Thursday, October 24, 2019

Anxiety Attacks.

Tom's Journal.

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Hello Friends,
   I know that many people have some sort of phobia, also anxiety and panic attacks that spell doom and gloom.  In the USA, "Big Pharm"  $$$ love to 'medicate' and make tons of money for every malady on earth.  I think that countries in Europe have a better approach to using natural techniques and healing herbs to treat some emotional issues.  I am still researching such methods to help myself and others.  Some of them seem to be simplistic, but if they work, why not check them out?  

One method that I copied down goes like this:  "Tactical Military Breathing:"   Breath through the nose for a count of 4, hold your breath for a count of 4, and exhale through your mouth for a count of 4."   
    An older, crabby nurse at the local VAMC [VA hospital] hurriedly told me a similar method, but I forgot it....  duh.   Sorry to say that the patient visits take a long time to get seen by the 'professionals' and so I have found that my own personal efforts are all I have most of the time.   I had a great doctor for a few years but he just suddenly 'flew the coop' for greener pastures in a Southern State.   And not everyone wants to move so far North with the cold Winters to help the Veterans who walk through the doors of the Iron Mountain, MI VAMC.  

I had a real scare yesterday trying to get treated at the ER --- now they call it "Urgent Care" walk-in clinic.  SOP [Standard Operating Procedure] is to stick a needle in your arm right off the bat to help diagnose the Veteran/ Patient.  Anyway, I was very nervous and would NEVER even go there if I didn't think that something was really wrong,  but as it turned out [after a few visits like this one...] that my worst fears were, at this time, unfounded.  Praise the Lord, and Thank You, to all of my closest friends who prayed for me and offered encouragement/ well wishes !!   The friends that I have left, at my advanced age of 70, are so important to me, as we all love and care for each other...  my fellow Christian brothers and sisters!    Because if we don't take care of each other --- who will ?   I don't mean to sound demeaning or negative, but Jesus and the Bible writers aptly pointed to the 'Last Days' in the book of Matthew and Timothy as being a time of just trash those older ones who are having trouble taking care of themselves, with a huge lack of respect.   And yes I understand that so many poor human beings on earth have it much worse than I do.  

Personally, I would much rather find a natural way of dealing with anxiety, and who knows but that MIGHT run in someone's family line.  And we are under stress quite a bit, too.  We could be living in places like Syria or in the Middle East where people might still be in a 'shooting war' or 'ethnic cleansing' --- murder fields, etc.  

I try to explain that we are now, right smack dab in the last days before the Lord and Savior will return to cleanse the Earth.... AFTER the Rapture [as I so often talk about].  And so it should not be surprising to hear about harsh, dangerous places/ countries that persecute Christians, that those forbidden groups are now growing in number, big time!  You see, this IS the fathering time when the Gospel of Jesus Christ MUST be preached and shared all over the world, no matter what kind of dangers exist.  I feel that I have a small part in that sharing with my humble Blog.  Indeed, I believe that Father God has thus saved me just for that purpose.  We would not choose to be cowards now by just saying nothing... like "hiding our candle under a bushel basket."

I would also welcome any advice pertaining to the issues I spoke of today, please, and here is my email address: 

I also think that my own dog might help me a lot, like my old Rottweiler male pictured below  >>>

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman