Monday, August 17, 2009

Fool Proof Communication.

Tom's Journal.

One of the many practical things that Soldiers learn in AIT [Advanced Individual Training] after Basic Training, is the Phonetic Alphabet [below]. When just ONE wrong command or misunderstanding of the Order will get many innocent "friendlies" killed.... The Army 'bridges' all racial, regional, dialectal, language barriers with this method.

I was just feeling very thankful this rainy, cloudy morning that the Lord has allowed me to enjoy a relative financially comfortable, retired, freedom in America. Things could have been much different if I had lost a limb or worse in combat- Vietnam, or one of the many nasty accidents in my life time. I honestly feel that it's a miracle I am still alive at age 60! Some things that saved me were a strong, muscular, trained body, experience, co-ordination, etc --- but mostly God's Grace and Will that I be SAVED for some other purpose in service to Him. Although we can never pay God back or buy our way into heaven, we can "store up our treasures in Heaven" by kindnesses, services to God, obedience and support of the true Church, IMHO.

Just like on the farm in WI, when my Dad got home from hard, sweaty work in Milwaukee as a crane operator-- he would demand from us if we got all our chores done, or what did we do that day constructively? He figured if he had to go to work every day, sick or well-- we should do the same. That's called: Instilling a 'hard work ethic' in us. Jesus had to learn carpentry, Peter was a fisherman, Luke was a physician, etc. We cannot all be rich and we are admonished to be the best we can be--- no matter what circumstances we were born in or are in. Satan's world would have us depressed, feeling like a total failure if we cannot reach some "media/ or Hollywood driven pinnacle of success." Let's get REAL!! Heaven will be a few million times better than ANYTHING we could hope for in our short 70-80 years on earth!! Life is a vapor!

My wife has such a hard time breathing even on Oxygen inside our A/C house when the weather has a 'bad air quality index.' I was just thinking how many poor inner city old folks/ and 3rd world countries people are dying right now for lack of clean cool air. But some of them choose to live that way who gamble, drink, smoke themselves to death --- or have 'obama- type- Gov't's' that destroy the Middle Class.

Things We Know

Posted: 15 Aug 2009 10:58 PM PDT

By Jack KelleyMen will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world. (Luke 21:26)I realize that the above verse is meant for the Great Tribulation, but it came to mind as I read some of the “news reports” that have come across my screen this week. Here’s a sample of what’s currently going around. The President and all of his men are lying through their teeth regarding the

And then they demand MY [our] tax money for a 'bail out'... I feel lazy today but I have to fix a window in my truck bed cap to keep the rain out. If I only had a helper to trace the window on paper or wood. It's supposed to rain all week up here in WI, but FL will get some rain too.

The man who delivers our oxygen just called and is coming over in half an hour, PTL, and we need to get going now. Just think, we are probably too old, to get oxygen with 'Obama-care' even though we PAIN INTO THE SYSTEM BIG BUCKS ALL OUR LIVES WITH HARD WORK... lol.
All I want is to get every dollar I was forced to PUT IN back before I kick off! But instead, obama wants to give our tax dollars to illegal aliens who NEVER PUT INTO THE POT! That stinks! I realize that most everyone has their hand out, but our combat Veterans should come first as far as support, care and well being.
Enough of my rant for now.... have a great day!


A Alpha

N November
B Bravo

O Oscar
C Charlie

P Papa
D Delta

Q Quebec
E Echo

R Romeo
F Foxtrot

S Sierra
G Golf

T Tango
H Hotel

U Uniform
I India / Indigo

V Victor
J Juliet

W Whisky
K Kilo

X X-Ray
L Lima

Y Yankee
M Mike

Z Zulu / Zebra

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