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The Helicopter, "Jesus Nut."

Tom's Journal.

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Hei venner fra Norge:
så mange ting er som foregår akkurat nå i verden for menneskeheten! Vi kan være i krig, veldig snart. Herren, Jesus Kristus, kan komme tilbake når som helst nå, også! "Gott kann nicht Lugen." ---Titus 1: 2. [Tysk]. Jeg er gledelig, pensjonert, med en god Chrysler pension, men prøver alltid å bruke klokt, satser også, i noen sølv, osv., og bedende ofte. Jeg er også gifte seg på oktober 26th, 2017, og jeg er litt nervøs, men fornøyd.
Min e-post:
jeg også oppfordre alle mine lesere og venner til å lese min beskjedne blogg: TOM'S JOURNAL, ofte, vær.
Ha en flott, safe, dag, og vær bed for mig og min sportsagent, min syke mor, osv.
varm hilsen
Thomas G Schuckman

Hi  Friends,
     When we all came home and tried to "EXPLAIN" certain things to the 'civilians' back home in the States via our "Army Speak" or MOS expertise system of different specialties -- "job occupations,"  and there were literally hundreds of them,  so many so-called friends and relatives thought that we were making things up !    Too many combat Veterans just 'gave up' and stopped trying to explain things,  back home, and "tuned out."   Sorry,  but too many of my Veteran friends actually told me that.
        Well,  latter in life, a huge Corporation Group  'cold called' me on the phone, offering me a chance to get into a huge, different field of "Finance and Investments" called,  PFS, that involved a huge chunk of intense STUDY,  but it was so interesting !!   Not only does the 'cream rise to the top,'  but you just learn so many different moves, words, systems, read many books and contracts, etc.,  but you also learn about human nature, and personal VALUES, etc.   It's about helping other humans, and getting paid well to do just that !!   So,  I got off my Welding College Training routine, and used my time allotted and unemployment to learn about Finance and Investments, but much more.   And,  BTW, a person can learn to be 'an expert' in many other areas in their life time,  but they must learn to adopt a "Winning Attitude."   "Winners Win --- and Losers Lose !"   And I guess that the bottom line is pushing yourself and teaching others to adopt that same degree of  "taking the bull by the horns,"  and that is why people like President Trump appeal to us.   Because there are only so many years in a persons life time to engage in such activity, and so we also want to train up our children that same way --- before we get too old, and physically broken down to really engage in 16 hours a day activities, and making your Mark in the world --- while also sharing the Gospel and helping others before they form their belief system the 'wrong way.'  
        BTW, [by the way],  we humans only have about 70 years of good life while on planet Earth, and so, it's best to get 'trained' in the correct system, while we are young and alive on Earth.   

I hope that you don't think I am talking in circles today,  dear friends.    In fact,  sometimes I actually have so much to say, and the human ear can only take so much talking.... LOL.    However,  we all were created with the ability to absorb "X" amount of Information, more or less,  but getting physical and spiritual 'food' and education should be administrated in a timely matter when we are young.   Actually,  Father God's instructions should be started at that young age -- from the Book of Genesis, and the child should be nurtured lovingly,  but firmly.   The husband and father of the human family is responsible for teaching his wife and children,  but the wife and mother is also VERY important, too !   Per America,  the wife and mother is so important [as I learned in college -- Kenosha Technical,   Wisconsin] in teaching the child proper, English grammar, spelling, etc.    And learning another language -- a foreign language, like Spanish, German, French, Russian, will accelerate the Mother tongue by leaps and bounds !   THINK:  who spends more time with the kids all day ?   But..... a lot of damage can be wrought on the child by dumping the kids on a day care structure --- 'ware-housing' the children all day long while the parents THINK they are getting more important money $$$$$,  when the parents THINK that they are providing additional dollars, geld,  or yuan to 'help $$$$ the house hold.'
      The "Jesus Nut" alone, holds on the 'Main Rotor blade' onto the mast of the Helicopter, which is 'wired' down, specifically, after torqueing it down at a precise value.   The lives of the 2- pilots and other crew members depend on that 'Nut.'

Heaven is our goal.   Build the proper foundation early when you can teach and mold the child's mind, effectively.

"Gott kann nicht Lugen."  ---Titus 1: 2.  [German].

 Tom  Schuckman, Disabled Vietnam Veteran:  68-70,  Huey Helicopter 'door gunner.'  ---Below picture---

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  • Friday, October 13, 2017

    Christians NOT afraid of Friday the 13th.

    Tom's Journal.

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    Foreword in Russian:

    Добрый день, товарищи, друзья и читатели:
    Зима, быстро приближается, и сильные ветры дуют листья от красивых деревьев в северной части США - Америка ! Я так рада объявить моим Богом здоровья и долгих страданий, тоже мой предстоящий брак с Лореттой Жан в 2 недели.... но я также обратил внимание на своеобразный заботой в сознании моих соотечественников, так как они часто не обращают внимания на свои навыки вождения, сегодня. Я хотел бы, чтобы они хотели обратить внимание тем более !
    Однако, это также: знамение времени. И злой дьявол, возбуждая его caldron и поощрения чувства религиозной ненависти против "хорошей стороны, и Иисус Христос." Действительно, мы, христиане, действительно меньшинство доклад прямо сейчас ! Я, лично, не вижу, как мы можем выдержать и thrive на нашей "собственной власти", теперь друзья. Мы остро нуждаются в Святого Духа, для того, чтобы помочь всем нам в другую сторону! "Да не смущается сердце ваше, не дайте ему бояться." ------- Джон 14: 27.
    И стих 30, "и далее я не буду много говорить с вами: для князя мира сего, и ничто в меня." --- "князь мира сего" - диавола. Кстати, Сатана означает: повстанческих или резистор. И дьявол означает: Slanderer, или лжец. Ведь он - "Отец Лжи" -- начало пути назад внутри бытия, первая книга наш Русский синодальный перевод Библии, когда он обманул Еву. Адам не был обманут!!!
    Теплая Regareds,
    Томас Schuckman G
    мой Email:
    : "Иисус есть Господь".

    ************************                            ************************

    From Col. Pete






    There's nothing more to say or add that this photo doesn't
    already say a thousand times better!
     Tell all the overpaid "protesters" in the NFL to put on this
    uniform.   Then they might understand why we stand

              Hal Lindsey        

    October 13th, 2017
    People sometimes wonder why I bother to talk about the dangers of Islam.

    They say, "Why not just present the positive aspects of the Gospel?"

    They forget that Jesus Himself warned of dangerous belief systems. And He called them by name!

    As a minister of the Gospel, it is my duty to show that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not just another "religion." It is the very truth of God!

    Sometimes that can best be accomplished by revealing the danger of purely human, even demonic, belief systems that claim to compete with the Gospel.

    It is also crucial to understand that I serve as a "watchman on the wall." God has charged me to sound a message of warning when I see danger on the horizon.

    Islam is one of the truly great dangers facing the world today.

    Dr. Peter Hammond is a missionary from South Africa. He has served in Mozambique, Angola, and Sudan. He's seen first-hand the tragedy caused by the Muslim faith.

    By necessity, he became an expert on the subject.

    On this week's program, I am going to draw from Dr. Hammond's extensive research on how Muslim populations, historically, have impacted the nations which they have entered as refugees and immigrants.

    Dr. Hammond breaks down the demographics into easily understood explanations. And the information is stunning.

    In fact, we are seeing each of the scenarios he describes played out on the evening news every day. Europe has become the textbook example of Dr. Hammond's findings. America may be next.

    In fact, Ingrid Carlqvist, a Swede, is alarmed to see these population impacts manifesting in Sweden. She warns that Islam is not compatible with democracy because it is not simply a religion. It is "a political ideology, a justice system (Sharia), and a specific culture that has rules for virtually everything in a person's life: how to dress; who your friends should be; which foot should go first when you enter the bathroom.... Islam aspires to control every aspect of the human life -- the very definition of a totalitarian ideology."

    This is happening in different degrees across Europe and is now beginning to impact our lives here in the United States.

    Folks, immigration that is not followed by assimilation is just another name for "invasion."

    But Islam is not the only tyrannical ideology troubling America today. The LGBT movement is proving more influential with far, far fewer numbers than Islam.

    In fact, the latest ludicrous jackboot tyranny -- the transgender bathroom issue -- is being perpetrated on 99.7% of the American public by a paltry .3%.

    That's not 3%, that's .3%. Three-tenths of a percent who identify as "transgender." Yet hypocritical multinational corporations, organizations, governments, and public figures are risking their entire reputations and fortunes in an effort to force their skewed values on every person in the United States. To them, it doesn't matter what the average American believes or thinks!

    Why? It makes no sense.

    Unless these are the end-times. That is one of the characteristics of the end-times predicted by the Bible prophets -- that the wrong would be called right and the right would be called wrong.

    A few months ago, we observed the 50th anniversary of the Six Day War. 50 years ago last June, in 1967, a brief war erupted between Israel, Egypt, Jordan, and Syria. The world has never been the same.

    This week, I'll reminisce a bit about that crucial event.

    Finally, I want to discuss Christ's authority.

    Most Christians have some vague concept of the power and authority that belong to Jesus, but they can't put their finger on just how He got His authority or how it relates to them.

    I cannot think of another truth that has been more foundational to my whole understanding of God's working in my life than the truth of Christ's victorious defeat of Satan.

    It's impossible to appreciate your position of victory in Christ until you know how He won His victory over your three great enemies: the world, the flesh, and the Devil.

    Don't miss this week's Report on TBN, Daystar, CPM Network, various local stations, or Check your local listings.

    God Bless,

    Hal Lindsey

    mail: HLMM, P.O. Box 470470, Tulsa, OK 74147