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Tom's Journal.

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Hello Friends and Bible Lovers/ Readers,
   I confess that I was not prepared for what I just read in this latest Hal Lindsey Presents chapter of Revelation!  I am far from perfect and just a poor human being, too, but I am armed with the "Good Book" and special learned people who help me with new understandings.  I feel so humble!  The only thing that gives me composure is the fact that God's promises are all TRUE.  

I also want to spend a few lines/ moments on the latest school shooting that was almost hidden from public view/ News, in the State of California, where at least 2 high school children are dead and more wounded.  I am very familiar with the type of pistol, a .45 calibre --- a huge, deadly bullet that is so unforgiving.  There is just no why kids should take such a deadly weapon to school with deadly intentions.   Such things were unheard of when I was a teenager.  Serious disagreements were rarely even settled with a fistfight and nobody wanted to get into trouble back in 1967 when I graduated.  I was living on our 80-acre family beef, hog and grain farm in beautiful Wisconsin and had a good, happy life, full of bright, great plans for the future.   Hoping to attend a college that following Fall but lacking the tuition money -- I joined the Army instead to get some kind of higher education and skill set but also being a Patriot just like my father and his many brothers.   The stories my father told us were so exciting as my Dad also left the farm life in Kansas, USA when he was a teen.   
     So as many mature, logical, smart people know, it's not that guns are evil, but mixed up children don't have all the parental love and proper training these modern days.  Go back to the book of Genesis to find out that a child needs TWO PARENTS to be balanced, normal, and happy!  Whenever we come across a person who is mixed up and unbalanced, you can bet that they probably came from a 'broken, one-parent family.'   God did not intend that children be raised by only one parent!  It's a major hardship when one parent dies and the rest of the family suffers in so many ways from that 'void.'   But there are accidents in life where someone might get killed and of course, the rest of the family has to make due.   

These past few years my health has gone downhill, with many aches and pains, and I do not believe in 'luck' but I know that I am blessed by God in that I have a loving, hard-working wife to help me.   She struggles with her own health concerns and it scares me that I might lose another mate in life as has happened to me before.  Two ladies that I had good relationships with are now dead, and it left me so alone and depressed.  A man cries too when he feels so all alone.  Jesus cried, too.  
     But we cannot and should not cry all the time and our heavenly Father wants us to be happy, just as He is happy!  There will come a time when all heaven and earth will rejoice after all the dust of combat and destruction will be over and past!  Will we do the right things and take advantage of God's merciful resources now, today??  I may not be the smartest fellow but I plan to be in that happy company.  That is one reason why I study the Bible and other wholesome books, intently.   Not to just appear smart and highly intelligent, dear friends.  In fact, the more humble we are, the better off we will become.  
   Even though I keep saying that I am blessed in life, I still hope to make many more friends, if possible.  The fine country of Norway seems to love my humble Blog where the readership is highest, and that makes me happy.  I wish I could speak their language to seek out more friends from across the Atlantic ocean and visit.  Thank You, Norway.  

I need to buy a better, warmer pair of pants to keep my legs warm in the Wintertime.   I just lost another 10 pounds according to the digital scale we have in our home, given to me by the local VA hospital.  They have helped me so much in the past few years, but Medicine is not an "exact science" and they also make mistakes from time to time.  That's why I do my own reading, research and digging to find the answers in life that I need.   Anyway, as I continue to lose more weight, I hope to be able to find a good, WARM pair of pants that is easier to find and purchase, and soon.   My stepson, Brian, has a good-paying, but a dangerous job working outdoors that is cold, and so I pray for his safety often.  I have a good relationship with Brian and he loves and respects me.

Warm Regards,
Tom  Schuckman


November 15th, 2019

On this week's Hal Lindsey Presents, we take a close look at Revelation, chapter 8. And when you look at these verses - and I mean look carefully at them - you may have to pick your jaw up from the floor.

You will be struck by the level of destruction coming on the earth in the not-too-distant future. You will be astounded that a man writing almost two thousand years described things that we didn't know anything about until the last few decades. And in the midst of all this, you will be humbled by God's mercy extended even in such times.

In chapter 8, Jesus opens the seventh seal. And it triggers the Trumpet Judgments. To this point, there has been excitement and vocal praise filling heaven. But when Jesus opens this seal, there is a period of silence in heaven.

In the Trumpet Judgments we find evidence of Thermonuclear War even more intense and widespread than we saw in chapter six. We see a perfect description of what scientists now call, "nuclear winter," something that we now know will inevitably follow a massive nuclear exchange. Another result of these wars is atmospheric pollution like never seen before on the planet. This, too, is described in Revelation 8, written in the first century.

This chapter also tells about at least one earth impact by an asteroid or a meteor. Today, NASA has a system called "Sentry." It's a highly automated system that analyzes data regarding the movement of "near earth objects." It's designed to spot any object that has the potential for impacting the earth.

But the sky is a big place and the whole point of telescopes is that they look closely at very small parts of that big sky. Unless one of these large telescopes happens to be looking at the right place at the right time, a fairly sizable object can go unseen. That happened last July. A 400-foot asteroid - big enough to have destroyed a major city - whizzed past the earth at about 1/5th of the distance to the moon. One scientist said it came "out of nowhere." Another said, "It snuck up on us."

Revelation 8 describes a coming earth impact with an object big enough to devastate a large portion of the planet. We know a great deal about such things today, but we can't stop them or even slow them down.

I hope you can join me this week for Hal Lindsey Presents. I think this study will leave you in awe of God and His word.

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God Bless,

Hal Lindsey
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