Saturday, January 10, 2009

Liberty and Freedom. SPECIAL VIDEO !

Tom's Journal.

This is another video I just recovered that is ALSO very IMPORTANT! >>>> "PTSD--Accepting the Ashes." ---Thank you, Sheila !

I received this fine video from a friend at church who has been our guest for dinner a few times at our house, they have 6 beautiful, well mannered kids and he is a detective in IL and also attends the same church as us. He is also in the U.S. Army.
Thank you, Bro. Rick Brown!



Jim Hoffman, Director
Bearing Precious Seed
Wyldewood Baptist Church
3030 Witzel Ave.
Oshkosh, WI 54904

---------- Forwarded Message ----------

Dear Friend of Liberty and Freedom,

The link below was sent to us by a missionary friend, and the
presentation constitutes one of the best capsulized summaries of
government forms which I have seen in a long time. Many Americans are
ignorant of their own government, having been duped into believing that
The Founding Fathers intended that we have a democracy. WRONG! Please
take the time to view the video, and do pass the link on to other

Note: You will need to have a high-speed connection in order to
comfortably view this. If you don't have this service, send the link to
a friend who does and then invite yourself to his/her house to watch it.
The lesson is important and obvious. MARANATHA!

In Calvary's bond,

Brother Alan

This is about 10 min. long but a very good refresher course.
This is a great video on Governments.

This is worth watching....

Why is our republic so important to protect?
Check out this dynamic little video for a very worthwhile refresher

In His Service,
Linton M. Smith Jr.
"It follows from all we have said, that there are
in the Christian world but two schools, or two
religions: that which puts the Bible above
everything, and that which puts something
above the Bible." — Louis Gaussen 1790-1863

"The true Christian ideal is NOT to be happy, but to be holy!" - A.W.

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A letter to my buddy in AZ--fellow Veteran.

Tom's Journal.

ATTN: Mark Eisenhower--- the power of MUSIC!

Olivia Newton John & ELO - Xanadu

Hey Mark,
My dad was born ON THE FARM near Liebenthal. He taught me to play some guitar chords when I was about age 13 and I also took some accordion lessons when young. I loved music from an early age and even studied Latin to become an altar boy in Milwaukee where I lived until my parents purchased our 80 acre farm... dad thought his kids would be raised better out of the big , dirty city.. and he was right.
Finally, in my Junior year I got into a few rock bands as a r hymn guitar and harmony singer and never looked back.
What really turned me on was the power and distinction of being a crew member flying in a well oiled , highly disciplined group of aviators/ helicopter warriors who depended on one another for survival. We had PRIDE and HONOR and a camaraderie that few people could ever know! We did NOT choose the war or battle-- we just served our country not knowing what BS was coming down from all the corrupt politicians back home! From all my study of history-- that has been the case for the past 6000 years. Walt Weber still writes a snail mail letter to me every month and I call him and write back. Some other guys email me and make comments on my Blog where I champion and support all disabled Veterans --no matter where they served or how old they are. I have made a lot of friends that way! I feel that I need to "give back" and help those in need as some key people in my life had a lot to do with 'saving MY life' when I was so down and depressed after losing a good paying job at Chrysler in the early '90's, and EVERYONE but God deserted me.

The oldies music that we piped thru our radio system on ship [chopper] was so cool and invigorating , even though I am sure that it was all "filtered" by the brass for our "morale" !
I loved all of it.. but just THINK how powerful it was when we were going into combat and the order to "open up" with our guns to the tune of a great song..! So even now days that same music is a powerful "trigger" for bad or for good to many G.I.'s who served over there. It can still trigger tears from my eyes or put me in a particular mood instantly... and people around me wonder, but my close friends totally understand. Obviously, the music from the late 1960's and early 70's has got a hold on me. I like good rthymn and vocal harmony. I like good female artists and ballads. With my new electric guitar and amp., I practice with another old Vietnam Vet named Marvin Ellis, who is dying from a lung problem. He was wounded in the knee and leg over in Nam and also worked with me on the line at Chrysler-- small world. We have a lot of patriots and Vets in Wisconsin and our state is cut in half--Dems and Republicans but they voted the wrong way... lol.
Good to hear from you, Mark. I know that you are not one for writing much, but I think it's important that we touch base more often. You and I were cut out of the same cloth-- being German-American and PATRIOTS. Woo Hoo! Even if the majority of combat Veterans get the crumbs off the nation's table while the rest of cowards, crooks, welfare reciepients and illegals get all the lion's share of the 'bail outs' and Check out the new "Labor Secretary".. Pro-illegal alien!..Ha! If ever I can answer any questions about RVN, just ask. To the best of my knowledge [and we all had our little circles of close friends whom we flew with every day...], I left for home for the last time {ETS'd} 30 March 70, and I heard many years latter what went down AFTER I went to that grand 240th AHC reunion at Wright-Pat AFB IN Ohio about 7 years ago.
Take care,

Your friend,


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