3rd shift recovery ward at the Milwaukee VAMC [Veterans Administration Medical Center-- in Wisconsin] butchered and bungled my Right knee replacement surgery that left me in severe pain when the "staff" abused me/ did everything possible to make my stay there a nightmare!!   And I left that horror picture in 5 days, long before my body had time to mend.   And I would bet the next months rent that they all were Democrats!     I could say a lot more, but I'd better not... LOL.  I hope I never have cause to repeat this true story again.  But as you all see and read, I always give credit where it is due.

My dear wife, Lori, had Angioplasty surgery yesterday at Belin Hospital in Green Bay, Wisconsin, where the surgeon [Doctor/ Surgeon Richard J. Timmons,  MD, FACC] did an OUTSTANDING, GREAT JOB on my wife and soul mate, and staff were very kind and professional on the 5th floor, and she came out just fine and resting now.  But the Days Inn Motel nearby only had a Queen size bed for us that nearly broke our backs with the horrible mattress!   The so-called 'manager' was East Indian, and could barely speak ENGLISH!
     And I just "found out today" that I need oral surgery in the very near future.  Most of the dental clinics U.P. here and South in Wisconsin are all booked up for a few reasons right now.  The PAIN gives "Harvey Wallbanger" a new meaning... LOL.   And I am finding out that Lori is much smarter than I thought about so many things.   It reminds me of when my parents also got sick --- so they took turns tending and healing each other, all their lives.   PTL.  I miss my dear, old Mom so much these days.  I used to call her up on the phone,  often, and now she is gone.   
We, in America, are still blessed to be living in a relatively 'SAFE PLACE' ---with Grocery stores, etc., in abundance, compared to other places on Earth.    Just by reading and viewing the News every day paints a picture of what is to come.   Think Venezuela for a while with all the shooting, deprivation, and hunger!!  Prepping is the right thing to do for all of us,  but IMHO, having a personal relationship with the Grand Master and His Son is what will really SAVE us, as we can read in only "Grand Book."  I prefer the KJV Bible, and it also has tons of encouragement and real promises that we can hold onto.  OK, so I sound like a "broken record" and perhaps boring...  yet relatively FEW will ever crack open the BOOK to find out about real Salvation thru Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.   
     When we Bible read Christians eventually pass away or get Raptured, we will be peaceful because we know that we have done our humanly best to contact as many people as we can, teaching and helping others to find the Way.   

We learn right from TV and other News the picture of what HAPPENS to Nations who turn Socialist and take firearms from law-abiding national citizens.... and then they will also come to take away the rest of their human Rights !!   There is a long History of that stuff to learn from, just like a true documentary.  The super Elites want the whole world disarmed -- except for their private Army in the hands of a dictator or group of greedy, selfish people on top robbing and pillaging.  And like I said, we can get a piece of the action now, or live like slaves, with very little.  Most combat Veterans already know this, and so they lean Right, as I do.   Ponder on this thought.  

All these recent 'ups and downs' in life get a person rattled but having some good, close friends and relatives in life help keep down the anxiety and stress,  but I have read where a good dog can be good for the heart, too.   I prefer Rottweiler dogs that are well trained.  

Have a great day.

Warm Thoughts and Regards,
Thomas G Schuckman

Stars and Stripes Veterans News
May 1, 2019

Veteran suicide crisis draws attention from House lawmakers who promise action following multiple deaths on VA campuses

The scheduled hearing and news conference were held in response to multiple instances of veterans dying by suicide in April — three suicides in five days. A fourth veteran died by suicide outside a VA clinic in Cleveland Monday.

Patients recount medical horrors under care of military doctors, with no legal recourse

A special legal shield, known as the Feres Doctrine, blocks military servicemembers and their relatives from seeking recourse in court for medical malpractice.

VA opposes new legislation aimed at improving access to medical marijuana for veterans

Veterans seeking treatment for ailments such as chronic pain and post-traumatic stress disorder are often caught in a divide between state and federal marijuana laws — and many risk losing their benefits or accessing the treatment outside the VA.

California memorial is first in US to officially honor LBGTQ veterans

A Saturday ceremony in the desert community of Cathedral City, two hours east of Los Angeles, formally designated the California LGBTQ Veterans Memorial an official state memorial.

Decorated Vietnam veteran seeks citizenship as end of life draws near

Werner Trei has lived in the U.S. since he was 2, and he became a decorated soldier. Now 71 and suffering from a slew of health problems in hospice care, the former Army Ranger has rededicated himself to his pursuit of citizenship.

Flight carrying veterans to DC struck by lightning, plane landed safely

Sun Country Airlines says lightning apparently struck its charter aircraft that was carrying Greater Peoria Honor Flight veterans from Illinois to Washington, D.C.

Purple Heart recipient surprised with news of mortgage-free home

Marine Corps veteran Miguel Simental and his family were met with cheers and applause from a crowd welcoming them as they arrived to the site of their future home.

Navy veteran former Sen. Richard Lugar dies at 87

Former Sen. Richard Lugar, R-Ind., was a foreign policy sage known for leading efforts to help the former Soviet states dismantle and to secure much of their nuclear arsenal, but his reputation for working with Democrats cost him his final campaign.

Woman makes sure WWII Marine gets hero's farewell

Bob Graham, a veteran who earned Bronze and Silver stars for his service in the Pacific, died April 12 at the age of 97. His death would likely have gone unnoticed if not for Beth Regan, who befriended Graham while volunteering at his nursing home.

Reps. Davis, Levin support student veterans, look closer at for-profit schools

A joint congressional hearing Wednesday in San Diego highlighted how for-profit colleges are aggressively targeting veterans’ education benefits thanks to a “federal loophole.”

Two Marine veterans, a college student and one other killed in Seattle crane disaster

Iron Workers Local 86 announced that 31-year-old Marine Corps veteran Andrew Yoder was one of two ironworkers killed when a crane fell in Seattle. KIRO7, a local television station, has identified the other ironworker killed as Travis Corbet, also a Marine veteran.