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John 8: 32. The Truth.

Tom's Journal.

Hello Friends,
   Last week I was dumbfounded and amazed to find out that the 'Left-Wing Fake News' on TV had posted a past video depicting a violent "battle-- firefight" supposedly of the Turkish Army bombarding a Kurdish area with big guns, etc.   Only to find out later that the stark reality was a film of an American State gun range firing ammo at a harmless outdoor target !!   How low can the 'Fake News' go-to mislead the Ameican people and the rest of the world?  It seems that wars could be mistakenly started by such means.   

Years ago the truth was sacred.  Actually, Satan the Devil is the father of the lie, and through him, many humans will be led to hell by his lies.  And Father God uses many of us who know the truth to share and spread it so that millions of more people can be "Saved."

Consider the verse at John 8: 32,  "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."   But as I always explain on this blog,  it's always smart to read the surrounding text--- the rest of that chapter and book to get the real meaning of that passage.  Then we can know for sure that some errant 'preacher' isn't just using that scripture to prove his own wicked heart and mind to push his own personal agenda or to fleece the flock of their money.  And I have been to a number of wrong, false churches in my life, only to get misled, hurt and skinned.   But allow the Holy Spirit to act in our lives and guide your hearts  That is why I keep pounding the idea to become an expert in Bible study and understanding.  

---Tom Schuckman

October 30th, 2019

Bump in the Night

By Hal Lindsey

Imagine you and your family are in an Anaheim, California motel or Airbnb. Preparations for tomorrow's visit to Disneyland are complete. Excited kids have finally settled down to sleep. You're able to relax a minute before doing the same.

Then you feel it. The floor begins to rumble and roll. The room sways. A nearby lamp rattles. It takes about two seconds to realize you are experiencing a California earthquake. In the seconds that follow, you ask yourself, "Could this be the big one? What are the safety procedures? What do I do to protect my family?"

In a few more seconds, all goes quiet. The quake ends. It turns out to have been small - at least for you. But how far are you from the epicenter? How bad was it there? Has there been any damage? Are the freeways intact? Will the airport be operating when it's time for you to go home? Is Space Mountain okay? What about the rest of Disneyland?

You go on the internet in search of information. In a matter of minutes, an article appears giving preliminary information on the quake - where it was centered and how strong it was. You learn that it wasn't the big one, and it won't disrupt your plans.

Then, at the end of the brief article, you see that it was written entirely by machines. A computer at the US Geological survey received and evaluated data from seismic sensors across the region. It sent an alert to various news media containing basic information and preliminary statistics. A computer at the newspaper where you found the article then spit out the preliminary story. Such use of technology is useful and, in an emergency, could be crucial.

But where is it leading?

More than half of all internet traffic is now automated, mostly by what are referred to as "bots." That's short for "web robot." These are not manlike machines sitting at keyboards and reading computer monitors. They are software applications. They do automated tasks, following scripts written for them.

By some estimates, during the 2016 election cycle, one-fifth of online debates were between machines with no human beings involved at all. Bots can be programmed to generate political stories or get into political arguments. Why pay people to do this when you can automate the process with Artificial Intelligence? The next time you get into an online debate with a stranger, that stranger may not even be human.

Bots follow scripts given by their human masters. Those scripts reflect the beliefs, biases, prejudices, and purposes of those humans. By automating the process, bots turn the work of a single human into something that looks like the work of thousands, maybe millions. They invade social networks. They generate posts and lay out stories meant to persuade people of a certain point of view, or sometimes to paralyze the political opposition with confusion.

And then there are the real people. In 2016, a group of people in Veles, Macedonia - most of them teenagers - made their city famous as the "Fake News Capital of the World." They discovered that the American elections were a gold mine. All they had to do was make up stories that people wanted to believe. Every click on one of their stories meant money in their pockets. Whether or not the stories were true, made no difference. If people clicked on the story, it made money. So, they wrote outrageous things - the more outrageous the better, as long as it felt like something that could be true.

It's no accident that when His disciples asked Jesus about the end times, His first words were a warning. In Matthew 24:4, He said, "Take heed that no one deceives you."

We live in the era of deception. Today, there is little consensus on reality. They used to say that pictures don't lie. But they do now. Film of someone doing something or saying something once served as irrefutable evidence that the person did or said what was depicted. Not anymore.

So, what do we believe? Who do you trust in an era when liars have been given such powerful technological tools? Two thousand years ago, Pontius Pilate asked, "What is truth?"

In John 14:6, Jesus said, "I am... the truth."

In John 8:32, He said, "The truth shall make you free."

As the world struggles to understand what is true and what is real, those who know Jesus can rest in the most fundamental truth of all - Him.

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More about fixing Panic Attacks.

Tom's Journal.

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   The following statements are an advertisement sent to me, as I have tried some products [but I am NOT endorsing them or other products right now] always looking to "help myself thru intervention of my life long study of healing Herbs and other natural things.   Today, this morning, I am only using this information to bring across the full import of how serious Panic and Anxiety attacks are/ can be.  For this subject/ point alone I feel that close attention is key!  Enjoy and have a great safe, blessed day, dear friends and gentle readers.
    But just think for a moment how Combat PTSD affects so many war Veterans, military and civilian alike!  When we were young, able, strong, well trained and sometimes too 'full of ourselves' we just brushed off such feelings or 'stored them in a hidden place in our minds,' for 'later review.'  Anyways, that is what I did, subconsciously, or otherwise.  But it wasn't long after in civilian life working at the Nestle Company chocolate plant in Burlington, Wisconsin, USA, that I first experienced a severe flashback of intense combat from my 2--years in Vietnam: 68-70.   You may say that "Well, it wasn't as bad as other combat Veterans who suffered much worse, like amputated limbs, burns, physical scarring, TBI [TRAUMATED BRAIN INJURY], etc."  But I say, OK, it's a matter that is still close to my heart and a bit out of the norm.  I have had my share of nightmares, daymares, and terrible bad dreams.  Don't we all want a normal, gentler lifestyle? 

I am now pursuing Info/ Intel concerning ways to combat Panic and Anxiety attacks from different schools of discipline, but so far the VA has not helped me so much on this subject.  IMHO,  they don't want to pay the bucks $$$ for qualified 'doctors of the mind' and staff to help so many Veterans that need help in coping skills, etc.  
    I also see the need for more exercise, better diet and selective VA Medicines, but also 'self-help' programs.  I am looking to eat more fish, chicken, turkey, fresh veggies and fruit.  My youngest daughter also sends me health videos, etc., to broaden my horizons, and I am thankful.  My wife is my soul mate as we study the KJV Bible often in the living room and she is just worth a lot to me and I care for her very much.  She is a keeper.  I am sure that part of my challenge in the past has been combatting PTSD, and some stubborn, distrustful mindsets.  But nowadays so many women are mainly 'gold diggers' and thieves!   Ha!  I have found out that a woman will never kick a Veteran out of "her house" until she has stripped the poor man of his last dollar... LOL.  That was especially true in my last relationship.  However,  "Where ever you go --- there you are."  Meaning:  you can move to a different location or marry a different spouse/ mate, but you are STILL THE SAME PERSON!   I think that we all need to ask ourselves the question, "Have we changed our ways or at least working hard on the negative things in our lives, and submit to the Holy Spirit and allow Him to clean us up ?  After all, this current life is temporary and the next life is forever, where ever it may end up... Heaven or the 'other place.'  Yahweh, Father God, is a God of Love, and He knows what is best for humankind.  Remember John 3: 16.  

Also, just ponder what a 'pain free' life would be like.  When I was younger, I just wondered why some older folks were so grumpy all the time.  And then I found out about ARTHRITIS and joint pain.  As I have penned and recorded it so many times 'burned inside of my tortured brain,  I had the king of nightmares at the Milwaukee, WI., VAMC when the 'doctors' performed a Right knee replacement.  Up to that time, I had NEVER experienced such rude, harsh, staff treatment, from the black racist VA staff on 2nd and 3rd shift, after a super painful bang-up surgery that took me a long time to get back to some kind of normalcy ! !    And 6 months later I had my Left knee replaced, but with half the pain and the Kenosha Memorial Hospital taking good, respectful care of me... treating me like a HUMAN BEING!  Even though I contracted a tough surgical infection JUST LIKE A GOOD FRIEND OF MINE [Steve B.] DID at that same place.  Sorry, but that place really needs a professional cleaning and sterilization process.   Even at the 'good hospital' with caring staff/ nurses, I had to fire one of my 'doctors' [not the surgeon] who was from Romania, who looked more like a Saturday night thug in his 'street clothes'... I forgot his name.  He also tried to tell me that I may have contracted the infection at my own home in the shower... duh.   My advice,  BEWARE of the new, foreign people that work in the USA!   Yes!  Just walk through life with your eyes wide open, and trust no one, except the Lord.  Sorry that I cannot be more cheerful this fine morning, and we are getting some snow on the ground in Michigan.
     While President Trump remains in office,  things will be OK, IMHO.  He is not a saint -- but a good, caring, able, man.  


Hi Thomas G. Schuckman,

In the past, panic attacks have most often been thought of as temporary traumatic events, experiences that are paralyzing in the moment but eventually pass and do not result in any long-term damage. However, recent studies have shown that the damage caused by these anxiety attacks and their symptoms is more permanent than previously thought.

Effects on Your Digestive System

Has anxiety ever caused the sensation of butterflies in your chest or cramps in the pit of your stomach? What you are feeling is actually intestinal inflammation triggered in response to your anxious mental state. Continual recurrence of these gastrointestinal symptoms as a result of your anxiety can have permanent consequences. Research has concluded that if your colon is kept in a constant state of irritation, you are at increased risk of developing Crohn's Disease. A chronic inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn's Disease is incurable and requires bowel resection surgery in up to 75% of cases.

Effects on Your Cardiovascular System

Have you ever felt your heart beat uncontrollably at the onset of a panic attack followed by sharp pains in your chest? In the moment, these frightening physical symptoms of anxiety can often be confused for a heart attack but are not typically life threatening. However, the long-term effects of these sensations are not so benign. The increased heart rate and chest pain you experience during periods of heightened anxiety can increase your blood pressure and blood lipid levels. The combination of these two factors commonly results in increased buildup of plaque on the walls of your arteries, a chronic condition known as atherosclerosis. This disease is the primary cause of both heart attack and stroke.

Effects on Your Immune System

Have you noticed that you feel sick frequently or struggle with constant fatigue? The culprit may be an immune system compromised by chronic anxiety. When you experience an anxiety episode, your body acts as if it is under attack. Stress-hormones are released which trigger the production of white blood cells and protect the body from injury or illness. While this is useful during occasional instances in which the body is under attack, persistently high levels of anxiety effectively overwork and desensitize the immune system. The result is a compromised immune response that cannot protect you when a real threat materializes, leaving your body vulnerable to viruses and infections. The prospect of a weakened immune response is particularly troubling in relation to cancer. Though the research is preliminary, studies have shown that an immune system compromised by chronic anxiety can allow for a higher incidence of cancer.
These recent scientific developments have shown it is more important than ever to take immediate action to control your anxiety. Preventing anxiety attacks is not only critical for reclaiming your happiness and feeling like yourself again, it is also essential for protecting your long-term health and quality of life. Here at Nutreance, we are with you every step of the way.

Best Regards,

The Nutreance Team

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