Thursday, November 21, 2019

And the Beat goes on.

Tom's Journal.

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Hi  Friends:
    For whatever reason things go on,  we need to look at the BIG picture.    "Good vs: Evil" started in the 'Garden' some 6000 years ago.  When smart folks study and reason with each other as some Bible scholars do, a certain realization comes to the fore.  We are all here for a reason, and the Father is watching the whole thing unfold.  BTW, all the angels in heaven at watching too.   We who stand 'approved' will actually rule over those angels someday!  It's also wise to remember that it's not wimpy or sissified to be one of the "good guys [or gals]" and it takes a lot of courage and strength to man up and do the will of the Lord.  I don't know if anyone is looking forward to being martyred for Christ.  It seems to me that most if not all of the 12 apostles gave their lives in death for the Lord Jesus, but then they all have the Holy Spirit to stiffen up their spine bone.   It's not good to dwell so much on the manner of death and all the horrors that the 'evil one' can dream up, and the scriptures bear me out.  
     I just happen to keep a diary/ journal to remind me of important times, people, dates, names and addresses.   The local VA hospital keeps me busy with all their appointments that are sometimes a pain in the 'backside'...  LOL.  And remember that 30 years ago it seemed hard to just get an appointment... or show up only to find out that the doctor never came to work, and then nothing was done to them... Ha!  

So, what is really important nowadays?  Most of us are just sick to death of the non=stop politics on TV or the re-runs on HBO, etc.    I would personally prefer talking and meeting with other Veterans, and my breed of Vietnam Veteran crowd are dropping like flies as we are in our early to mid- 70's right now!  We would like to share our experiences with the younger Vets, etc.  I always wanted to be a writer, so now I am blogging.  I started to write my own book but got bogged down with "writer's block."  Other things took centre stage like getting called back to my well-paying job at the local auto factory $$$, family life raising children.   
   Anyway, back in the 1960's we were afraid that all the mighty powers on earth might blow us all up with nuclear rockets and ICBM's.  And right now that is still a distinct possibility,  but the Father in heaven has a plan that will see it's completion before anything catastrophic, IMHO.   Still, who knows about all the "palace intrigue?"  The alphabet national/ Gov't Orgs:  FBI, CIA, NSA DOJ, etc.   Having worked for the Gov't [U.S. ARMY] for a while, I think I know where to keep my nose and my business.  There are the appointed 'higher powers' --- the Gov't.. the police, who "bearest not the sword in vain."   ---Roman 13: 4.  I just love the poetic KING JAMES VERSION BIBLE written in William Shakespear's time... of 1210- 1211 A.D., In other words, the 'Law of the land' is a terror to the lawless, criminal element, not the good folks who obey the law and lead a peaceful, gentle lifestyle.  Yet in many countries the sword or battle-axe still hung over the hearth, ready to defend the folks who lived in the house.  Read 2nd Amendment people.  Smile.   So when arrogant goofballs like the Dems want to take away our "Swords" it's time to rise up and remove them from power.  And if we don't vote out the rascals --- we are to blame!    

To that end, it's just a crazy world right now where the law of the land is perverted... now in the USA, as the head monkey lords it over good people who just want to do the Peoples' Business!  Shame.

We are not going to make a big to-do during the holidays, but celebrate quietly in our own house, in a quiet small town, USA.  We are very thankful for our relative health and comfort, except for a sore back and arthritis.  We think and believe that we are ready for most emergencies,  but 2-- winters ago when the furnace crapped out, we were cold and miserable until the furnace was fixed.  We are much better prepared now.   

I highly recommend to all my friends to have enough cash money on hand for whatever may come our way, but .999 silver, too.    Years ago when I was into Finance and Mutual Funds I thought differently,  but now I just don't trust the Stock Market so much.  And "what goes up -- must come down."  Gold is now getting too high to invest in, IMHO, for the common man.   And some folks say that gold will jump up to perhaps $5K or $10K per troy ounce!  So, there is a very fine company that I have researched, MMX [Money Metals Exchange], where people can buy "fractionals" of gold, etc., if they cannot afford one troy ounce of gold...  $1500. American.   I can remember when gold was $30/ ounce.   Ha!  I can remember when gasoline was .25 per gallon!  I can remember when $20 would buy 4 big bags of groceries that would last a small family all week!  

Have a great day.  Don't be afraid to leave a comment on this blog.

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman


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