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December 13th, 2019

Have you ever heard a question like, "How can a good God allow evil?" It has an incredibly important answer. I talk about it on this week's Hal Lindsey Presents. I think it will help you enormously as you talk to loved ones and even strangers about Jesus this Christmas season. I hope you can join me!

Also on this week's program, we will look more deeply at the angelic being I call, "the Ambassador from Galaxy H." Scripture says he will be "clothed with a cloud; and the rainbow was upon his head, and his face was like the sun, and his feet like pillars of fire." The presence of the rainbow around this person reminds us of God's grace shown to Noah and to every generation to follow.

With a face glowing like the sun, it will hurt if people stare at this angel too intently. But it is an intriguing description. In Exodus 34, we learn that after Moses had been in the presence of God, his face glowed with such brilliance that it frightened Aaron and the other leaders.

The angel's face will glow for the same reason. He will have come directly from presence of the Triune God. His face will reflect that glory.

There is a possibility that this "strong angel" with the glowing face is Gabriel. When that angel appeared to Zacharias, the father of John the Baptist, he gave his credentials with these words. "I am Gabriel, who stands in the presence of God."

Some things are too wonderful for us to completely take in - too full of splendor and majesty. But, one day, seeing Gabriel and other great angels will be a normal thing. We who have received redemption in Christ will have our homes in a city that does not need artificial light or even light from the sun. The old hymn describes it as, "The city where the Lamb is the light."

And because we will live in such close proximity to the direct presence of God, you can expect to see glowing faces everywhere.

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God Bless,

Hal Lindsey
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Dear Friends and Readers,
     In order for people to COMMENT on my humble Blog, they must become a member/ follower of this Blog:  TOM'S JOURNAL, and they can just follow the prompts and advice on the right side of this page to get with the program, and then also leave comments.  Many people don't care to do that because they have to bear accountability by identifying themselves.  Unscrupulous people like to jump in and turn this into a 'garbage place' for the illicit gathering of low life pigs,  sorry to say, and it has happened before.  So I had to tighten the rules just as other bloggers do to maintain good order, responsibility to keep out the undesirables.  You see, most people won't hurl every sort of vile, insulting, vulgar words if they have to post their real name and handle on here.  Actually, it's for everyone's good, welfare, safety and pleasure that we all need to follow the rules of the game.

My 'fixed' CPAP machine worked very well for me 2-- nights ago, but when I got up to do my business and returned to bed, the CPAP would not start back up no matter what my wife and I did!  This was very disheartening for me because the newfound CPAP  features of inducing "warm humidity" and moisture to my breathing were so good and beneficial for my sinuses, comfort and breathing! So this happened 2--nights in a row, and so this morning with new deep snow on the slippery roads we had to make yet another visit to the Iron Mountain, MI., VAMC to visit the CPAP department for help.  The ever-friendly, helpful, Pamela Dubrow, RPSGT, CSE, CCSH,  provided a solution to my challenges and gave me a new CPAP machine to take home and try.  So far, we are very happy campers, and I hope I wasn't too pushy with her this morning.  I understand that we should never judge other employees at the VA for the poor, insulting, boorish characters of others in various VA hospitals in different States.  But I know of so many other Veterans who were mistreated in the past and hundreds more who died from poor quality or no quality, death from  surgical mistakes or waiting for months, even YEARS without ever  getting to see a health care 'professional!'  And yes, I am old enough to remember all those people, places and situations because I kept diaries and journals for most of those years.   I did the same at civilian hospitals and doctors, like Kenosha Memorial Hospital in Wisconsin [where the name changes according to any different administration] A few special people in Kenosha, WI., saved my life!!    I hope that people will kindly forgive my mistakes and insinuations and treat me with the respect that I [ and all my Veteran brothers and sisters] deserve.  So, today was a good day, except for the slick, icy roads.  And my fine wife was also able to buy some tasty smoked Salmon at the local store up here.  I think that we both are losing weight with our new diets!

I try not to pester other Vets who are waiting to be called as they are sitting down, resting, in the waiting rooms, but I find that many of them are eager to just talk about some of their service accomplishments, also what they do for fun, pleasure, work, etc., and many times we exchange email addresses and phone numbers if we have like hobbies in common.  I get lonely U.P. here so far away from friends and family in S.E. Wisconsin and many other places and phone/ email as many folks as I can.  
    I know that the book of Hebrews 10: 25, talks about 'not forsaking the frequent gathering of ourselves,'  but that applies more to Christian meetings [church].  Still, humans are a "social animal" and we enjoy others company when we have much in common and seek out friendly productive activities.  I met a few nice Veterans like that again, today!  That makes my day happy and fills my heart with gladness!  
     However, I just need to say the obvious --- that if and when a person keeps getting burned, cheated and shunned by a certain group or organization it is no wonder that they carry guarded, protected alertness.  That, my dear friends, is how we managed to survive so long -- even in combat!  And the goofy, so-called, 'caregivers' who try to allay our concerns on this matter and tell us, 'that we are no longer in a state of war, or battle or in the Army or Marines,' we say to them, you probably never served in combat !!  Ha!  

For so many of us who believe some 'new aged' non-combatant, 'educated goof,' and let our guards down --- too many times some strange, terrible event befell us and we went back to our "old system of security" that worked in the past.   Many of my readers will not understand what I am trying to say here...  sorry.
    But let me just say that the KJV Bible can and will show all of us the way to true happiness and joy.  After all....  "Happiness is a Bi-product of serving God Almighty."   Just read the papers or TV with all the younger people dying from illegal drug overdoses and violence while so many Democrats-- Liberals-Communists, etc., promote, allowing illegal aliens to cross the Southern border to rape, rob and murder!
   That is why losing a fellow Christian Warrior is a bitter/ sweet thing.  We know that they are going to a much better place of happiness -- but we are 'Left Behind' in a violent, cruel, ungodly world under Satan!  

Have a great day.

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman