Thursday, November 14, 2019

Dollar Collapse Emminent?

Tom's Journal.

Hello Friends and Gentle Readers:
    Those of us who have lived a long time know and understand that "What goes up must come down."  And that works for the world and national economies.  Fortunately, our Father in Heaven had a special Book written for humans to live by, to show us the way to live and die.... called the KJV Bible.  Those of us who actually READ and STUDY that gift from God are blessed, and those who for some reason don't read it end up walk in the dark and learn things the hard way.  You might compare this to 'higher education.'  What good is it for a student to just show up at class and never take notes, nor read his/ her assignments and textbooks ??  I think it's a total waste of time and money.  But I can only try to help and advise people.  I am a simple, humble man, looking to help others IF I CAN.  My investment is called,  TIME, and at my age, I don't have much of that anymore, either.  I have done along with my life, with what the Lord has given me and survived a war, many terrible accidents, hurts, troubles, broken bones and broken ego... but it could have been much worse.  

I have had a great chance to be hooked up with a wise gentleman at the local VAMC who knows how to reach into my past life to help me figure things out and come up with some kind of understanding of whom and what I am today.   So we shall [or might] see what unfolds in the next few weeks.
    Let's just say that some strange, potent, happenings have entered into my life that posed a few questions that beg an answer.  I am sure that many of you have had such pressing questions in your lives too, that need to be answered.  Whether we think our lives have impacted others to a large or small degree and what we can do about it now.  At least I got one answer right... that people ought to work hard and pursue a life of order, civility, honour, giving and sharing, love, etc.  Even so, if we have never had the good sense, and in some times opportunity to find and serve our Creator/ Father, everything may not have any meaning.   After all, the Christian belief system is centred around the grand theme of Resurrection!   Or did you all think that swans live to be 80 years old and trees live to be thousands of years old -- but a man only lives to be 70-90 years old and then dies forever...  duh.  What kind of Creator would make that work?  No,  Our Christian mindset is much different and far grander!  Rejoice and be happy!  Learn before it is too late.

Read the part below about the possibility of our American dollar collapse.  Remember:  what goes up -- must come down.

Have a great day!

Thomas G Schuckman

---- I love well-trained dogs too,  but there is a limit as to how much I would spend for the dog's health and surgery, etc.  Contrary to popular opinion,  human life is more important than that of an animal.  The Bible says that God even cares for the welfare of animals and has pity on them.  But we need to keep this all in perspective, and use common sense!  I don't know about other folks and how they were raised and educated, but I was raised on a farm and also studied high school Agriculture... animal and plant husbandry, etc.  

Urgent Warning: Dollar Collapse Imminent by End of 2019?