Monday, December 28, 2009

Watch the Middle East NOW!

Tom's Journal.

Now I feel that I was behind the 8 ball after reading the following article about the coming War in the Middle East that MIGHT be happening in January 2010~!! Wow! Please, let me catch my breathe. If my previous time tables were off and I thought that we might have had another 6 months to one year-- I apologize to all.
As the goofy obama administration was so busy working on it's own National Health Care issues... and Barry on the golf course--- the Middle East oven was already set on 'broil' and we all knew that Iran has had it's nuclear armaments on the fast track-- UNDERGROUND, but we Americans took no note-- or guessed that they would not be battle ready for another year or so... LOL!

Hey! Just like in the days of Noah-- humans were eating and drinking and going on with their every day rat race-- and TOOK NO NOTE, and BANG! The Global Flood came and drowned all but 8 people in the Ark. I know, 95% of the world could care less about Bible Prophecy and stuff, like my respected friends and I post concerning a full scale war in the Middle East-- perhaps in WEEKS, but I hope I am wrong! This only sets things in motion. It's almost like a football game and you know the players / team so well that they will have to punt on the 4th down.

Now, will this news [if correct] have any bearing on what YOU WILL DO TOMORROW ??? Ha! It's like one of those cataclysmic total destruction movies like TOWERING INFERNO, or TITANIC that changes everything in your life-- in a few minutes, forever. If you don't have a smart 'game plan' or get caught without any way out or survival plans [among them, total Faith and Trust in the Lord Jesus Christ] -- you might be dead meat. You sure won't "Sweat the small stuff", or polish the brass on a sinking ship, will you? And then, some will still trust in their stupid National leaders to do something at the last minute-- but they will ALL fail. The God of the Bible will be the ONLY Salvation, but most humans will still cling to their puny leaders who will lead them to destruction and hell. We Christians see the Bible Prophecy coming true right on schedule and in correct order -- just like you read your bank statement each month and check off the checks that were cashed in your little black book, to balance it. The Scriptures are that concise!

Why have I not heard or seen other Blogs talk about this particular article/ important news piece?? You say that you are all "TOO BUSY" with your everyday life to do something right today? To share this with your family and friends.
Ha! Some things never change. Many folks are getting ready to 'party down' get blind, stinking drunk on New Year's Eve, etc, office parties, immorality, gluttony, and blood on the highways. I also look at my own home and life to see where I can do more things for the Lord and grow closer to the Savior. Our God is Great and Mighty, and only He can Save us.

For more advice and comparing notes on what to do [for my friends and readers] -- you know my email address.

Warm Regards, Praise the Lord, Jesus Christ,


Is the Middle East About to Go Apocalyptic?

Posted: 28 Dec 2009 01:53 PM PST

By Bill SalusWhile world leaders met in Copenhagen for the United Nations 2009 Climate Change Conference, Damascus, Syria hosted a war tribunal with high level delegations from Iran and the Hezbollah. Concurrently, about five-hundred prophetically minded Christian’s fellowshipped at the annual 2009 Pre-Trib Rapture conference in Dallas, hosted by Dr. Tim Lahaye and Dr. Thomas Ice.Among the


Christopher said...

Tom, Not only that was occuring,check this out

Hmmmm ???? Update

And just today more news of Israeli jets over Lebannon and also news of Iran warning Eygpt and other Middle-East nations it will fire upon them at U.S. bases in those countries if Israel strikes Iran.

Heli gunner Tom said...

Christopher, Isn't that nifty- and America will be drawn into that war and "when 2 bull elephants fight-- the grass gets trampled." Warning! Warning! Old Combat Veterans and true biblical Christians are prepared for ANYTHING. Let 'er rip! Keep your gunpowder dry and your Bibles inside your tucked in shirt as 'body armor.'

Tom S

Carolyn said...

Hi TOm, I read this last night and am sending it to my sister, and posting it on my Prophecies blog! Things are geting more exciting every day! God Bless!