Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rep. Robin's Reply.

Tom's Journal.

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Have a great Christmas too, my brothers and sisters.

Here is another example of my 'handiwork' -- letters/ emails to State Reps, etc., to encourage them to fight the fight against "BIG GOV'T TAKE OVERS." Many of my friends have told me that they experience the same replies. But no one can say that we didn't at least try. I may have said a few years ago that I believed that Satan has his demons standing behind every head of State's chair.

My Christian brothers and sisters remind me that, along with trying to stimulate the heads of State and Reps/ Senators-- that my main goal is to draw closer to God RIGHT NOW! We all figure that since these are the 'last days' -- these bad times will only get worse --according to Bible prophecy! But when we post Scriptures that are all so clear to US, [please forgive me...] the general readership doesn't understand what we mean [what the Bible means/ says]. I regress... The Holy Spirit, part of the triune God-Head, allows us to understand the text. Example: Fine apples grow on trees, but man has to reach up and pick them-- eat them to get the benefit and nourishment.

We may be 100% wrong, but we and our friends are preparing for something big to happen BEFORE Spring time, or in the very next year from now..... probably the "money/ currency bubble" crash, where million of people could lose the value of their savings, investments, money in the bank, and people would get only pennies on the dollar after a "bank holiday." Also, obama and the Dims are just waiting for some kind of 'disaster' so they can "take over", strip us of our firearms and limit/ take away more of our basic freedoms, all in the name of so-called 'Home Land Security'....Ha!
Forget that the Gov't well knows that Islamic terrorists are already deeply embedded in the USA -- but we wouldn't want to OFFEND them... LOL.

I know, sounds like the same old songs on old Tom's Journal.
Peace to you all.


Just catching up on some of my emails. Thanks for your continuous efforts to stop the expansion of government and bring awareness the what is going on in our nation. Please keep up the fight and hopefully the voice of people like you will be heard in 2010.

State Representative Robin J. Vos
63rd Assembly District
105 West, State Capitol
P.O. Box 8953
Madison, WI 53708
608-266-9171 - office
1-888-534-0063 - toll-free
608-282-3663 - fax

From: Thomas G. Schuckman []
Sent: Friday, November 20, 2009 7:55 PM
To: Rep.Vos
Subject: Worried about Wisconsin's future.

Hi Robin,
Michael Morgan and the Doyle Admin. are in denial and lies, big time! I sure didn't vote for any of the Dims in my recent memory... lol.
IMHO, the higher taxes in WI are driving out big and small business. WI is my home, born in Milwaukee 1949 and raised on a farm in Racine County until I joined the Army on 21 Aug 67, then worked for over 30 years at AMC/ Chrysler, etc., am now disabled and live in Union Grove with my wife and dog.
Most of my friends and family is here but I have discussed moving to a friendlier less taxed State that better takes care of their Veterans. I consider my self to be a firm US Constitution man and a Patriot, but also a serious student of the Bible and History. I will be surprised if America still exists a year or 2 from now-- the way Obama is destroying this once great country.
Heaven is my home.

Tom Schuckman


God made a Covenant with Israel, NOT America. Jesus is Lord.

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