Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Truth will Set You Free.

Tom's Journal.

Christie: Yellow River live

Yes, I know that this is VERY Politically Incorrect, and I had to get my nerve up to post this illustration. My mother would have told me to shut up, sit down, don't make waves and don't provoke the powers that be...LOL. Or maybe I have a 'death wish' as others have suggested--Ha!
I know that there are other bold, truthful biblical Christians, missionaries out there who daily put their lives on the line, preaching, sharing, teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ-- and they are my heroes! I read about them all the time, post and share their godly adventures. I would say that they have the 'right stuff' and courage just as much as any U.S. combat Veteran in the field who also faces death every day in foreign lands.

Back at home in America [just like when I got back in 30 March 70 after two years in Vietnam] there is another 'war' happening between good and evil-- the godless atheists [and now the Lefty Obama-goofballs and One World Gov't and Religion fanatics] who love to trash the U.S. Constitution and our God given Rights of Free Speech, 1st, 2nd Amendments, etc. True Christians realize that they CANNOT SERVE TWO MASTERS! We must obey God rather than men, come persecution, imprisonment and/ or death. That is pure Scripture-- book of Acts 5: 29 [but why not read the whole book of Acts ?!]

The old adage of 'boiling a frog' in a pot of water slowly so that the frog will relax and take no notice --until it's cooked-- is what is happening right now in America. The RHINO's are just sitting on their well padded chairs, afraid to lose their lofty, hallowed positions and wealth, as usual, so I have pretty much dumped the so-called '2- party system' and got a strong grip on the Bible Gospel and promises of the Lord in Heaven, who cannot tell a lie.

A real Christian IS A WITNESS FOR JESUS CHRIST every day of his/ her life! All Christians MUST be 'soul-winners !' In my life of many experiences I have seen shallow, ignorant, puny, backward specimens of men become, bright, talented, courageous, muscular Soldiers, both in the Military and also Soldiers of Christ. They find 'Something' much bigger than themselves-- Jesus, who Saves them! Like I have said many, many times-- most Americans [especially civilians] are so spoiled, fat, lazy, full of themselves, prideful yet stupid and ignorant. Sad. True Freedom has to be fought for and guarded every day-- for the devil and his earthly agents never rest-- so we can't rest either.

The picture/ illustration below is not intended to be 'racist' -- just truthful. And please let me cough this up right here and now: In the Winter of 1994-95 while attending MATC [Milwaukee Area Technical College] studying more TIG welding. getting certified, and related subjects, but also writing, Journalism, etc., I got into a Gov't program for homeless and 'at risk' - near homeless Veterans that gave me food and shelter while I went back to school, but it was a 'African-American' Organization and PREJUDICED to the extreme against Whites, called, 'Vets' Place Central', on 35th Street and Wells, Milwaukee, in one of the most dangerous ghettos, with big time drugs, gangs, prostitutes areas in that city. THEY were the real RACISTS and it was like experiencing 'Planet of the Apes' with just as much corruption, greed, hatred and stupidity as any KKK meeting!! The Org and Staff made it almost impossible for White Veterans to get a fair shake/ deal/ help, and I was one of the very few that tried to better myself by going back to college and learning more 'survival skills.' That Black Org. was very angry with me as I ran rings around all their favored Black Vets [with what they called "Bad Paper"-- Bad Conduct Discharges from the Military, etc.] who were usually 'dirty from drugs and booze' getting kicked out all the time after random 'drop tests.' I had to really keep my nose clean as they were looking for any excuse to get rid of me... lol. I finally left after I got a job as Leader in the Welding Dept of a Milwaukee Fabrication factory company [GPF[.. I believe] on St. Paul St. So I am NOT going to stand for anyone accusing me of being a Racist or a Hate monger, or a prejudice individual. The word, Prejudice, means: 'prejudging without sufficient data. And I try hard to form my opinion of someone from their own merit, manners, intellect, understanding and actions-- NOT their outward appearance. In fact, I did a lot of research in this area back then and kept a diary with proper names, dates, numbers and injustices perpetrated by that Black Org. The same thing is going on now --but nation wide!! That is my humble opinion... along with many others. Stupidity, Greed, and Wickedness transends all nations, groups, countries and races of people, IMHO. Yes, there have been bad, unfair laws and sins in the past-- but now in America people are only limited by their desire to work, study and effort, IMHO. No one EVER handed me ANYTHING for free or gave me a hand out!

I just felt that it was time for me to clear the air on this issue, and will probably pay for it with my head. I felt so strongly about this issue that I started to write a 350 page book about that part of my life and struggles, but when I got called back to Chrysler in May of '95 other things took priority. And now, the most important thing in my personal life is furthering the Christian Gospel of Jesus Christ-- before it's too late to do that.
It's kind of like being young and soldiering... You only have a short time-- 'window of opportunity' to get a piece of the action!! It's a bit like hunting deer in Wisconsin-- 'that Buck in the deep woods won't stand there forever' so you can get the best shot at him, and your family really needs the fresh, tasty, rich meat to suppliment the every day beans and potatoes...LOL. You have to 'strike while the iron is hot.'

Have a great day!

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NPN polls show dozens of Senatorial aides have watched our 10-minute video "Holder Admits: No Equality in Hate Bill." Dozens more, both Democrat and Republican, are promising to watch it or pass it on to Senators.


"Behold, I am coming soon! Blessed is he who keeps the words of the prophecy in this book." Revelation 22:7
and He is coming soon! Amen!