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Our World has gone Mad.

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July 4th, 2018

8 Recent Stories That Show Our World Has Gone Mad And One That Provides Us The Remedy To The Madness: Christian Prayer

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With the 'unhinged resistance' on the left now fully on display as Susan Duclos reported in this July 3rd ANP story in which she told us about a threat levied against the family of Senator Rand Paul by an Obama-supporting Democrat to cut up his entire family into tiny pieces, simply opening up the Drudge Report on Tuesday evening gave us an entirely new slew of stories providing evidence that our world has gone mad in 2018.

Next in the lineup comes this story from The Sun which reports Somali terror group Al-Shabaab has banned plastic bags "to protect humans and animals" despite being one of the world's most barbaric terrorist organizations, a group that has slaughtered thousands of innocent people. (Coincidentally, or not, the city of Seattle also recently banned plastic straws and utensils! THINK: Globalist agenda!)

While terrorists and Democrats are busy banning plastic to 'protect' humans, we read in this new story from the Atlanta Journal Constitution that a jealous woman in Marietta, Georgia burned down the home she was temporarily living in after her boyfriend went to see another woman. And while that might sound radical, a cheating husband in Thailand got a much worse deal after his manhood was sliced off and thrown out the window by his wife who used a 12" long carving knife upon him after she discovered his extramarital affair.


Yet the insanity doesn't end there. As the Atlanta Journal Constitution recently reported, back on June 18th, a 27-year-old Georgia man stabbed his 15-year-old sister 53 times for "taking too long in the bathroom".

And in Arizona, a 92-year-old woman recently shot and killed her 72-year-old son after he attempted to move her into an assisted living home, concealing two handguns in her bathrobe pockets before confronting and killing him in cold blood. 

And from California we see another horrifying story that is a direct result of the left's agenda of teaching kids sexuality at a very young age after a 10-year-old boy was starved and tortured and eventually murdered by his own mother and her boyfriend only days after he had 'come out of the closet' and told them he was gay.  

And from Great Britain we learn that a 28-year-old nurse has been arrested as a mass murderer who has killed at least 17 babies there with this story from The Sun reporting if convicted, she'll become the UK's most prolific mass murderer in their history. And this from the country that gave us Jack the Ripper


And while those stories and many more happening every day might make it seem that our world is now 'helpless' and 'hopeless', our final story provides us the remedy to the madness. As we learn in this story over at Prepare For Change that Steve Quayle had linked to on his website, former Satanic high priest John Ramirez has claimed that Christian prayer prevented him from carrying out evil. 

Now a pastor, Ramirez knows all about the 'dark side' and these words should be a trumpet call to all:

He once sacrificed animals as part of satanic rituals and his friends even called him, “Lucifer’s son.”

In his book, Armed and Dangerous: The Ultimate Battle Plan for Targeting and Defeating the Enemy, Ramirez details why Christians need to pray more effectively.

“I wrote this book because I wanted Christians to know that it’s not only a defense spiritual warfare, but there’s an offense spiritual warfare,” he told CBN News. “We need to keep the devil, the devil in his place.”

“I was able to go in there and capitalize and take a stand and a position in the spirit realm against the Christians that were not praying,” he explained. “I took that territory away so I owned your neighbor; I owned your neighborhood; I owned your region because you didn’t saturate with prayers. I beat you to it.”

He also shared how when Christians did pray that it stopped his evil plans in their tracks.

“It is those believers, it’s that group of people, those intercessors that gave me such a beatdown in the spiritual,” he said. “When I came into the neighborhood and they were in the spirit together holding hands. Do I know they were physically holding hands in one area? I don’t know, but in the spirit realm, they were holding hands. And, they were able to chase me out the neighborhood. No mission accomplished. Mission aborted, weakened my assignment and no mission accomplished because they knew something: they had the power in that neighborhood that I didn’t have.”


Yet we probably shouldn't be the least bit surprised by the madness gripping the planet. As we reported on ANP back on January 10th, according to Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church, our planet was on a very dangerous path towards self-annihilation with evil being 'normalized', accepted by the masses as 'goodness'. 

With Patriarch Kirill warning us then that "if evil prevails, end times will be upon us", the stories detailed within the first two sections of this story show that we are well on our way there. From that ANP story:   

When asked about the apocalypse and if 'the end is near' and what would bring about such a scenario, Patriarch Kirill tells us "In the case when the human society stops to be viable, when the resources to exist will be exhausted which would happen in the case when we have absolute dominance of evil". Warning us that evil is not viable and in cases where systems are taken over by evil, those systems will fall, Kirill continues "If evil drives away good from human society, then the end will come".

When asked by the interviewer "why do we have to talk about this today?", Patriarch Kirill replies "Because we are now living through a special period in history. Never before did human society put good and evil on the same level. There were attempts to justify evil but never to say that good and evil are relative and not absolute truths. People's perception of good and evil was that they were absolute truth. But today they are relative. When can evil unrestrainedly grow in human society? EXACTLY when this point of view that good and evil are the same triumphs globally. And we are currently not at the beginning of this process but a certain amount of time has passed. History as we know it is exhausted, so how can the church keep silent? How can it avoid sending up an alarm? How can it avoid warning that we are on a very dangerous path of self-annihilation? If the church will not say this than who will?"

As we reported on ANP back on June 25th, 'luciferian inversion' is now running rampant in America with the globalists and Democratic party's attempts to demonize Christians, Conservatives and Constitutionalists while Barack Obama made sure that any mention of Islam and terrorism were purged from federal law enforcement training manuals.

With the globalists ongoing war upon President Trump and everything 'nationalism' helping to launch nearly half of America into full-blown-cases of 'Trump derangement syndrome', many have warned of trouble ahead.  

Yet while many Democrats are depressed after swallowing the mainstream media lies whole and a record-low number of 47% of Americans consider themselves 'extremely proud' to be Americans, they must have no clue about the bullet America dodged by keeping Hillary Clinton out of office and getting 'America-1st' President Trump in.  

And with President Trump slowly helping to balance the scales that had been tipped so far in the opposite direction, we should thank God for this amazing 2nd chance that we've been given while doing one of the very best things that we can for our country and for our fellow Americans: Pray for them. On this 4th of July, may God Bless America. 

Friday, July 13, 2018

Keep Cool in the Heat.

Tom's Journal.

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Hello  Friends and Gentle Readers:

Are we not happy to learn some new advice or clarification that could make our lives more comfortable and happy in days of super corruption, evil, lies and theft ??   I treasure every small but wonderful news and explanation that falls in my path !   It's somehow more easy to accept the truth of the matter -- even if it doesn't immediately solve all our problems and challenges.   
       STD --- Satan the Devil is the father of the lie, even from the get- go, in the Garden of Eden, which we believe was somewhere in modern day Iraq, about 6000 years ago,  and not much has changed since that time,  really.   And while we are in that subject --- check out all the hidden lies that were exposed yesterday,  when the good members of American Congress grilled the 2nd highest, top dog of the FBI !   And we thought only dictators of 3rd world countries did that kind of treason and treachery.   As usual the 'Dems-Liberals- Socialist' scumbags tried everything to 'muddy the waters.'   

I hope that you all are rightly stimulated today as you read my humble post, and maybe some of my posted, added stuff will help you keep COOL today,  dear friends and readers.   We have another super humid, warm day, even as we are far North in upper Michigan, USA.   
      But just keeping up with the truthful News and Commentary of my Blog won't benefit you that much if you have not yet laid down the BASICS of Bible knowledge and understanding.....  and bending knee [making the verbal pledge of  asking Him into our hearts and minds,  forever] --  to the Lord Jesus Christ, our ONLY Savior and King.    We know the Season,  but not the Day of Jesus' return,  and we don't want to be 'Left Behind.'    This must be priority NUMBER ONE !   Jesus said:   'What good is it to gain the whole world,  yet lose out on Everlasting Life ?'   I haven't found a permanent church home yet,  but I read, study the KJV Bible at least several times a week with my wife.   

Would you like to share any thoughts or question with me?   Here is my Email Address:     --- I am also on FaceBook.  

Warm Regards,
Thomas G Schuckman
Michigan, USA.

9 Tips to Help Keep Your House Cool

In the warm months of summer, it’s very tempting to switch on the AC or plant yourself in front of the nearest fan, but these aren’t the only tricks to help you keep cool. As it turns out, there are many ways to buffer your home from the heat without racking up a big electric bill – and they’ll make you feel like a DIY champ, too!
1. Keep Your Blinds Closed
Keeping Cool
As simple as this tip might seem, up to 30% of unwanted heat comes from your windows, and utilizing curtains and shades can save you up to 7% on electric bills, and decrease indoor temperatures by up to 20 degrees. In other words, closing the blinds prevents your home from becoming a miniature greenhouse.
2. Hack a Fan Instead of Turning on the AC
An air conditioner cannot give off a faux pas sea breeze, but this simple trick can. Fill a bowl with ice and place it at an angle in front of a large fan so the air whips off the ice in an extra-chilled, extra-misty state.
3. Swap Your Sheets
Not only does seasonally switching your bedding freshen up a room, but it’s also a great way to stay cool. While textiles like fleece blankets and flannel sheets are great for insulation, cotton is a smarter choice in summer as it breathes easier and stays cooler.
As an added treat, buy yourself some buckwheat pillows. Buckwheat hulls have a naturally occurring air space between them, so they won’t hold on to your body heat like conventional pillows.
4. Focus on Your Body Temperature, Not the House Temperature
Keeping Cool
If our ancestors survived without AC, so can we. From sipping tasty iced drinks to applying a cold cloth to strong-pulsed areas such as your neck or wrists, cooling yourself from the inside out is not a bad idea. Other tricks include being smart about your clothing choices and telling your partner that you won’t be cuddling until the leaves start to change color.
5. Sleep Low
Heat rises, so sleep on the downstairs couch or in the basement. Or you can just stick your mattress on the floor as the air could easily be a degree or two cooler down there.
6. Let the Night Air In
During the summer months, temperatures might drop during the night. If this is the case where you live, make the most of these refreshing hours by cracking open the windows before you sleep. Just be sure to close the window and blinds before things start to get hot again in the morning.
7. Ditch the Incandescent Lights
Keeping Cool
If you ever needed any motivation to make the switch to CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps), this is it. Incandescent bulbs waste about 90% of their energy in the heat that they emit, so tossing them to the curb will cool your home and lower your electricity bill.
8. Start Grilling
Using your oven or stove during the summer will obviously make your house hotter. If it already feels like 100 degrees in your home, the last thing you want to be doing is turning on a 400-degree oven. Use the grill instead and make use of your outdoor furniture and seasonal accessories.
9. Turn on the Extractor Fans in Your Bathroom or Kitchen
Turning on the extractor fans in your kitchen and bathroom will suck out the hot air that rises after you cook or take a steamy shower.
Source: huffingtonpost 

Hal Lindsey ( Details

July 13th, 2018
The heat kills 54 in southern Quebec. Temperatures in northern Siberia soar 40 degrees above normal. Africa records the highest temperature ever verified on that continent.

What is going on with the weather?

Whatever it is, the global warming crowd is thrilled. They see it as affirmation of their religion: the High Church of Climate Change.

But they obscure two distinctions. First, contrary to what the mainstream media and the politically correct crowd would have you believe, almost no one denies that earth's climate is changing. In fact, it has been in a constant state of change throughout its entire history.

What many of us deny is that it is changing because of something man is doing. We believe it is changing because of natural influences and fluctuations. Things like increased solar activity that directly affects the earth. Solar activity that has waxed and waned over the centuries. That's why history tells us that the earth has suffered through several different "ice ages."

The second distinction the global warming crowd obfuscates is the difference between "climate" and "weather." "Climate" refers to meteorological patterns over long periods of time. "Weather" refers to what is happening right now. In Texas we say that if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes and it will change.

So the global warming people seize upon the latest heat wave as proof that the "climate" is rapidly warming. So the United States should cough up $300 billion dollars (our contribution demanded by the Paris Climate Accord from which President Trump withdrew) to stop it.

Of course, if the coming winter is especially brutal, some of them will keep their mouths shut and hope you don't notice. Others will insist that the brutal cold proves that the "climate" is rapidly cooling. So the United States should cough up $300 billion dollars to stop it. Interestingly, China and India, the world's two biggest polluters, aren't required to do anything -- or pay anything -- for the next 30 years.

But I'm chasing rabbits here.

The point is that after the great flood, God made a promise to humanity: "While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease." (Genesis 8:17 NASB) That means that no matter what man does, or does not do, the natural order of things will not change. So save your money.

However, the Bible does address the subject of weird weather. Especially as we approach the end of this Age of Grace.

Isaiah tells of a future judgment on the earth where the world "fades and withers... The inhabitants of the earth are burned." (Isaiah 24:4,6 NASB)

That probably refers to nuclear war and the devastating, unending fires that follow. But it seems to also include weather phenomenon, because another verse in the same chapter predicts that grapevines will "wilt" (Isaiah 24:7 Complete Jewish Bible) as a result of human disobedience to God. The chapter implies drought on a planetary scale.

Then Revelation 16:8 tells about something that will happen during the Tribulation: "And the fourth angel poured out his bowl upon the sun; and it was given it to scorch men with fire." (Revelation 16:8 NASB)

This is not talking about nuclear war, but about violent sunlight! It hasn't happened yet, but the earth seems to be getting a foretaste of it.

Jesus said and the Bible tells us that as we approach His return, we can expect to see an increase in strange weather. But the worst will not come until the time of the Tribulation. And if you are in Christ, by then, you will be gone.

A few days ago, seven former US ambassadors to the United Nations sent a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. They asked him to restore 100% of the funding that the US gives annually to UNRWA, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees.

Earlier this year, the US cut its contribution to UNRWA by 50%. After we have given almost $5 billion, we finally did it because UNRWA, which has been in business almost 70 years, has thus far not settled even one Palestinian refugee. Instead, they keep them confined in filthy, miserable, crowded "camps" so that they can be used as political pawns in the constant struggle to delegitimize Israel. UNRWA schools indoctrinate Palestinian children to despise Israel. They encourage terrorism by praising and honoring terrorists, Nazis, and the annihilation of the Jews. Their schools and hospitals are often used to house missiles and rocket launchers for use against Israel.

UNRWA camps are rundown and dangerous. Even pro-Palestinian organizations claim that Palestinian children are not safe there.

The refugees need to be absorbed into the societies around them. Instead, UNRWA imprisons them and keeps them dependent on the UN for food and shelter. As Caroline Glick notes, they "doom Palestinians to perpetual misery and ensure that they will never, ever accept Israel's right to exist in secure borders."

You see, in 1948, the Arab nations, who were preparing to invade the new state of Israel, convinced many of the Arabs living in Israel to flee. They warned them that the Jews would massacre them.

Of course, it was all propaganda. There were no massacres. But that fear created the ongoing Palestinian refugee crisis.

Most people, though, don't know about the other refugee crisis from that same period.

In her monumental book, From Time Immemorial, Joan Peters notes that, "For every refugee -- adult or child -- in Syria, Lebanon, or elsewhere in the Arab world... there is a Jewish refugee who fled from the Arab country of his birth. For every Arab who moved to neighboring lands, a Jew was forced to flee from a community where he and his family may have lived for 2,000 years."

To retaliate against the new state of Israel, Muslim nations made life impossible for the Jews in their midst. They lost their property, security, dignity, and basic human rights. They faced persecution and death. They were forced from the lands of their birth.

In 1948, there were more than 850,000 Jews living in the Arab world. Today, there are only around 25,000.

Unlike the Arabs who did not want to live with Jews in Israel but were never accepted as citizens in Jordan or Syria or Lebanon, the fledgling state of Israel quietly accepted and assimilated all of the Jewish refugees who fled to Israel.

In 1922, after the fall of the Ottoman Empire, the League of Nations gave the British a mandate to prepare a homeland in Palestine for the Jews.

Instead, the British gave 75% of that land to the Arabs for a homeland. It was a vast expanse east of the Jordan river. The country was known as Trans-Jordan.

The remaining 25% was given to "Eretz Yisrael" (Land of Israel). It included all the land from the river Jordan west to the Mediterranean Sea. That includes the areas the Jews call Judea and Samaria. The world knows it as the "West Bank" (of the Jordan river).

During the 1948 Arab-Israeli war, Jordan took the West Bank by force.

During the 1967 Six-Day War, Israel took it back.

Somehow, the world thought it was okay for Jordan to take the West Bank (given to Israel by the League of Nations) by force. But they saw it as a crime when Israel took it back 19 years later.

The original "two-state solution" was to create the nation of Jordan for the Arabs who did not want to live with the Jews in Israel. Somehow that "two-state solution" has been lost to history.

Have you noticed? Al-Qaeda is making a comeback. ISIS stole the headlines for a few years, but lately, al-Qaeda has been active around the world. Including in Cleveland where federal officials arrested an al-Qaeda supporter who planned to bomb a Fourth of July parade.

In Belgium, a husband and wife were arrested for planning to bomb a Paris meeting of an Iranian opposition group. In Austria, an Iranian diplomat was detained and expelled for assisting them.

One of Germany's top intelligence agencies released a report accusing Iran of "the illegal propagation of atomic, biological, and chemical weapons."

The Jerusalem Post noted that "German Chancellor Angela Merkel remains a strong proponent of the Iran nuclear deal.... She has not commented on the findings of her intelligence agencies that appear to contradict her views of the effectiveness [of the nuclear deal]."

An "anonymous" US intelligence official told NBC News that North Korea may be trying to deceive the US about its nuclear program.

Personally, I don't put much trust in intelligence agents who leak anonymously to the press. But what's the surprise here? The North Koreans have been deceiving the world for decades. Do we think they will stop overnight?

That's the point of intensive negotiations that include strict supervision and inspection protocols.

Even if they eventually plan to give up their weapons, the more they possess now, the more leverage they will have at the bargaining table. We still don't know how this will turn out, but at least the two sides are talking, not fighting.

Japan's Kyodo News Agency has published secret documents it has obtained from the Chinese Central Military Commission. They give us some insight into the urgency China feels to develop a military that can meet and defeat the US military.

All of this simply illustrates that it's a dangerous world, indeed. And growing more so by the day.

My goal is to impress on you how important it is for us to put our trust in God. This flimsy world system that finds itself in such deep trouble is not worthy of your hopes and dreams. It will let you down.

But God remains faithful. His promises remain true.

He promised that, "'I will never desert you, nor will I ever forsake you,' so that we confidently say, 'The Lord is my helper, I will not be afraid. What shall man do to me?'" (Hebrews 13:5-6 NASB)

Romans 8:31 asks, "If God be for us, who can be against us?"

The near future may be dark, but the eternal future is gloriously bright! Do not fear, He is with us!

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God Bless,

Hal Lindsey

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