Friday, October 25, 2019

The Changes in Society are so Profound.

Tom's Journal.

Hello Dear Friends and Readers,
    For all those who know me,  I have just emerged from a hurtful illness and came out the victor, helped by a few medical doctors, but giving all credit and respect to Father God.  Praise the Lord!  For over a week or more, I found it very difficult to eat, even a small amount.  Ha!  That is not the proper way to lose weight!  But I will take whatever I can get.  BTW, my wife, Lori, has been faithfully attending all of my physical needs every single day... and Thank You so very much, Honey!  "A man works from dawn to dusk, but a woman's work is never done."  I wish I could afford some 'hired help to clean the house to take a load off my poor wife's hurtful back and joints.  But Lori is too independent and proud.  She chaffs are any talk of hiring a 'working lady' [house cleaner $$$] to come and help.  I guess all that kind of talk goes back to the way a person was raised.  

OK,  so I found out, through the process of elimination, that my big stomach eventually 'sagged down' so low that it was pulling the inner stomach lining downwards so that it really HURT me, big time!  Not only is my stomach unsightly and gross, but now it has a very negative effect on my very life, anchoring me to my new EZ chair, even sleeping on it at night!  The new doctor explained to me that I need to sleep in the bed, on my back, or at the very least on my side.   That way my stomach muscles won't stretch and hurt so much but have that critical 8 hours of peaceful, restorative, the slumber of 3rd stage sleep.  [Rapid Eye Movement].   
    We all know that a steady physical work out regimen at the gym would be the best way to stay healthy, and better motivated.   When I used to go to the duly appointed VAMC exercise' weight lifting room in Iron Mountain, MI., I was trained by a great, super muscular staff member who took a liking to me and helped me so much.  Yes, I was "in the pink" and doing so well back then.    But after my allotted time was up in a month or so, I quit going to work out and my muscles started to return to the old, messed up way.   And someone like me, living in a small town in the U.P. needs the "motivation" to keep up in the good healthy exercise regimen.   It's kind of like the Army with the good discipline and 'good order' but you are glad to finally 'get out' and retire with all the freedom you want.  
     Every day this past few weeks I was only drinking water and very little smoked salmon [fish], but now I am eating more variety.  I use a can of Cherry Coke to wake me up [with the caffeine] and I know that is bad with all the sugary corn fructose syrup, etc.    Right now I view it as a 'necessary evil.'  I don't drink any coffee, tea, milk, so I need something to wake up my pasted eyes in the morning.  I am so thankful to Father God for granting some of my wishes and help!  That goes without saying, but I just needed to enter that in my humble Blog.  

For those of us who were born about 50- 70 years ago, it's kind of like a comatose man or woman waking up after many years of "sleep" and finding the entire world turned upside down!  People would have never dreamed of all the FOOLISHNESS that defies the normal conscience of human beings.  The real difference between humans and animals is that we humans were and still are 'made in God's image.'  His main character attributes besides being Holy, is LOVE.  "Love, Justice, Wisdom and Power" are Father God's 4 main attributes symbolized by 4 animals known to early man, but Love being the most dominant.  Animals can and do show affection to other animals and humans...  but not real "Love."  I know that many people will challenge this statement,  but I have done my homework on this subject.  
   A dog cannot just lay down and "dream" about his puppyhood, but he can run across a physical place where something significant happened to jog his past memory and set him off.  And of a lion or Tiger returned to the place where he got his last good meal,  he figures that he might score again if he returns to that 'happy hunting ground.'  And life goes on, but one has to wonder just how bad things will get on Earth before the Creator MUST take over to clean things up.  
     I think that the people of my age love to look back to the 1960's and 70's to a time that was also turbulent [with the war in Vietnam, etc.] but hard work and values counted for a lot more, plus our belief in the God of the KJV Bible.  Still, nowadays, so much constant strife pushes harsh mental and emotional hurt and pressure on humankind

For the record,  I "retired" my wife after we first met and am happy to pay her at least more than she used to make $$$, but I also wanted to spend lots of time with her as my life long companion... for whatever time the Lord gives to me on His green Earth.  It's not about 'control' but needing that extra time with a loving, warm, human being.  She is not perfect and has her own locked up 'demons' to contend with, even as she also loves to study the KJV Bible with me almost daily!  What a nice blessing, dear Lord !  Where would I be without my Loretta Jean?  I try to be as generous with my wife as humanly possible, and also have that kind of kind reputation.  
     I am embarrassed at so many past relationships and lost 2 past wives in death.   The 2nd wife of mine that died crushed the life out of me, even though we both knew [having been informed, rudely by a 'doctor' in Kenosha, WI].  I cried for months after the fact.  My first wife died of Leukemia last year, but she told me that she was attending some Lutheran church in Racine, WI., before she passed away.  I refuse to say anything bad or negative about those who died.  

The air temperature here where we live was down to 30 degrees F. last night and this morning and what a great sunny day!  Thank you all for your kind prayers of support.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman


October 23rd, 2019

When Confusion Reigns

By Hal Lindsey

1 Corinthians 14:33 gives a profound and insightful statement. "God is not a God of confusion but of peace."

Yet in much of the world right now, confusion reigns. I mean deep, basic levels of confusion. Perhaps the most obvious would be the millions who are confused about their sexual identity. The science of gender no longer holds. It's not a question of XX or XY chromosomes, or any of the other obvious scientific differences between male and female. It's all about feelings, and those feelings have been purposely confused by educators, entertainers, advertisers, and others.

At school, young people are propagandized to believe Islam is a religion of love and Christianity a religion of hate. Schools now openly teach kids to judge others according to race. Virtue has become something you signal to others; not righteousness or moral excellence. Children are subjected to "drag queen story hour" in local libraries, and it's even celebrated in national television commercials.

Good is called evil and evil good. Followers of Jesus are increasingly seen as dangerous to children. A major presidential candidate recently called for churches to either come into alignment with his moral beliefs or lose their tax-exempt status. Franklin Graham said that as a result of such pressure, "There will be a lot of Christians who unfortunately will bow down and give in, and many have already."

And is all this working? It's no secret that young people who see themselves as homosexual are at greater risk of suicide. The experts used to say that it was because society made them feel guilty. But they can't say that anymore. Society affirms homosexuality at every turn. Acceptance is at an all-time high.

But with all that acceptance, suicide has only gone up.

Acceptance and affirmation have not helped at all. Why not? Because the guilt is not external. It comes with the sin itself - not just homosexual sin, but all sin. Society pushes heterosexual children to have the sexual morals of rabbits, but society's affirmation of sin does not stop the guilt. That's because the guilt didn't start with society. It started with the sin.

As people abandon the biblical definition of right and wrong, are they feeling more free? Are they doing better psychologically? No. They're doing worse. America and most other First World countries are experiencing a mental health crisis. The statistics are stunning. One in five children now suffers from a mental health disorder. And that's just the ones who have been identified.

CNN recently reported, "The rate of ER visits involving psychoses, bipolar disorder, depression or anxiety jumped more than 50 percent from 2006 to 2013, according to the federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Roughly 1 in 8 emergency department visits now stem from mental illness or substance use disorders, the data show."

Across the nation, more and more hospitals are instituting Psychiatric Emergency Rooms. Why? Because we are experiencing a mental health crisis.

Romans chapter one sounds the warning to societies that intentionally turn away from God. Verse 28 sums it up. "As they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a depraved mind."

Depravity of mind goes far beyond mental illness. And I'm not condemning people for being sick. The condemnation goes to the society itself. Romans 1:21-22 says, "For even though they knew God, they did not honor Him as God, or give thanks; but they became futile in their speculations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing to be wise, they became fools."

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