Monday, February 22, 2010

Culture of Death and Fraud.

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Sweet, poetic Justice! Some times we just wish that the God of the Bible would squeeze the hearts of godless, unbelieving Socialists and Medical/ "Scientific" Frauds. But that's not God's way... He would rather that people find their way to Him, repent, confess their sins and change their ways-- study the Bible and apply it, and surrender their lives to the Lord Jesus.

How very fortunate for many of us-- like me! If God allowed me to die/ get killed more than 20 years ago, I would be cursed for eternity... Ouch! It gets me when some ignorant punk / person sneers that he looks forward to going to hell-- so he can drink, smoke grass, do drugs and party with his old buddies...HA! There will be no parties in hell, but pain and sorrow forever! I keep asking people, 'why would you go through a hard, poor, disenfranchised life on Earth... and then end up in hell after that ??' It doesn't have to be that way! Unless they think that having extreme pride, selfishness and stupidity becomes them so much that they REFUSE to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Does it mean so much-- acting like some macho, stubborn nut job to forfeit Paradise with Christ forever? Unfortunately, that WILL be the case for most of humanity, as the Bible clearly predicts... and look at Bible history-- and even God's Chosen People, the Jews. They, for the most part, refused the Son/ Messiah too.

I am truly amazed at how much knowledge I thought I knew, ten- thirty years ago-- with now, January 2010! And I still learn more almost every day. Some folks speculate that we only use about 3% of our brains at the time of our death on earth. We were MADE/ CREATED to live forever! And we will -- but it's only a question of WHERE.

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The Science of Fraud and Its Culture of Death and Tyranny

Posted: 22 Feb 2010 08:59 AM PST

By Bill Wilson. Word of Life MinistryJesus tells us in Matthew 24:4, "Take heed that no man deceive you." Yet, Americans have been living in deception for generations. Think about it. The public school system has been teaching evolution since the 1960s. If evolution, in its most sincere sense were true, why are we not seeing apes turning into men these days? People become so angry over the mere

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Carolyn said...

Hi Tom. It's things like this which is why I homeschool! I know that my son won't always agree with everything I say and think, nor do I expect him to... but I will raise him and teach him to think things out for himeself, and no public government school gives that choice to students.
As for evolution and the whole big bang stuff- I did a simple experiment with him.
I gave him a deck of cards and had him make a design on the living room floor. It could be whatever he wanted to make out of the cards, 5 minutes later, we looked at and talked about his design. Then we gathered up the cards and this part he liked, I had him throw them up in the air to see where and how they landed. Needless to say, it was a mess. We did this about 5 times, each time they landed in a mess. I then asked him, how many times do you think it would take for you to throw the cards up and have them land in the shape of your design? He realized that it would be near impossible for that to happen. I told him it's the same thing with our universe- that it had a designer, the Lord, and that He created everything for a purpose- that there is no way our heavens and earth could come out by chance- like throwing the cards up and expecting them to land in the same pattern.
He totally understood this.
As for global whatever it is these days, he asked me why I don't believe it. I told him, not only does the Bible not mention the end of the world by heat or cold, but also the reason they (the scientists) give is CO2- carbon dyoxide. Well, we looked at a couple of his science books to see what produces CO2. He discovered that people breath it out- and that plants "breath" it in, which in turn, they "breath" out oxygen, which people and animals need to live. He asked me, what would happen if they cut out CO2? I told him that plants would die, trees and anything green, because they need it- then we, and all animals would die because we need the plants.
He understands in a way by seeing and reading and listening, that everything is in it's order- that God made things work together, and that we can't make things the way He did.
He realizes that there are different views, and as he gets older, we'll look critically at all points, but in doing so already, it only points to the Lord.
God Bless you Tom!