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Is it any wonder ? Soros.

Tom's Journal.

As George Soros approaches his 90th birthday, he is hoping that his children will carry on the family business.
Citizen journalists from the /pol/ News Network are connecting the dots between Antifa riots in Berkeley, California and billionaire George Soros. “Ever wonder why Antifa riots seem to be centered at Berkeley? This is why.” /pol/ News wrote on Twitter. Attached was a picture and biography of George Soros’s son Alexander, who is a Ph.D. candidate a
Alexander Soros, 31, is the eldest son of George Soros’s second marriage. According to a profile in the New York Times, a younger Alexander had a reputation among the New York elite as a party boy. A 22-year-old Alexander explained in a Facebook post that most of his time was spent “chilling at dad’s house in Southampton, drinking 40s while cruising on the family boat, and making out with the babes.”
However, around the time the 2012 presidential election was starting to heat up, Alexander Soros starting taking a more active role in politics. Alexander Soros explained that his party boy image was an embarrassment to the family. He started following in his father’s footsteps by offering generous sums of money to liberal causes.
In 2012, Alexander Soros started to throw his financial weight around in support of then-presidential candidate Barack Obama.
Alexander donated $200,000 to a Jewish Super-PAC in Florida that was attempting to convince elderly citizens to support incumbent candidate Obama. Alexander is a supporter and contributor to Bend the Arc: A Jewish Partnership for Justice, and he is a board member of his father’s infamous organization The Open Society. He also manages his own Alex Soros Foundation.
Alexander’s true political debut was launched as the 2016 presidential was ramping up. Instead of merely contributing to liberal causes, Alexander Soros was actively meeting and schmoozing with the upper echelons of the Democrat Party.
In June 2016, Alexander Soros shared a picture on Instagram featuring him and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) bonding over daytime drinks at the height of the 2016 election. A week later, Alexander Soros shared a picture on Instagram with him sitting next to then-President Barack Obama. “What an incredible honor it was to host and meet with President @barackobama at my NYC home last week. He continues to truly bring out the best in the United States of America!” Soros wrote in the caption.
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Having the president of the United States drop in for a visit at your New York City apartment in the middle of one of the most tightly contested elections is a luxury few could afford, but the Soroses have spent an absurd amount of money supporting Democrat candidates.
According to The Daily Caller, George Soros spent over $25 million supporting failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and other Democrat candidates and liberal causes. Alexander also contributed over $4.5 million in support of Hillary Clinton and Democrat Super PACs.
Alex Soros has also been seen hobnobbing it on Instagram with liberal heavyweights like George Clooney, Representative Keith Ellison (D-MN), Hillary Clinton, Senator Al Franken (D-MN), and Senator Elizabeth Warren.
All of this displays the influential connection the Soros family continues to have with liberal and sometimes destructive causes.

'Child Grooming Gangs,' in Britain.

Tom's Journal.

An old picture of me while in Vietnam --Helicopter 'Door Gunner,' 68-70.  Age 20.  ---Tom  Schuckman.

Foreword in Czech: 

Ahoj přátelé,
jsem slyšel mnoho velkých věcí o lidech v České republice v posledních letech, ale zejména nyní v poslední době. Respektuji své křesťanské postoje a pevný pracovní etika v mnoha průmyslových odvětvích a výrobních míst. Ale zajímalo by mě, jaké procento lidí je také použití německého jazyka, příliš. A do jaké míry lidí v České republice použití anglického jazyka ? Je mi líto, ale průměrný Američan může jen stěží hovořit a přečtěte si své vlastní nativní, Czech ! ! Studoval jsem, Latin, francouzské a německé, ve škole a některé vietnamské, zatímco ve Spojených státech Armády: 67- 70.
Teď jsem věk 68 a zdravotně postižených ve Vietnamu veterán: 68-70, také do důchodu Chrysler zaměstnance, a mám v plánu na manželství příští měsíc.
Ale můj nejcennější aktivum/ a úspěch je moje osobní vztah s Pánem Ježíšem Kristem, a Bůh Otec, Hospodine. I studium Bible KJV, často jen na "ostří, protože naši spásu a dosažení nebe v blízké budoucnosti je nejdůležitější věcí v našem životě !!!
"Gott kann nicht Lugen." --- Titovi 1: 2. [Německé]
"Železné zostřuje železa." - Přísloví 27: 17.
Moje e-mailová adresa:
Srdečným pozdravem,
Thomas G. Schuckman
Michigan, USA. Způsob U.P. Severní.....

Hi  Friends.
   The days for me are 'merging -- one into another --- and going so fast lately,'    Maybe when a man is finally with a good person, things can be nice,  like.... the way they SHOULD BE !   Yet, deep inside, there is a deep pain left from loosing in death, 2--special people that I lost about 8 years back, and I am so afraid of loosing another loved one.   Yes,  I am afraid that I worry too much --- that I cannot control the lives and loves that I want to protect.  
       But God --  Yahweh's promises always come true,  and we can count on them.   His words are made of iron and steel, reinforced.     I studied  Metals in Welding class in college, too.   But the KJV Bible tells us more accurately when our early forefathers who had NAMES,  started developing Metals in Ancient times.    You cannot be a farmer or a shoe maker without  the use of some special tools.      

September 22nd, 2017
Terrorists struck again in England last week.

It's fortunate that these would-be bombers weren't such great bomb makers. The crude bucket bomb was placed on a commuter train, but failed to fully detonate.

The explosive flash injured 29 people, but a proper detonation could have killed dozens. ISIS claimed credit.

The government raised the national threat level to "Critical." London's streets were flooded with police, fully armed, not just carrying their usual nightsticks.

The forced Islamization of Britain has been going on for years. But the real consequences are just beginning to be realized.

Five years ago, 12 Pakistanis living in Manchester, England, were convicted of sex trafficking and raping 47 young British girls. All of the girls were white. Some say that's why full justice in the case was delayed so long. Political correctness.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Last month, a police operation in Newcastle exposed the sexual exploitation of 700 young British women. Like the Manchester case, it turns out that almost all of the perpetrators are British-born Muslims from the Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Indian, Iraqi, Iranian, and Turkish communities.

Some say it's "racist" to identify the religion of the accused. But this isn't about "race," it's about "beliefs" and the consequences of those beliefs.

Britain now has a massive problem with "child grooming gangs." "Child grooming" is the process by which an adult wins a child's confidence and slowly turns that young person -- usually a girl -- into a sex slave.

Britain today is rife with stories of young girls who have disappeared. Some of them never surface again.

Some have gotten away from their captors. They tell stories about how they were used as prostitutes for Muslim men.

One told about being abducted at 15. Her abductor regularly raped her and he prostituted her to other men. She had four babies during those years. He sold each of them.

Some experts estimate that many thousands of young British girls have fallen victim to these rings. In the city Rotherham, a formal inquiry found that between 1997 and 2013, more than 1,400 young girls were abused and trafficked.

And it's happening across Europe, too.

But the information is suppressed by politically correct governments and the media. Primarily because almost all of the perpetrators are Muslims.

It may be true that the majority of Muslims, especially in the West, do not engage in such practices, but it is consistent with the life and teachings of Mohammed. Beginning with Mohammed, Islam has a historical undercurrent of vile, demonic sexual deviance, including pederasty and slavery.

Folks, this is an example of the dangers of political correctness -- with a decision not to speak the truth. Thousands upon thousands of British lives are destroyed by the silence.

A greater question now looms: Will we even recognize Britain -- or Europe -- in another five years?

Here in America, last week the U.S. State Department issued an announcement. It said that the Trump administration strongly supports the Taylor Force Act.

The Taylor Force Act is legislation now working its way through Congress. It is named after a young West Point graduate who served in Afghanistan and Iraq. While visiting Israel with a group of American students, Taylor Force was murdered by a Palestinian terrorist.

The terrorist also stabbed ten other persons that night in Tel Aviv before he was shot and killed by Israeli police.

Because he died while committing an act of terrorism against infidels, the terrorist was named a "Heroic Martyr" by the Palestinian Authority. His crime was rewarded with a monthly stipend for his family from the PA's "Martyr's Fund."

The PA sets aside $350 million each year for its "Martyr's Fund." Much of that comes from U.S. taxpayers.

The Taylor Force Act will end U.S. economic aid to the Palestinian Authority until it stops rewarding and encouraging terrorism.

While I strongly agree with the moral intentions behind the Taylor Force Act, I am apprehensive that it can actually accomplish its purpose. I'm also aware of the potential risks.

It is difficult for me to imagine PA President Mahmoud Abbas actually stopping the funding of terrorists in Israel. As an early leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), a recognized terrorist group, terrorism has been his stock-in-trade for many decades.

Also, he is hanging on to power in the West Bank by the skin of his teeth. His term of office ran out in 2009, but he has held on to power by constantly postponing Palestinian general elections for one reason or another.

His support of terrorism is extremely popular among the Palestinian population. If he were to appear to be bowing to America in that regard, it might doom his leadership. Hamas, another recognized terrorist organization which gets major funding from Iran, would almost certainly step in with payments to those terrorist families. That would make Hamas even more powerful outside of Gaza.

The loss of those funds might actually cause the rise of a much greater evil -- Hamas.

See what a tangled web of booby-traps this issue is? Many of the Israeli-Palestinian issues, in fact. Folks, this is why we need to pray constantly for our leaders and the leaders of Israel. Only God's wisdom can help them successfully navigate the deadly minefield we call "The Middle East!"

In Luke 21:25-26, Jesus prophesied that in the last days there would be signs in the heavens, the seas and the waves would roar, and there would be distress among the nations. He even said that men's hearts would fail from the fear of what was to come.

That prophecy will be fulfilled near the end of the Great Tribulation. We know that because in the next verse He notes that, "Then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory." (Luke 21:27 NKJV)

Though complete fulfillment will come later, this prophecy still relates directly to us today. When Jesus summed it all up, He spoke to the people of our times: "When these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near." (Luke 21:28 NKJV)

Our redemption is the Rapture of all true believers. Jesus said that when these things BEGIN to happen, we should "look up... because our redemption draws near."

Well, folks, these things have certainly begun to happen. Five hurricanes in the last month, a "thousand-year flood," two major earthquakes in Mexico in the last two weeks, the nations of the world in deep distress over North Korea's increasing insanity, terrorism almost a daily occurrence in Europe, weekly rioting and growing hostility in America, an exploding opioid and drug addiction crisis worldwide, and the list goes on. And even with daily positive economic news, people sense that we are never more than one step or one crisis away from a global economic meltdown.

It's time to "look up!"

Finally, did you ever know someone who was so good that it made you feel bad in comparison?

Most of us have had someone in our lives who was so pure and exemplary that we felt a bit uncomfortable in his or her presence. And that discomfort only grows if they know us well.

In other words, if the pure person knows some of our impurities, we feel even more miserable just being around them. And it's even worse if our bad behavior somehow causes pain to that exemplary person.

But to make things worse, what if they continue to look on us with love and compassion? It's misery to be around a person like that. Their very presence causes us guilt and pain. We almost always manage to put up some kind of barrier between us and them.

To a much greater degree, that's the problem between God and man.

From the day in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Even disobeyed God's direction and ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil -- and discovered they were naked -- humanity has felt naked and ashamed in God's presence.

And well we should! We are sinners and God is holy. God is flawless and we are full of flaws.

But He keeps on loving us.

And in His unfathomable love, He provided a way for us to be received into His pure presence as if we were as perfect as He is. That's why Jesus said, "With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." (Matthew 19:26 NASB)

That way is God the Son -- Jesus Christ.

He took our gross imperfections upon His perfect self, died in our place, and paid the penalty for each one of our sins, "...that we might become the righteousness of God in Him." (2 Corinthians 5:21 NASB)

If you are "in Him," you have "become the righteousness of God...." You are perfect in Christ. Therefore, you are acceptable to a pure and holy God! He gives you all of the privileges of Christ's perfect righteousness. You can stand before God in confidence.

That is why I call it "The Greatest Miracle!"

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Please continue to pray continually for the victims of the recent hurricanes and flooding, especially in Puerto Rico this week.

Also pray for God's mercy and comfort for the terrified and helpless millions who are suffering because of this week's earthquake in Mexico City.

Remember, though we may be able to help with physical relief and aid, only God can bring peace, hope, healing, and restoration to those in such distress.

God Bless,

Hal Lindsey

mail: HLMM, P.O. Box 470470, Tulsa, OK 74147
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Dateline, Prague, the Czech Republic, 2017: The Visegrad Group, also called the Visegrad Four, is the last hope for Europe’s longterm survival. They banded together against the Left of the EU, and are in alliance with Israel, naturally. This staunch group of East European nations that survived the ravages of war in the 20th century surely knows best about the harmful and failed policies of the Left with which the Soviet Communism was imposed on them during the Cold War. These nations lost the creme of the crop of their intelligentsia along with their entire genuine cultural and economic elites to the nihilism of the leftist social policies which were aligned with the Soviet military-political imperialism – just as today the leftist policies of the English-speaking world are aligned with the Pentagon’s imperialism of the Military-Industrial Complex regarding which the outgoing President Eisenhower warned the public. This unholy alliance between the conservative military and the radical Left is odd and shameful – and does not benefit the taxpayer. For instance, Iraq’s army and government were destroyed by the US military and the prostrate country handed over to the failed nation-building organized by a liberal brain. The consequence? America’s enemy Iran stood to gain and take over because the American victory in 2003 had no conservative brain with which to attempt a post-war, post-Saddam reconstruction of Iraq. Moreover, the removal of the secular Baathist movement in Iraq (along with its managerial bureaucracy) ensured an open door to Islam’s vile activists, such as the ISIS and the al-Qaeda operatives. The suppressed Iraqi Shi’ites, too, saw their opportunity and aligned themselves with Iran.
Likewise, the countries of Eastern Europe were ravaged by the Nazi and Soviet military, each of which enabled its particular brand of an agenda of the Left (the domestic political fuel behind the war) to impose a rigorous and ruthless regime of social re-engineering upon the defenceless nations of eastern Europe. Why should these world history-aware nations allow for this to happen to them again, even if the method of imposition isn’t as primitive as it used to be? To be sure, the EU is putting pressure through various forms of bureaucratic blackmail.
To show that even the working principle behind the Nazi-Soviet eradication of the culture of Eastern Europe, along with its richly intellectual Jewry of yore, isn’t foreign to the apparatus of modern European Union organization – let us recall that in 1999, Serbia was treated with an imposed violence to force her to open up to the policies of the Left waiting in the wings behind the arms of NATO (allegedly in the name of the human rights of the Albanian-Muslim population in the south). Just like the Jews of East Europe, the non-Albanian minorities within Kosovo were thrown to the winds to secure an agenda. NATO defended the claims to the human rights of armed Albanian terrorists in 1999 who freely operated in Kosovo, Serbia, ambushing, killing and maiming whomever they pleased (because they were exempt from criticism since the Left-owned Media in the West granted them a free pass for the sake of an ulterior political motive). In Syria, the same approach has been applied by NATO and the Washington war lobby, although there it failed (the only instance in which this has ever happened). So, the military-political cookbook with which the policies of the Left in the West are imposed on foreign countries has not changed. The European Union used the battering arm of the NATO military organization to impose on Serbia the destruction that opened the doors to the social re-engineering policies of the Left to be applied on the prostrated and wounded country whose most sacred Medieval ground was just thrown into the lap of the barbarians at Europe’s door.


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The problem in Europe is that native men are dying of something instead of for something. The enemy however is full of men who would die for something at the drop of a hat. This imbalance is bound to produce disastrous long-term consequences. As the ancient Roman satyrist and observer of life noted:
“A man who won’t die for something is not fit to live.”
Thank God for East Europe and for politicians like Milos Zeman!

Zeman: Muslim refugees are Trojan Horses, the Czech Republic will not receive them

Czech President Miloš Zeman said today that they should not be playing Muslims in the Czech Republic just like Troy did not have to release a Trojan horse and that the Czech Republic should pay the fine, because it would not take refugees but would receive them.
“We should not let the Muslims go through our doors the same way that the inhabitants of Troy should not be allowed into their city of a wooden horse, if that were to happen, they would get enclosed enclaves here, rather than pay refugees,” said Zeman in meeting with residents of Hlucin in the east of the Czech Republic.
The Czech president is insisting on Europe on the mechanism of relocation and that the countries of the Visegrad Four, which categorically refuse to receive Muslim refugees from camps in Italy and Greece, compared with the loss of sovereignty of Czechoslovakia at the time when it was in the Warsaw Pact and the communist satellite of the Soviet Union.
“The sovereign state is characterized by what citizens receive, foreign citizens receive, into their territory, the state that has been deprived of the right to decide about it, loses its sovereignty, we have already been in such a position, why should we be again in it, that is why I am a categorical opponent of migration quotas. in Europe, not only in our country, they can destroy the structure of our continent, “Zeman said. 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

'Core Competency.'

Tom's Journal.

Foreword in French: 

Bonne journée, les amis en France,
Ma dame et je fait des achats à l'épicerie locale ce matin -- aussi beaucoup de travail, payer les factures, à l'écart, alors maintenant, nous sommes chez lui pour se reposer, et heureux ! Pour nous, prêt sur salaire est un jour spécial, et nous célébrons à la fois par payer nos factures/ dettes, shopping et détente. Mais d'autres gens ne sont pas tellement béni et heureux parce que les grandes tempêtes dans le sud-est de l'USA ont détruit tant de maisons et d'entreprises, de sorte que les familles qui ont survécu doivent maintenant commencer plus d'encore. Matthieu, chapitre 24, et le verset 7, parle de la "Last Days" de ce système méchant sur terre, avec 'les tremblements de terre, guerres, famines, et des pestes, etc." Oui, Jésus lui-même, nous a parlé de ces choses que N/ va arriver ! ! Dans la langue allemande : "Gott kann nicht Schrecken 453." ---Tite 1 : 2., "Dieu ne peut pas mentir."
Et ainsi, au milieu de tant de fausses informations, et 'faux' Actualité --- nous pouvons vraiment faire confiance au Seigneur, l'Éternel, et son fils unique, Jésus. Mais s'il vous plaît lisez la suite pour : le verset 29, et rendez-vous figure que 'ces choses' ne sont que le début de la tristesse ! Wow !
Dans mon esprit, et d'après ma longue, intense, d'études, nous avons besoin de préparer de deux façons, spirituellement et physiquement. Lire mon modeste blog : "TOM'S JOURNAL." Email :
ce qui est chaud.
Thomas G. Schuckman
---Disabled vétéran du Vietnam : 68-70. Hélicoptère Huey, "porte gunner.'

Sep 13, 2017 11:00 AM – Sep 20, 2017 10:00 AM

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Parable Of Wheat And Tares ... that day without understanding the parable because of pride. We can also learn an important lesson from the disciples. They
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  • Hi  Friends,
          I was taught very young that LYING was a serious sin, and my parents would never tolerate a LIAR.   And I also learned in real life, even in the Army, that Officers lied to save their bacon and career, also Priests, Pastors, doctors, Big Pharm,  Elders of a church, but especially Politicians and Gov't officials !   Lower  grade Soldiers would often have to take the blame and punishment for officers, including Generals !   Shame.   
           "Gott kann nicht Lugen."   ---Titus 1: 2.   [God cannot lie--German].      Ha!   I know that I SHOULD push on toward learning Greek and Hebrew, first,   but I just love the German language !    However,  I think that it's late in this 'Season/ Time,' to learn any language,  because I well know Matthew 24..... and what it means, as the 'end of this system' is far spent and gasping for air.   The rapid happening of earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes, is starting to rattle our cages on earth.   And most real Christians can see 'the hand writing on the wall.'    
        Lately,  things have been getting better for me, as I still struggle to stick with my new diet,   but now I have someone special to help me make wise choices in picking food to eat.    Some folks think that eating grapefruit helps, too.    And I love the way they taste.   Plus my 'Patriotic Greens Drink,' in the morning.    

    And again,   how many times do I have to show and prove to most folks that America -- The USA, will not stay in power forever,  because the KJV Bible just doesn't support that 'theory,'  sorry, guys and gals.   Not in my humble opinion.   And any serious student of the Bible, and History should know that.    So, here is your chance to set me straight,  by proving me wrong.... I dare you !!   Because I don't want to carry on in error, either.  
           You know,  friends,   for whatever reason, I sometimes get blue and depressed,  although things are finally going better for me ---Praise and Thank the Lord !    I believe that we all need a "System" that works for us.    I am not completely there yet, personally,  but I believe that I one the right path, or road.    We have to face the rude fact that we shall never see perfection on planet Earth, so we just have to make the best of it.   Think of all those people in the USA, also Mexico with their earthquakes,  plus the pure possibility of a huge volcano in several places in the USA.    Again,  Matthew 24: 7,  talks about famines, earthquakes, pestilences, in diverse places, and verse 8 says that, 'All these are the beginning of sorrows.'   Yes,  BEGINNING OF SORROWS !  The rough stuff is reserved for AFTER the Rapture !   
          Many of my readers "know" what it's like to be in war... in combat, every single day, for a year, or more, such as Vietnam, and I spent, 2 long years in that country, so that a number of my friends say that I must have been crazy to volunteer for both tours of duty.... when I was in a gravy place like Germany !   I took a few R and R's, to Japan and Bangkok, Thailand, to see more of the world, and I learned  a lot and had a good time.    As I look back now,  I wonder what possessed me to act that way.... LOL.   But I have a number of good friends who also did the same thing.   And they are still alive today.    I believe that if we all didn't have Christ in our lives --- that we just could not handle life.    
           But the dirty old devil is powerful too, and look how many he has led astray, both angels and men !    I claim to be a "Prepper" of sorts --- but I am happy to say that I lean toward Father God --Yahweh, more so, every day.   I depend upon, Him, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.   
        It's past 10 PM now, and so I have a long day ahead of me, tomorrow.

    Warm Regards,
    Tom  Schuckman

    Subject:  Core CompetencyThese numbers help explain why these last eight years were disastrous for the USA. I read the last item and then look at Trump's Cabinet. No wonder Washington, DC is in a turmoil. Trump's picks are bosses who expect their employees to work. These are Eye Opening Numbers. This is what bothers a lot of people about Trump. He won't accept a can't do attitude, or inexperienced, incompetent performance. He will get results; it just might not be smooth or pretty.

    Here are some amazing stats: Make sure you read to the bottom. An eye opener!

    1. These 10 States now have more people on welfare than they do employed!

    New Mexico
    New York
    Maine, and
    South Carolina

    2. Last month, the Senate Budget Committee reports that in fiscal year 2012, between food stamps, housing support, child care, Medicaid and other benefits, the average U.S. Household below the poverty line
    received $168.00 a day in government support.

    What's the problem with that much support?   Well, the median household income in America is just over $50,000, which averages out to $137.13 a day.

    To put it another way, being on welfare now pays the equivalent of $30.00 an hour for 40 hour week, while the average job pays $24.00 an hour.

    3. Check the last set of statistics!!

    The percentage of each past president's cabinet who had worked in the private business sector prior to their appointment to the cabinet. You know what the private business sector is: A real-life business not a government job.

    Here are the percentages:

    38% T. Roosevelt
    40% Taft
    52% Wilson
    49% Harding
    48% Coolidge
    42% Hoover
    50% F. D. Roosevelt
    50% Truman
    57% Eisenhower
    30% Kennedy
    47% Johnson
    53% Nixon
    42% Ford
    32% Carter
    56% Reagan
    51% GH Bush
    39% Clinton
    55% GW Bush
    8% Obama
    90% Trump

    This helps explain the bias, if not the incompetence, of the last administration: ONLY 8% of them have ever worked in private business

    That's right! Only eight percent - the least, by far of the last 19 presidents! And these people tried to tell our corporations how to run their businesses?

    How could Obama, president of a major nation and society, the one with the most successful economic system in world history, stand and talk about business when he's never worked for one?

    Or about jobs when he has never really had one? And, when it's the same for 92% of his senior staff and closest advisers? They've spent most of their time in academia, government, and/or non-profit jobs or as "community organizers."

    Probably a good idea to pass this on, because we'll NEVER see these facts in the main stream media, or from the alphabet.