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Hidden Dangers of Impeachment.

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Hi Friends,
     I end up viewing the TV baloney of the Left-wing 'bull jack' trial of our President Trump, which is sometimes entertaining, but usually boring or worse.   And it's shameful, IMHO, how people push their lies onto the American people instead of doing the peoples' work of passing important bills.  This could last forever!  Frankly, I don't know how our president tolerates all this bull****.  At least the wall on the Mexican border is being built.  

On a personal sad note, the sudden death of my niece in Tucson, AZ has messed up the family.  It is also interesting to note that both my niece, Jacque, and my own son, Andy both died at the young age of 37.  All the more important that we parents teach our children about the Bible and the salvation by means of Jesus Christ on the cross at an early age, IMHO.   I am not saying that we whip our kids to intense study every day of their lives, but it doesn't hurt to sit them in the living room on a comfy couch to participate in Bible study.  My wife, Loretta and I had a half-hour consideration of Proverbs, chapter 15, this afternoon.  No slam of my wife, but there were many words in the King James version that she didn't know.  I enjoy helping other people learn the true import of the scriptures as I gained all this bible knowledge from the past 40 years of my studies.  Lori and I are becoming experts with our smartphone where we can Goggle words instantly to get the proper meanings.   Just think,  if we use the smartphones for fun and pleasure all the time, why not use them for our search for knowledge and truth, too.  
     Isn't it the truth that man can and will invent great "tools" to benefit mankind and make work easier, but then some goofball figures out a way to use those new inventions to hurt and destroy humanity?  Take dynamite or nuclear energy, or farm tractors turned into armoured tanks, etc.   Man will find a way to pervert the original function and application of the invented product.  
    I am not trying to be negative but the book of Proverbs is full of this truth.  

Some of my favourite Proverbs are Chapter 15: 1   "A soft answer turneth away wrath:   but grievous words stir up anger."   And verse 20,  "A wise son maketh a glad father: the foolish man despiseth his mother."   

I wasn't always the perfect son when I was young, but I felt that I redeemed myself in later life by sticking to my hard, heavy job all my working life.  I have also tried to help my fellow man in any way I could, including sharing my Blog with the public.  I noticed that the country of Norway is my biggest reader, but even Ukraine folks read my Journal.  Great!  All that makes me feel good inside because they are getting a heavy dose of the Gospel and the KJV Bible in general.  I share my Christian Faith at the local VA hospital whenever I can, too.  

Sorry to say that I have not been sleeping too good lately these past few months because I use my CPAP machine and Oxygen to help me breathe correctly while sleeping, but I wake up to find out that my nose is full of nasty stuff... a plugged up nose and sinuses.  I have been using Equate Nasal Spray, but it only lasts for a short time and certainly not all night.  So when I lay back down to sleep again I get a panicky, overwhelming fear of suffocating and then forced to get back up.  For now, there just is not any 'magic bullet' for me, but it seems that this all came on with the start of winter when the furnace kicks on.   
      So then the world of greedy business is hawkish about luring in all the people who are suffering from these seasonal allergies and related problems,  but they are never enough to solve the problem.   So then who are desperate like me will spend our hard-earned money to find a cure, but seldom do.  Being tired all the time from "sleep deprivation" ages me faster, makes me look much older than I am.  My back and butt hurt from sitting in my EZ chair too much and also sleeping in it with oxygen hose to my nose.   I never ever thought that I would be using this Oxygen therapy!   At least I am finally losing weight.  I am also using Cayenne pepper capsules, Ginger, Garlic, Cinnamon Extract tabs, Chromium, and Magnesium, besides my important vitamins C, B, A, etc.   

I wish that somehow my extended family have peace to deal with the passing of my niece, Jacque, and I will not call them so much either to allow them the time of closure and rest.  

Agape Love and Hugs,
Thomas G Schuckman

--- here is a pic of my friend Steve B., next to my son, Andy Schuckman, on the right-hand side.

November 14th, 2019

Hidden Dangers of Impeachment

By Hal Lindsey

America's founders knew there had to be a constitutional method for removing a president from office. But they were leery of it. They expressed concern that it might become a political weapon. They knew that if politics were to override matters of justice, an impeachment-happy Congress could radically weaken the American republic.

A few days after pronouncing that the House of Representatives was beginning an impeachment inquiry, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said something important. She said that with such an inquiry, "We must be somber, we must be prayerful, and we must pursue the facts."

I agree that impeachment hearings should be entered into somberly and prayerfully. But prayer and a somber pursuit of facts should start well before the decision to begin the official inquiry. Once it starts, damage to the nation is already being done. Impeachment should never be a political tool. It's much bigger than that. An impeachment in the House and conviction in the Senate would override the constitutional selection of a President.

And here's the scary part. So far, the present inquiry has been a completely partisan exercise. To my knowledge, not one Republican in the House or Senate has called for impeachment.

Did President Trump attempt to "bribe" President Zelensky of Ukraine in their phone call last summer? As a matter of policy, calls between US Presidents and other heads of state are not recorded. But the best available transcript of it was declassified by President Trump and made available to Congress and the public on September 9th. Anyone who wants to read it, can read it.

The first to testify in the hearings was Ambassador William Taylor. He did not hear the phone call. He has never met President Trump. He briefly met Rudy Giuliani once twelve years ago. His testimony was filled with opinion - lots of "I think" statements. And he told about things he heard from other people. At one point, he said, "I'm not here to take one side or the other, or to advocate any particular outcomes. Let me just restate that. Second thing is that, my understanding is only coming from people that I talk to."

In court, they call that "hearsay." This is a House hearing and not a court, but basic rules of evidence are still important. If hearsay evidence can be admitted, then almost anyone can testify because we've all "heard things." But fairness demands "best evidence." That means someone who was there, not someone who heard things from other people.

And if opinion can be admitted, then once again we are all qualified to testify because everyone has an opinion.

Then they had the former ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch. She had been appointed by President Obama and was upset that President Trump wanted someone else in the position. She seems to have forgotten that when President Obama came into office, he fired all the US ambassadors around the world who had been appointed by President Bush.

This is important because Presidents conduct foreign policy. The decision about who officially represents the country is a matter of foreign policy. You don't impeach a President for conducting foreign policy, even if you don't agree with it.

During the hearing, President Trump was criticized for using what are called "backchannels" in foreign policy. Should a President be impeached for using a civilian rather than a State Department employee to reach out to a foreign government? Presidents have been doing it for decades, if not centuries. It was through a backchannel connection to the Soviet Union that John Kennedy was able to diffuse the Cuban Missile Crisis and avoid World War III.

State Department employees almost always resent the use of backchannels because they see it as infringing on their turf. But it is an invaluable component in a president's foreign policy toolkit. It should have nothing to do with impeachment.

Using impeachment as a political tool is not just dangerous to this President, but to all the Presidents that will follow - whether Democrat, Republican, or something else. It's part of the ongoing schism in American life - a schism that threatens the very fabric of the Republic. And, as I have explained elsewhere, it is a fulfillment of end-times prophecy when people groups live in rage against one another, especially when they are acting against their own self-interest.

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