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When the Stink hits the Fan.

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   I just wanted to touch on a few things that I think about, and problems I try to solve now days.    Theories and Facts:  It's true that God cannot lie, and the KJV Bible is inerrant.   I am quite sure that most Christians will see at least some sort of persecution and hardships to prove our loyalty and worth,  but before the major mean hell raising, super violent time starts,  most of us real, born again Christians think [at least hope] that the Rapture will come and 'take us to a safe place.'   So if an EMP is launched at America, one thinks that we might be 'out of here' before we all die, one way or another.     And some folks think that "UFO's" are just demons,  but I won't go into all that now.    

The rest  you can deal with by yourselves,  but I would be interested in getting some of your personal and biblical view points on what I have just mentioned, and you KNOW what my email address is.


Tom Schuckman

The Threat Is Real And Imminent: The Next World War Will Be Initiated By A First Strike Utilizing An EMP Weapon
Naysayers and politicians have one thing in common: denial of the reality of a situation.
UFO Leaves Crazy Blue Smoke Trail Over Miami Airport
Is there something our government and military isn’t telling us here?
Deep Underground Military Bases? California Hit by Mysterious Clockwork “BOOMS”
So what is it? Lots of conspiracies are, of course, floating around including aliens…
You'll want to have this in your pocket when the system collapses...
Black Gold: Add Nutrients to the Garden – The Easy Way!
This so-called “super soil” has many benefits and it only takes a little bit of work to build
Report: Mexico Wants To Build Trump’s Wall To Stop Illegal Immigration
It turns out that Donald Trump’s proposed border wall is not such a bad idea after all.
Where Are The Handcuffs? This Video Blows The Doors Open On Hillary’s Corruption, Obfuscations and Outright Lies
At the conclusion of this compilation you will be left with only one question: Where are the handcuffs?

Training Scars.

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"Words have Meaning."

I consider myself good, well trained in throwing and teaching others how to use the knife and tomahawk, properly....  how to throw them accurately.   Besides putting our trust in God, and Jesus Christ,  perhaps we ought to learn how to protect ourselves and our loved ones with "Edged Weapons,"  --  just as our fore fathers did.   I use 'High Tech,'  and also Low Tech, efforts.   As most of you know, the Army trains [or used to train in Basic Training --Boot Camp], 'Hand to Hand Combat, the Bayonet, Rifle, and a hand full of other methods of fighting...  because it all means your chance of survival is better, if you know more than just one thing...  obviously.   And the more you know in life, the better prepared person you can be, just like having the proper tools to do the job !  
    OK,  let's take this to a different, higher level.   When a child doesn't have a Mommy and Daddy who loves him / her and guild them,  they could drop out of school too early, and that reduces that person's chances to have a complete, proper "TOOL CHEST" to 'do their jobs in adult life,  and then they wonder why they don't succeed in life and things go wrong all the time....  duh !    I was taught in college, that in a tight, depressed economy, the man or woman with the better education has a better chance of success !!  Friends,  "You Never Know Too Much !!"  And that surely translates to the KJV Bible, too !   You also, can NOT get 'too close' to Jesus Christ, although we must have proper BALANCE.   IMHO,  IF I would have had a better, stronger, parental encouragement regarding understanding and study of the Bible, early in life,  I might have turned out a completely different, better man !   I am not faulting my parent, who thought they were doing the best job they knew how....  but just stating a common sense, FACT.

You know, there are/ were certain subjects that I disliked in school,  but to be balanced and fully rounded,  we all had to take the prescribed courses to compete in the harsh world of work and employment.   Personally [and all the colleges agree...],  I think that learning and knowing how to read well, early in life, is the best thing, skill, knowledge to have !    In fact, in some cases, you almost have to be a speed reader to pass some of the exams later in life, to get a good job to support yourself, and your family.   So.... when I read that the students in Chicago schools have a drop out rate of perhaps 40 % --- that tells me that they will prob. never succeed in life and end up on the Welfare rolls.   And now we are in the 3rd or 4th generation mode, of welfare families, in the USA !   Friends,  sooner, and not later,  our financial/ economic system will fracture and actually,  the USA is bankrupt ALREADY !  

Tom Schuckman

Link to ITS Tactical

Posted: 25 Jul 2016 09:50 AM PDT
Words have meaning. While this may seem like an obvious statement, I believe we often forget this fact. Many times, we may say things with the best intentions, but because we fail to choose our words properly, our message has unintended consequences; possibly even devastating consequences.
For example, have you ever told your child, “I’m disappointed in you,” when they did something wrong? Unless you’re a cruel parent, the message you were most likely trying to communicate is that you were disappointed they made a foolish choice when they knew better. However, what you actually said was that you were disappointed in them.
Talk to any counselor and they’ll most likely be able to tell you about clients who’ve been emotionally damaged because they heard this from their parents growing up. While I’m not here to talk child psychology, I do wish to illustrate the power of words and why I feel so strongly about certain things trainers tell their students.
In keeping with my focus on edged weapons, I want to address something I feel comes from the lips of a majority of those teaching edged weapons defense; “You’ll get cut.” Now, before you start flooding the comments section, hear me out and try to understand where I’m coming from. Read on and you’ll discover that I’m not saying what many of you probably think I’m saying.

Minimizing Danger

Knives are dangerous. At close range, they’re more formidable than a firearm. Knives don’t jam and they don’t run out of ammunition. Getting cut or stabbed is a serious matter and not something that should be taken lightly. My first principle of edge weapons defense is don’t get cut!
Not getting cut is one of the best ways to survive an edged weapon assault. This is why I hate hearing instructors tell students they will get cut when faced with a knife-wielding attacker. Believe it or not, the constant repeating of this phrase will cause students to minimize the danger in their minds. Let me share an actual case that illustrates this point.
Many years ago, I witnessed a phenomenon within some tactical Law Enforcement circles. In an attempt to drill into tactical officers the importance of trigger-finger discipline and safety manipulation, (especially in a close-quarter environment) trainers would often say, “People are going to get flagged. It’s going to happen.”
The intent behind the statement was well-meaning, but the statement itself actually had the opposite effect on the students. Instead of making them safer, it actually made them reckless. The resulting attitude amongst many tactical officers was that flagging during close-quarter combat (CQC) was no big deal because, “It’s going to happen.” It eventually took trainers with combat experience within elite units, preaching flagging as never being acceptable, to begin to change this attitude.

Not a Hard and Fast Rule

I see the same phenomenon with edged weapons training. Go to virtually any edged weapon training course, whether it’s a knife training course or edged weapons defense course and you’ll most likely hear, “You’re going to get cut.” The first question I’d ask is, “Does this declarative statement always hold true?”
I know of at least eight incidents off the top of my head where people I know personally have been involved in knife assaults that weren’t cut or stabbed. These incidents prove the answer would be no. The truth is, there’s no guarantee you won’t get cut, though the odds are against it. However, it’s possible to emerge from an edged weapon assault uncut.
In my 20 years of tactical firearms training, I’ve never once heard a single instructor say, “You’re going to get shot.” In fact, we spend an awful lot of time teaching students how not to get shot. Utilize cover, maximize your distance, minimize yourself as a target, move and shoot; these are all tactics used to reduce one’s chances of getting shot.
We try to instill a healthy fear and respect of the danger involved. Why? Because getting shot is a bad thing and the best way to survive a gunfight (in addition to putting down your threat) is not getting shot yourself. Does this mean you won’t get shot? Of course not! That’s why we prepare students for the possibility. We teach them how to render self-aid and instill a winning/survival mindset. We teach them how to win and overcome to set them up for success.

Up Close and Personal

However, throw a knife into the equation and the first thing we do is tell the students they’re going to get cut; no if ands or buts about it. I know there will be plenty of people out there who disagree with me, but I truly believe the way we use this statement has at least partially contributed to much of the crazy, impractical knife-defense garbage that’s out there.
I’ve even seen some versions of “edged weapon defense” training that all but completely ignore the very presence of the blade. Quite often, the very people who boast the most about the amount of damage their knife will inflict on an assailant will act like getting cut themselves is just a minor inconvenience.
I take a different approach in my classes. Getting cut is a very bad thing, so the first thing I tell my students is, “Don’t get cut!” After that, we spend a lot of time learning avoidance tactics like the reactionary gap, creating distance, using barriers, reading terrain and body language. Next, we train footwork, evasions, quick checks, deflections, base and rhythm disruptions and other techniques to aid in the prevention of unwanted ventilation at contact range.
Finally, we address the very real probability that despite our best efforts, we may get cut. This is done through a rapid trauma self-assessment consisting of a visual inspection and a tactile inspection known as a blood sweep. It’s vital we stay in the fight until it’s over, so this is done only once there’s a significant break in the action and ideally behind cover.
Life threatening emergencies are addressed as they are encountered through self-aid using the TCCC model. Students are taught tourniquet and occlusive dressing application, wound packing, bandaging and other vital trauma management skills. No edged weapons program is complete without this skill set.
Getting cut in a violent attack isn’t something to be taken lightly. Those of us who train in the art and science of the blade should never convince our students they’re impervious to danger. Whether through some magical ninja skills or through the minimization of the dangers of getting cut. Let’s stop with the clichés and focus on the realities of combat. It’s dangerous, bloody, potentially deadly and no one can predict the outcome.
Editor-in-Chief’s Note: Chad McBroom is the owner and founder of Comprehensive Fighting Systems and specializes in the practical application of edged and impact weapons. Chad is a freelance writer who regularly contributes to Black Sheep Warrior, BladeReviews.com and other publications. He’s also the author of the book Solving the Enigma: Insights into Fighting Models and has contributed to several books on blade combat. Chad is a blade designer and consultant, using his extensive knowledge of edged weapon tactics to help design some of the most versatile edged weapons on the market.
The post Training Scars: Why Choosing the Right

John McTernan's Insights Blog.

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Dear Friends,
   I just stumbled on a great, fine, Christian Blog, and dearly want to share it with you !   Some great things have been happening to me recently, as I just attended a new, bible teaching church in my area, with friendly people who welcomed me, clean, cool, and close by my house.   So, I am very happy and grateful !   Smile.   And, thank you all for visiting my own humble blog, too.   You make my heart rejoice,  when the rest of the 'world' finds only heart break and misery.   
     This is the hot, muggy, humid, season, now, in the USA,  and our electric bills soar from using out Air Conditioning,  but we need it to survive and stay healthy.   Pity the many people in the world who cannot afford this luxury, and many people die from the excessive heat.   I live /  rent for now, in an old house that needs much repair,  but a humble, retired, disabled man like me is THANKFUL and GRATEFUL to just have a big old house like I do, with a very safe, kind, friendly, non-violent neighborhood !!   I have learned to be satisfied and comfortable, and I have some nice friends to come over and help me keep is clean and sanitary.   PTL.   I have plenty of good food and pure drinking water, so I feel very glad and peaceful, lacking nothing.  


Warm Regards,
Tom   Schuckman

Israel Warns Future War with Hezbollah Will Be ‘Ferocious’


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German Inventors.

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Hello  Friends and other Readers,
     With so much news from Germany lately, with unfortunate Islamic heathen murders from the armpit of the world, Syria and other African neighbors invading the WESTERN EUROPE, including Germany,  I did some research and found some delightful history and inventions from the land of my fore fathers.    One cannot help but to make comparisons with the fruits and inventions of other countries.   What has any specific country given to the world of mankind to help them rise above poverty and poor health ? ?  Have the Muslim lands/ countries given us a lot, considering that Islam is a religion of "Peace ?"  To date,  besides Algebra,   I can't think of too many....  duh.  
      OK,  we all should know by now, the real reason the West is allowing the goofy importation of 3rd world people into their systems,  bringing all kinds of loathsome diseases, violence, murder and rape.    I think that is one reason why England, the UK, 'got out of Dodge,' a few weeks ago.    The Western countries of Europe are not 'regenerating' their population.... not having many/ enough  babies  to restock the heritage of their respective countries!   So they needed a fresh, new, younger 'work force' and 'cheaper labor force' ..... to take over when the German, French and Italian older workers retired.  ...Does someone have to teach them how to have/  make  kids ????      But.... it's kind of hard to make a 'silk purse out of a sow's [female pig] ear !'   [By the way, the pork that I grilled outside, two days ago,  on my new Weber grill turned out so tender and delicious !!]  "Pork --- the other White Meat !"  And, BTW,   the Germans love their pork and sauerkraut  !   So there you are,  the German Gov't has allowed these mostly illiterate, unruly, heathens into their country,  and now they are paying the high price of 'blood on the streets, and cafe's, etc'  --for their error in judgment !!   Too bad,  because I was in Germany for 6 months in early 1968, serving in the American Army Aviation, helicopters, etc., and got to make a few German friends and tried hard to learn the language.   For the most part,  I think that Germans are a hard working, truthful, honest, cleaver and intelligent class of humans !    I always figured that I was mostly of  German blood, descent,  and heritage.   Also a bit Croatian [ the better part of Yugoslavia].   So I know what both Schnapps, and Slivovitz taste like.    And German beer is KING !!   I just love German food, too.   My Grandmother used to cook some fine German dishes, with a hint of Hungarian in them.   In fact,  Hungarian cooking is just the same as German food, except that the Hungarians add more Paprika and sour cream to the mix.    I still have the coveted,  "German-Hungarian Cook book",   that my Mom gave me after my father passed away.   Dad was a full German-American man, who also fought in WW-2 as an American,  U.S. NAVY,  in Saipan,  SeaBees.    He was born in Liebenthal, Kansas.   I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin,  USA.

My intention was not to divide the races or infer that one is superior to another.  All nations have SOMETHING to throw into the pot, and something special to share.  
      Fact is:   I can track who /  where, what area,   reads my humble blog posts,  and Germany is right up there !   Remember,  that I have shared and studied many cultures and been to a few far away places, like:  Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia,  and Japan, plus most of the USA, plus  Germany, Alaska and Hawaii.   But I prefer living in    Mid-West States, like Wisconsin and the U.P. Northern part of Michigan, where the people are mostly kind, clean, happy, with very low crime.  That suits me just fine,  and every time I drive down to see my Mother near Burlington, WI., and other friends near Kenosha and Racine,  I get that 'high strung' jittery, fast paced warning in my brain and heart,  that they are really a big old "rat race" kind of people, with high blood pressure and big worries,  about high crime and high taxes, etc.
   To be sure,  I do get lonely up here all alone, most of the time,  but with constant prayer and now finding a new, good, Bible peaching church,  I have some happiness and joy.   For I know that this mortgaged, over taxed system / land cannot last too much longer, as the USA and many other countries are barely hanging on...  and bankrupt now.... NOW !!  Chicago takes the cake, and I would never, ever want to "live there !"    The murder rate there is way too high, and we KNOW what kind of people love to shot and kill themselves....    sorry to say.   That's how a Democratic party system works though.   
     God surely blessed me, when I spent some time in Germany.  And my Dad always told me to see, sample, and explore other countries and places,  because I would never get another chance.   He was right.    Living, sharing and visiting other countries is a great education in itself !!  But now days, we are better suited to AVOID some places because of Islamic violence, and even the State Department tells us not to go to certain places, for our own safety.   I am not trying to slant my opinion --- just tell folks my own studied experiences.  

Have a great sunny day.
Warm Regards,
Tommy   Schuckman
email:   tschuckman@aol.com

This picture taken about the year:   2000... below:

German Inventions Are Essential For Our Life
From the magnificence of a Christmas tree to nanotechnology and beer, the world owes much of its comfort and progress to German inventions. What would the world be like without the contributions of Albert Einstein — the greatest mind of all times?
While his theory of relativity set the world buzzing in all directions, Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, the physicist discovered X-ray. Nuclear fission was achieved by splitting an atom by chemist Otto Hahn, his assistant Fritz Strassman, and the physicist Lise Meitner in 1938.
German inventions literally rule the medical field starting from the humble Aspirin tablet invented by Felix Hoffman in 1897. He figured out how to cut back the side effects of nausea and other ills of salicylic acid while retaining its pain killer powers and came up with the perfect headache pill. Today it’s credited with more beneficial powers that even helps protect against heart attacks and strokes.
Another wonder pill that came from Germany was the contraceptive pill that gave women a tangible freedom to do what they pleased when they pleased. It would seem only right to mention now that the first scientific pregnancy test was also a German invention created by Selmar Aschheim.
For more German inventions of the medical kind, go back in time to 1714 when Daniel Fahrenheit invented the mercury thermometer. Robert Koch, in 1870, peered through a microscope and discovered the little critters that caused infection. The mystery of bacteria was out in the open and his discovery of the tuberculosis bacillus in 1882 ensured his place in history.
Starting with the invention of the gramophone by Emil Berliner in 1887, Germany has re-enforced her reputation in this field with the invention of the tape recorder in 1928 by Fritz Pfleumer and, the crowning glory, the MP3 by Karl Heinz Brandenburg and Bernhard Grill of the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits in 1987.
The television that we so take for granted was invented by Manfred von Ardenne in 1930. The incredible chip card now seen in its common avatar as the credit card was invented by Jürgen Dethloff in 1969.
The credit for the invention of the automobile goes to Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler. What was deemed “too loud, too fast, too dangerous,” is now the king of the road. Mercedes Benz should also be credited with the invention of the thoughtful addition to automobile safety in the form of the air bag. This was fitted for the first time in their S-Class in 1981.
In 1894, Otto Lilienthal invented the glider drawing inspiration from the flight of birds. Another spectacular German invention came about in the form of a helicopter inspired by the rising of a maple seed turning on its own axis. The genius behind it belonged to Henrich Focke and the year was 1936. Even more amazing would have to be Hans von Ohain and his invention which is none other than the jet engine which changed the face of aviation.
German inventions stretch from high tech to the mundane such as the tooth paste invented by Ottomar Heinsius in 1907 and the Gummy Bear by Hans Riegel in 1922.
Other everyday stuff that we can’t seem to do without such as Adidas, Nivea, Levi Strauss, Heinz ketchup, Hellmann’s mayonnaise, Gutenberg and many more are all Germany’s gift to mankind. ;-)

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Live Baby "Harvesting."

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Babies may have been born alive for body parts harvesting: Congressional report

by John McTernan and Georgann Ryan
More news on Planned Parenthood, the scandal that's never resolved. It's even worse than before, though it seemed that couldn't be possible when the original videos were released last year. America keeps falling deeper and deeper into sin and not only is the blood of the unborn on our collective hands, but now we're learning that babies who are born alive also are sacrificial victims of the greed behind all of this. It's apparent that the culture as a whole values wealth more than life itself. Money and power have become the gods that too many now worship.
This is a symptom of the sickness and perversion that's overtaking the nation and it surely will be a severe judgment upon us when it finally comes. We have the blood of the innocents on our hands. Yet for the most part, Planned Parenthood still is being funded, and the only person to be indicted is the filmmaker who broke the story. Despite the reports coming out of Congress on the horrors, politicians still routinely speak about how even limiting abortion will somehow diminish the"rights" of women. Who are they kidding with such talk? What will be diminished is profits.

Hello Friends,
     It's a cloudy Sunday, and I just got home from visiting a new church in my area, and was welcomed in very cordially, and met a few nice people who were interested in meeting and knowing me.   Nice sermon, with bibles in the seats [a good, positive sign !], and well Air Conditioned, with a bath room near by !  
     It's a cloudy, warm day,  but we will TAKE IT, and rejoice.   I think I will make a delicious salad to compliment the different meats that I grilled outside, yesterday.... indeed, I know that I am a "rich man" compared to those in 3rd world nations,  but this too will have a negative ending, from all the confidential news that I receive.  

When I see/ read articles like the one I've just posted today, down below,  I cannot help but agree and nod my head that God is near ready to 'Clean Up this Corrupt, Rotten World of Satan, soon !'   It's no wonder that even the 'Republican Party' in America don't really like Mr. Trump and Gov. Pense,  for their biblical wrath and anger against those who slaughter the unborn [and the LIVE BORN] -- aborted babies here.... and now we find out that our hard earned tax dollars are also used to help the horrible,  Planned Parenthood --  Oinks,   "harvest"  live, born, babies, for 'research !'    What horrible insane, godless acts against innocent human beings !!   Ha!  I may not even be able to eat today, as my gut is about to heave !   May God deal with those murderers and the Congress/ Senate cowardly 'people' who don't have any manhood left... what weak minded, gutless wonders !!   I know some friends who write and email letters to Congress,  but to no avail, and no real action taken, ever.   Sorry,  we just have a corrupt, fat, materialistic system of gov't right now,  and pretty soon God will 'correct all of them.'   That's a nice way of putting it.... Ha!

God's own Word, the KJV Bible is very clear, detailed, and understandable.  He HATES to see innocent humans get slaughtered and regards all human flesh as valuable, sacred, and precious.    But, logically,  if you have a house infested with rats and mice,  you don't burn down the house.   You exterminate the vermin/ dirty old rats !   And that is God's divine Plan, even from the beginning, at Genesis 3: 15, and Genesis 12: 3.   You can't miss it.... LOL.   Try looking that up and take it into your heart and mind, dear readers and friends, please.   Because soon, when the SHTF,  you will surely understand why the world will get turned up side down,  with terrible things happening all over the globe/ world, as it is really God's plan and pure Bible prophecy.  

I, personally,  am NOT looking forward to this stuff happening, really !    But I am just a simple, humble man, and certainly not rich in money,  and I can only warn people thru the powers of the Holy Spirit, and all my studied Bible wisdom.   By my own human self and intellect -- I am nothing,  but with the Holy  Spirit,  I am mentally alive and wise/ knowledgeable.      By myself, I am a broken, sorry, hurting, weeping old man and too lonely in this big house.   But with the H.S.,  I am alive and kicking, and I have a few  new friends, especially after today at church, and a few others.   And I even wrote out a small check at/ for the church, and I also like to 'take care of a few other friends.'  

I dearly hope that you in the USA will burn this damning article into your minds and hearts, so you can vote for the right MAN in November..... that is,  IF,  IF,  we still have an election, and that dog pile in the WH doesn't declare Martial Law on some flimsy pretext,  which is exactly what he PLANNS TO DO ! !    Beware  --- PREPARE !

Warm Regards, and Big old Bear Hugs,
Tommy   Schuckman

email:  tschuckman@aol.com  


BREAKING NEWS! Did Hillary Clinton Just Suffer a Seizure on Camera?... Read the latest now on TeaParty.org
The moment of truth is here: if we don’t stop the Hillary Crime Machine within the next 28 days the commandeering of America will be to the point of no

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In the Next Week or Two.....

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Babies may have been born alive for body parts harvesting: Congressional report

by John McTernan and Georgann Ryan
More news on Planned Parenthood, the scandal that's never resolved. It's even worse than before, though it seemed that couldn't be possible when the original videos were released last year. America keeps falling deeper and deeper into sin and not only is the blood of the unborn on our collective hands, but now we're learning that babies who are born alive also are sacrificial victims of the greed behind all of this. It's apparent that the culture as a whole values wealth more than life itself. Money and power have become the gods that too many now worship.
This is a symptom of the sickness and perversion that's overtaking the nation and it surely will be a severe judgment upon us when it finally comes. We have the blood of the innocents on our hands. Yet for the most part, Planned Parenthood still is being funded, and the only person to be indicted is the filmmaker who broke the story. Despite the reports coming out of Congress on the horrors, politicians still routinely speak about how even limiting abortion will somehow diminish the"rights" of women. Who are they kidding with such talk? What will be diminished is profits.

Please enjoy this edition of the Family Survival Evening Post, a completely free comprehensive survival and preparedness publication sent to give you the knowledge and skills you'll need to be always safe and secure no matter what happens.

Your home is your castle. You live there. Your family lives there. Your children are there. You HAVE to protect them.
Apropos of one of my messages to you last week, I received some feedback from parents asking how to best survive and thrive when they live in apartments. This is something I feel very strongly about and prompted me to write you today to discuss apartment hardening and home defense in the city.
I’m not going to beat around the bush here; for a serious survivalist, apartments suck. Seriously.
For one thing, apartments are in the city, which we all know is a problem in itself. One of the first rules of survival is to get out of the cities.
Cities are a problem for many reasons, one being almost all of them aren’t self-sufficient at all. They depend on commerce from other districts to provide food, water and supplies.
A lot of cities even have to rely on other communities for electricity, which puts apartment dwellers in a very vulnerable position when the grid inevitably goes down.
Your second problem as a survivalist living in an apartment is space.
If you live in an apartment or condo, I’m guessing you probably don’t have room to stash away enough supplies for six months to one year.
But, even if you do manage to successfully build up your food, water and supply stockpile, you’re still smack in the middle of a densely populated area during Armageddon. Civil unrest will be rampant. Looters and thieves will be all too interested in what you got.
In my own very humble, personal opinion, if you live in an apartment, for Pete’s sake, MOVE as soon as possible!
I totally get it, it’s not always convenient, physically or financially possible to move out of your apartment, and not everyone can just pack up and move house just because I say so.
If you must stay in the city, it is ten times more important you have a viable emergency plan designed with your current living situation in mind, so I will share with you some tips for keeping your family safe even in an apartment setting.
While your current circumstances may dictate you stay in the city, as a responsible prepper, parent and/or spouse, you must accept that you WILL have to leave if a disaster heightens to a point where you or your family’s lives are in danger.
The time to plan is now, so you must decide beforehand exactly how bad it needs to get before bugging out. Once the electricity goes down, you run out of water, how long will you stay?
I don’t recommend jumping the gun and bugging out too soon, maybe you won’t even need to run at all. But if you wait too long, you may not be able to get out at all.
Sit down with your family and decide how long you will stay when SHTF, and commit to the plan.
Once you’ve decided your breaking, or I should say “bug-out’ point, you need to figure out your exit plan. How will you get out?
If you’ve ever driven in Los Angeles during rush hour, you know how a city of a couple thousand can back up a main road. Can you imagine a couple million people, all panicking and starving for food and water?
Plan your exit strategy carefully and choose AT LEAST three exit paths out of the city. More is better.
Make sure you can navigate your exit route easily, bearing in mind you are likely to be under some duress, and be equipped to defend yourself and your family.
The question of “how will we get out?” is immediately followed by the question, “where will we go?” Now that you have your exit strategy in place, you need a final destination.
Just as you want to have multiple exit routes planned, you must have just as many landing places plotted out.
Think of places far from the city. Look for a spot OFF private property, and that has a few acres of land you can use at your disposal.
Depending on how long you plan to stay at your apartment, you should probably make some security modifications to the place.
This will require investing some money and making some “home improvements” that probably won’t match your décor, but your family’s safety is worth it.
Think Plexiglas windows, digging up part of the landscape that potential hostiles can hide in, barricading points of entry, extra locks, steel doors, etc.
If you have to live in a city, hold on to your hat. You must work twice as hard to make a successful emergency plan, but it can be done. With proper planning, you and your family can still beat the odds.

Always Safe, Always Prepared

Frank Mitchell

P.S. If you want to keep yourself and your family hidden and safe from harm, I highly recommend you check out the following video report.

It’s the single most important survival package that guarantees true believers of the Bible a good and fruitful life following the EMP. You will gain enough knowledge to prepare yourself for what the prophets accurately predicted would happen.

You can see it here.

   Well,  I am not going to bet the next month's rent, nor hold my breath,  but it seems to me that the Bible always gives all of us the right information for every day living, and I don't think I should deviate from it now, or ever !   Father God brought us thru this much and He will bring us thru the rest of our time on earth.   How ever,  now IS the time to pray harder and help others more, IMHO.   And to continue our sharing of the Gospel, and also get into the Bible Tract work.   If you need an address on where to get quality Bible Tracts,  just email me..... and I believe I /  we can also get them in other languages.   Would it not be a supreme pity if other countries had more real Christians ---SAVED, and going to heaven than the so-called "free people" here in the USA ???   From what I've heard and studied, there are more born again Christians in China....  than in Europe and America put together !!  Now, how does that grab you ?   Yep,  maybe all of our wealth isn't helping us too much here in this country.   Maybe what some of us need in the USA is a little hard ship.  Don't worry,  sometimes God throws a few obstacles in our way just to get us moving the right way.   But please consider,  when was the last time you did your best work after you had a full belly of T-bone steak and a few cold beers ?   You've got to be 'hungry' to win a football game in high school or college, and it's not for the lazy.   I enjoyed playing foot ball in school, and made some life long friends, too.   My high school days were my happiest, as I look back to that time.  

Well, like I said before at the beginning,  I pretty much know what I am going to do -- and I plan to stick with my plan, except work a bit harder, if it's too hot.  Ha!  All that 'hot air' will be drifting to the East --- Least  Coast where it belongs.  

I do not wish evil on anyone, nor make fun of them,  but I will continue to try and help people understand how much Jesus and the Father LOVE THEM !   I think that all who read this humble, modest blog post should do the same.

Warm Regards,  PREPARE,

Tom  Schuckman

Market Analyst Forecast: “In The Next Week Or Two We Should See A Significant Move To The Downside”

Mac Slavo
July 23rd, 2016
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Greg Mannarino of TradersChoice.net has been keeping a close eye on stock and bond markets. He has been accurately predicting major turning points in these markets for years.
While everyone in the mainstream appears to know that something is seriously amiss with the economy, no one is warning the retail investor, despite the fact that billions of dollars are being shifted out of broader markets and into safe haven assets like gold and silver.
Unless some miracle happens, the next large move for this market is down…
Their bottom line… a lot of these companies are coming in below the mark… but the market is still in this topping phase… the fear/greed index remains at an extreme, so we should not be surprised to see this…

The real tell here will be moving into the next week or two… in the next week or two we should see a significant move… or at least the beginning of a significant move to the downside in this market.

Mannarino has previously warned that should the world’s massive debt bubble burst, it could literally lead to the deaths of millions of people worldwide as the system cleanses itself.
Visit Greg Mannarino’s Traders Choice website and follow his Youtube channel.
Prepare For Economic Collapse: A Step-By-Step Guide
Analyst: “Millions Upon Millions of People Are Going to Die on a World-Wide Scale When the Debt Bubble Bursts”
Fed Can’t Save Stocks from Verge of Collapse: ‘Huge Disaster Waiting to Happen’
Proof It Is Rigged: “Fed Moved 93% of Entire Stock Market Since 2008”

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Date: July 23rd, 2016
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    • Ron Beal says:
      General Discussion: Analyst who has predicted the changes over the past four downturns is predicting a major move around August 25th; another around Sept. 23-28 and one final drop around Oct 5-10. I would make a note of these dates. With the chaos of a market fall, Obama will declare martial law and cancel the election. Troops will patrol the streets of major cities and eventual curfews will be put in place. Riots and shootings could easily be false flags- but Obama will be the new dictator- can it get worse- this is the blue print of Europe, step by step- watch.