Saturday, May 18, 2019

Beware: ATF Form 4473.

Tom's Journal.

   After I got back home from the War in S.E. Asia -- Vietnam, it seemed like my head was still spinning so I went to the Milwaukee VAMC, and what a 3-- ring circus !!   One kind Ph., D told me that my body was moving at 30 MPH, while my head was cruising at 100 MPH.  So he said that I could 'take things easy now' and so I did and worked a full 30.5 years at AMC/ Chrysler at Kenosha, WI., along with family, offspring and marriage/ hobbies, etc.  
     But, IMHO, a Combat Veteran can never slow down, but must be observant/  on "On Guard."  I think my way of life plus the Holy Spirit have saved me from mishaps and accidents, plenty.   Although I have had several death dealing accidents in my life that COULD HAVE done me in.  Many friends and others say that 'God wasn't done using me yet,' and so He protected me thus far.

To be sure,  it's a great praise and golden opportunity/ blessing to "be used as a tool" by the Father... but only after we bend the knee to His only Son, Jesus Christ.   So then logic tells us if we are so blessed to have the Holy Spirit inside of us, always along with all the different blessings, learnings and protections... 'Why would any of us "Christians" not want to spread and share that almighty Truth of the Bible with others ??   I compared it before with the analogy of some scientist finding the cure for cancer.  Sure that person would gain $$$ many benefits and fame, but that is nothing compared to helping to SAVE so many other humans from Hell and disfavour -- a total separation from Father God and Jesus Christ!   How many of you good people understand this basic fact and thought process?  My email:  

But please BEWARE the ATF FORM 4473! 

Beware ATF Form 4473

Because they filled out form 4473, legal gun owners taking a legal medication are being forced to hand over their guns to police. wrote that Hawaiian police told gun owners they had a week to turn over their guns or else.

If they didn’t, the police told these law-abiding citizens they were going to come and take them away by force.

Odds are, you’ve filled out Form 4473 too.

You just know it by a different name - The NICS Background Check.

Since 1993, ever since the Brady Bill was signed into law, 97% of gun purchases have been made using Form 4473.

What you may not realize is Form 4473 form puts everyone - including you- on a federal registry.

A registry the Feds can use to seize your guns just like they’re doing in Hawaii right now.

The number #1 way to guarantee your guns are never seized is by knowing gun law “workarounds” like those found in the Arm Up System written by veteran gunsmith Frank Mitchell.

The Arm Up System is an easy to read guide showing you exactly how to get around problematic gun laws.

Here are a few examples of ways to bypass gun laws that would make anti-gun snowflakes freak out.

  • Exploitable loopholes in today’s gun laws you can use to get an off-the-books rifle or pistol. If you don’t know them you’re putting yourself in extreme risk of future gun confiscation.

  • Why understanding the true definition of a firearm is so important.Know this and they won’t be able to track down your firearm - ahem, I mean your “gun.”

  • Which ATF forms to avoid at all costs. You already learned about Form 4473, now it’s time to see what bad things happen when you fill the other ones out.

  • Page 27 shows you how to hide an existing firearms from the government’s prying eyes. An advanced technique, this guarantees your gun is confiscation proof.

Plus much more.

Normally $37, Frank said he’s giving away copies of “The Arm Up System” for the next 3 days, or until he runs out of copies, as a part of a special gun rights awareness promo.

He said he’s got 852 copies left… so click here to get yours before they’re gone.

~GunVideos.Online Team

P.S. You can stick you head in the sand and pretend your guns will never be taken… or you can take this simple step to learn how to guarantee they aren’t.

'Death in the Family.'

Tom's Journal.

Dear Friends,
    On a personal note that I hinted on my last blog post yesterday,  that my dear brother Albert passed away last night, about 10PM, May 17, 2019.  Albert Dennis Schuckman, 2-- years younger than I.  I don't know exactly how long Al was suffering, but cancer ate him up, and the poor man suffered so much.... according to my closest source.   He didn't want to be a burden on anyone and checked into Hospice in the last part, trying to keep it all a secret.  
    I won't try to candy coat things between us as we grew up together on our parents' farm in Racine County, S.E. Wisconsin.  I know that we shared so much fun and getting into mild mischief in those wild Summer days and times, also working very hard bailing hay, shovelling wheat, oats, corn, and shovelling manure... LOL.  Albert was good at high school sports, IMHO, and was a State certified welder, working for near 40 years in IL., and I will never take that away from him, nor his smart mechanical ability, something that I lacked.  Albert and his family lived out in the pure, fresh countryside of beautiful Wisconsin, and was a superb trap shooter, hunter and fisherman, who also smoked his own meats --- also raced new muscle cars at the Union Grove, WI [Great Lakes Drag away] ----  and has two sons who work hard.   He was the caretaker of his wife, Colleen Schuckman.  
    I guess we differed in agreements of various things, thoughts and opinions, as I was more academic with diverse talents and pursuits, but none of that matters now.   I wish I could have visited with him more and embraced him, but that too is water over the dam... sorry dear Albert.   

It's just another sad, bleak, cold, cloudy day U.P. were I live, in another Northern State, and just a little bit more lonely.   
     Remember, friends, hate burns a man or woman up inside, so why let things go so far in the first place.  Live and let live and be mellow and happy, if possible.  We are all products of our parents and "the apple never falls far from the tree."   I remember flying in a Huey helicopter one day on a DCS mission in RVN [South Vietnam] thinking and praying at the same time about coming home alive, hoping to follow my plan for future life.  I had disagreed with my Dad on many things and vowed to do things MY WAY!   I guess that I wanted to set my sights for bigger, better things and search for more meaning in life at that point in my life.   I guess I had to "reinvent the wheel" and had to learn so much to be a smart man and gain wisdom.  It was a very long road ahead from me, whereas Albert just had a good paying job and just worked a lot of overtime all the time.   I didn't know it then, but I also had a strong dose of COMBAT PTSD, that most folks including most VA 'doctors' still were not aware of in the early 1970's.   So, Albert had some hard times, too, which I will not talk about today, and probably never.  Some things are better left unsaid and buried so as to spare those of us survivors more pain and hard feelings.  I wish I could have been a better brother to Albert, etc.  The best I can do now is to comfort and love the rest of my family and relation.   They must learn to pull up their big boy/ big girl pants and live their own lives, and I cannot afford to support them as I have my own life and goals.  When I got home from the war in S.E. Asia, as I said before, I was seeking HAPPINESS, like many other Soldiers and Marines who had varying degrees of PTSD [Post Traumatic Stress Disorder], also trying to "escape" the bad memories and nightmares of combat, etc.

AS for being "SAVED" by the shed blood of our Lord, Jesus Christ. continue reading >>>>

Things are really heating up in the Middle East and Iran, and I believe that they can HURT U.S. [especially with an EMP device].   There is no sure thing in war except mutual destruction and DEATH.  Believe me,  I would know!   I sometimes worry about my own mortality, but more about getting to heaven -- even though I have studied and memorized much of the KJV Bible, and other versions so many years, most of my life.  I don't doubt the Word of God one bit, but not EVERYONE will go to heaven.   As I have mentioned so many times in my humble blog,  "God cannot lie."  ---Titus 1:2.   I am far from perfect too, a sinner no less.  God forgive me for all the harsh things I've said and done during my life,  but I have tried to make amends and heal relationships these past days and before, especially since our Mom passed away 6 months ago.  I am afraid that I have been too pushy and dogmatic in my life, but the H.S. [Holy Spirit] has led me to use my vital energies to "share the Word and the Gospel of Jesus Christ."  It is my opinion that most people 'light up and shine' after they receive the Holy Spirit -- the 3rd person of God, after the Father and the Son.   They are changed for the better after that special event.
After all,  "Happiness is a BI-PRODUCT from serving the Father in heaven in accordance of trying to emulate our dear Lord and Savior, Jesus."   Ha! MOST people on earth don't even have a definition of the term, "Christian !!"  Look it up in Webster's Dictionary... don't be so lazy, and cut down on your constant TV --BS!   LOL,  I know people who are on their cell phone and FaceBook just about 24/7!!

I compare that special event of being "Saved" --- to a human being finding a cure for cancer and they just cannot help themselves from publishing and SHARING that glorious fact with everyone they know and see in the world.  Money never even enters their minds!!  Besides, God takes care of His servants and followers!   I have certainly had my ups and downs, but right now I think we are doing well as we pay the bills on time.    And not everyone will live rich $$$$, because the Father KNOWS that too much money might corrupt us in the end and pull us away from Him and  Jesus, our dear Savior.   We should not desire all the glory -- but give that glory back to the Father and the Son, where it belongs.

My prayers and well wishes flow to Albert's 2--sons and Colleen, his beloved wife, etc.   Also my 2 sisters, Linda and Susan, who are most likely hurting emotionally today.  Thank you all for reading my humble blog:  TOM'S JOURNAL.   I am also on FaceBook, but not too often, as I don't completely trust that forum.

Hugs, and Agape Love,
Thomas G Schuckman

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