Saturday, April 18, 2009

To my fav. friend in Kansas.

Tom's Journal.

A letter to my fav. cousin and friend in Kansas.

Hi Cousin Wanda,

The air temp in WI is 72, but it will get cloudy latter and maybe rain tomorrow.
I just got back from visiting Sharon today for about 2 hours, and we had a very pleasant day. The nurses wanted her to have her tennis shoes as they intend to take her walking a lot more, and she is leaning into doing what ever she must to get out soon!
She told me that she had 3 nurses in her room before the shift change and they were all talking about the bible, after Sharon showed them the 'Book' in her room. So she is very Jesus oriented and thinks that God let her live for a good reason-- to help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Then I gave her a NASB study bible, her purse, shoes, etc. she was so consumed with talking to me that she forgot to order her lunch! But I put a few oranges near her, and she loves them.
She was proud to show off that she could stand up by herself and give me a good bye hug and kiss. I know that from now on I must not stress her, but I think that the two of us have already made the big, necessary changes and mindsets.
Let me tell you the "secret" I have learned... I know that God gave us the brain, knowledge to figure things out by ourselves-- but the beginning of UNDERSTANDING AND WISDOM comes from GOD, and we [I] must depend on Him for all of our understanding and direction. That's is about where the PRIDE has to go. Things really didn't work for me until I finally got rid of a lot of pride. But just look at all the famous people who are so full of themselves in this selfish , greedy society... and how about our Gov't and Congress.. lol? The more dependent we are on God's truth and leadership [found only in the Bible] -- the closer that we will get to Jesus and we will fare well in this life and the next. The majority of humans on earth simply WILL NOT do what I just said!! All we can do now is to continue the Gospel work and try to set a good example as a Christian, and leave the rest up to God. It sounds simply to we Christians-- but worldly, unbelievers WILL NOT AND CAN NOT UNDERSTAND.
For one thing, they need the Holy Spirit before they can understand the scriptures, but they will not set aside their PRIDE to even ASK for the Spirit to come into their hearts!!
We don't completely understand the Lemmings going over the cliff either....
Cousin, I just learned this the hard way and it took a major life and death ordeal of a loved one to finally pound it thru my hard head... lol.
;-) You are probably well aware of every thing I just said-- but I just wanted to put it in this email.
One more thing that I explained to Sharon today was that, we must also root all the evil, hatred and mental violence out of our heart too.... but just remember Matt. 7:6, that some people are just plain wicked and want NO part of Jesus or the Bible. My own mom told me a few months ago that Jesus and the Bible are just a big fairy tale... and the rest of my family don't give a hoot either. Sad. God took a sow's ear like me and made something useful out of it... and He is still working on me-- and other Christians until we walk straight-- but we are already assured that we will be in heaven-- NOT because of any 'goodness' we have or merit -- but because we have bonded to Jesus and accepted Him as our only Lord and Savior! We imperfect humans will continue to sin -- but because of Jesus' sacrifice-- we are FORGIVEN and heaven bound!
:-D Don't you all think that this is worth sharing ?? Actually, ALL Christian are COMMANDED to do this sharing work! That's what separates the 'men from the boys-- being humble enough to accept this charge, this primary directive. Our enemies may kill our bodies-- but not our soul. So really, what it there to fear? Jesus Christ doesn't want cowards in heaven-- He wants humble, yet able, soldiers who hear and obey to the best of their abilities. Ponder on this, please. We will not all have the ability to use the "Talents" [gifts] the same way or to the fullest extent. But just like the book of Malachi-- would you even think of giving a gift or taxes to your governor that is diseased or flawed or filthy??
I like this message so much that I will post it on my Journal.
God bless you and make you fruitful. Sharon is half way done with the new book I gave her, "Simply Jesus" and said that she learned a lot too! I need to capture some of this joy and happiness and stick it in a bottle for latter... lol! I would like to see YOUR comments on my Journal too.

Latter Friend,

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