Saturday, December 26, 2009

Letter to Dave.

Tom's Journal.

Messianic Prophecy in the Old Testament

Posted: 27 Dec 2009 08:04 AM PST

By Jack KelleyIn the time after their sin and expulsion from the Garden, Adam and Eve must have felt incredible despair. They had experienced life both before and after the curse, the only ones to do so, and had first hand knowledge of the difference. And what a difference it was. Even the part of it we can relate to had to have been devastating.For example suppose that one day you were the


God made a Covenant with Israel, NOT America. Jesus is Lord, and my Personal Savior. 'Heaven is my Home.'

Thankful for 2009.

Tom's Journal.

My Dad use to say: 'You can't have it both ways-- you can't complain about the heat in Summer and the cold in Winter.' Who wants a complainer or a whiner around all the time... sour grapes...LOL? Fall is my fav. season in Wisconsin, but I have lived in many places, as you all know.
I think that the warm weather makes my bones feel better, but there are no insects to bite me in the Winter time...LOL. And when people brag how great TX, CA and Florida are, I think about those great hurricanes that come and blow them away. I also remember that it wasn't that bad shoveling snow 20 years ago or cutting the grass, but it's a major effort now. Older people were honored and respected 30 years ago-- but now days they are put into a old age home and abused too often and neglected. Older people I used to know always had more money from working hard all their lives...BEFORE we became a "nanny-state."

This Christmas has been OK for my wife and I, and we are happy and content to have enough to keep us satisfied, warm and cozy. It also felt kind of strange NOT to have Main Street traffic non-stop. But I can't wait to read the papers right after New Years Day to see all the DUI's. I am glad to have matured enough to change my foolish ways, my days of wine and roses-- to be more moderate now days. The Chiropractor is helping me too,and I wonder just how much better he can adjust me.
I ought to attach a computer print out to show just how bad my spine is... LOL. But it could always be worse. PTL. A drunk driver in WI crossed the center line and struck an on coming car injuring the other driver paralyzed from the neck down! I broke my neck in 1997, C1 and C2 Anterior, but it healed and I am relatively OK now. But that accident took the 'wind out of my sails.' A pick up truck driven by an Islamic man ran a stop sign and whacked me good in 2001, fracturing 12 ribs by knocking me off my prised GoldWing motorcycle, and I felt that was a 'wake up call' that changed my life too.

My personal plans and considerations/ goals for this [traumatic] NEW YEAR are, To make sure that I try to reach as many new people with the Bible and the Gospel of Jesus Christ as my infirm body and mind are able. This IS the Lord's work for every real Christian, and watch LESS TV. I need to make more cabinets and home repairs when we can afford them and plant more tomatoes and cukes in the Victory Garden.

If anyone knows where I can buy more inexpensive Bibles to hand out for free-- please let me know. I know about the Gideon' s but I am not able to meet their monthly quota in dissemination goals/ expectations.
Prayers for my dear friends, Penny and Robb, in CA.

The roads up here are very slick/ slippery, so drive with care.

Warm Regards,
Tom and Sharon