Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How to choose the right Bible Org to give money.

Tom's Journal.

Hey Friends, Readers and fellow Believers!
This is NOT a 'brag post' but meant only to broaden and expand your horizons and just get involved IF YOU CAN. That's all. I figure if I get joy and happiness from an activity-- maybe my buddies might want to get a taste of it.

I want to talk more about my wife and how she needs to be encouraged as she continues to live in a Rehab place closer to our home. She has been a bit picky with her food in the past, but the general quality of food being served at Lakeview Rehab Center, near Waterford, WI on Highway 20 and Sharp Rd. [in the country side] is worse than Army chow at Camp BearCat, Vietnam. I was raised to eat all the food on the plate and NEVER complain or hurt my mom's feelings, and my Dad had hands of 'steel.' Well, I guess most of we Americans are spoiled, and God has blessed me, personally, with enough money to pay all my bills and buy fresh produce, veggies and fruit... We even have a water distiller at home because our 2 CPAP's that help us breath properly at night use distilled water. Honestly, Sharon MUST be on Oxygen 24/ 7, and I only use it at night. But doctors orders say that I have COPD and should be on Oxygen all the time too. I am going to start weight lifting at home, again, but the garden will also keep me busy.

Pray that Sharon will eat more of her daily food so she can gain her strength back. I watched her in the Gym today, with a slim lady name, Kaye T., who continuously coughed on my wife, and admitted that she smoked too much. There is a "health care professional" ... lol. Wait until she is on her death bed coughing up pieces of lung. Sad. Hey, I used to smoke everything when I was young and stupid in Vietnam... but then I finally grew up and quit smoking in 1973 and never looked back. Well, 10 years after that I started to gain weight-- but much of that is in my genes, yet I struggle to live on less. We ALL have our demons and battles to fight-- yet God LOVES US DEARLY and promises heaven and glory to ALL who accept His Son, Jesus Christ !!! Titus 1:2 says that, "God cannot lie!"
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Shoo! I am so glad that the Bible Organization was honest and true!! I just didn't want to "over commit" myself in these hard times, but reserved the option to donate more in the future--God willing.... lol.
I also was very happy to get involved with VOM [Voice of the Martyrs] in giving them some money to help get bibles to indigenous people in persecuted lands/ countries. I can't imagine what it's like to be a Christian in North Korea !!
I encourage all my friends to just THINK about getting involved with reputable bible orgs. as I have discovered. And you know what!! It all started when a dear friend, Wayne Bielgard, at RBC --Racine Bible church, gave me that book, SAFELY HOME, ~by Randy Alcorn.
Yes, I know that I have been truly blessed by the Lord by Him sending His powerful servants my way to give me that boost to be more active in the Lord's work. Wayne's "investment" in books that he paid for out of his own pocket has multiplied 10 fold, IMHO. I always 'WANTED' to get into something like this-- and we all know that I am too pained and disabled to be a missionary at this Autumn of my life--- but at least I can help others with my 'silver' and U.S. currency, 'soon to be devalued' ... lol.
Go figure... we can't even ask China to pull the plug on North Korea's fooling around with their nukes-- because China OWNS US !!!
Please continue to pray for Sharon as she is trying to learn how to walk again at the Rehab Center about 10 miles from our home in U.G.

Hugs, and Praise to Jesus, our Lord,



"Behold, I am coming soon! Blessed is he who keeps the words of the prophecy in this book." Revelation 22:7
and He is coming soon! Amen!


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Hi Tom,
Thank you for the email. We have fixed this to be a onetime donation. Blessings to you!!!
Emily Barrett
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Dear Friends,
I intended to only make a ONE TIME donation of $50 to help buy bibles to needy ones in other countries.
Please reply to confirm this fact.

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"Behold, I am coming soon! Blessed is he who keeps the words of the prophecy in this book." Revelation 22:7
and He is coming soon! Amen!


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