Monday, October 31, 2011

More Signs about Israel.

Tom's Journal.

I am getting a funny feeling in my gut that God, common sense [but NO BODY ELSE] is trying to tell me something...eminent and critical-- but the devil is pulling me the opposite way at the same time.  Part of the answer is found below in the short articles presented.  I think the smart thing to do is to take a deep breath, step back, and re-group myself, then pray often and study to get the real 'answer' from God.  I believe that there ARE millions of Christians just like me who believe the same as I do--- but Satan has certainly blinded the majority--as was foretold. [It is said and I firmly believe it-- that there are MORE real, biblical Christians hiding 'under ground' in China-- than in the USA and Europe combined!!]

All indications are such that Israel is planning a strategic move/ attack/ surgical, pre-emptive strike-- for self preservation in the very near future, but they have such great Security/ 'tight lips' that everyone else can only speculate-- and that's good.   Americans love to blab all over themselves... lol... sorry.  Even most of the  fine, pretty ladies that I meet and date lately don't have the foggiest idea what is going on farther than their nose,regarding the Middle East/ Israel thing and Scripture, although some are Christians and Saved-- and I like them very much and treat them well/ generously, but Scripture says:  'Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers.' ~2nd Cor. 6:14.  Ha!  The chances of me finding a real, knowledgeable Christian woman near me that could relate to what I am talking about are slim... sorry again, but then how many people, no matter what church they attend, if any, have the love of  bible study like my circle of friends on certain FB groups/ sites, etc.???--sorry, again!  However, I NEVER look down and make fun of ANY BODY, and it took me many years to get to where I am now--PTL.  Please don' t take this the wrong way, and  have much to learn too -- Lord help me.  The very same can be said about most men too-- and I am NO WAY Sexist.
Ha!  I DON'T HAVE ANY SPECIAL GIFTS, BRAINS, or a special channel from God!!!  All I have is the Holy Spirit and a will to read the right things!    I have just posted a fine place to learn and hear/ see the truth-- as listed below.   I have a good IQ, BUT I'M NOT A GENIUS.   I am also a SINNER MAN!  Not bragging about that either...

I pretty much broke up with a beautiful lady from MN because of a difference of agreement about just this thing I am talking about right now, and it broke my heart--shattered it, so that I am still very upset about it.  It was a matter of "priorities" but she said in her bio that she was 'Liberal' and maybe I was just too blindly in love to see that.. and I suppose Lot [in the book of Genesis] had to make a decision NOT to turn around when his beloved wife did that foolish thing.  Awww, heck, maybe I am just too selfish, needy, lonely, or like to take the path of least resistance, as I keep searching for the elusive happiness on earth.  And if that's true I need to be taken to the wood shed for a good whooping.  Guess I am a very slow learner, after all. [sigh..].  Maybe, 'ours is not to ponder why-- ours is but to do or die...'  Ha! Well, If I were were counseling another person with my same problem I would give them the same answers.   I have know many good, close friends in the past who loved me as a brother, but I was married and that posed a main priority of caring for MY family first, but tried to help them as much as I could.    I keep 'chanting the old mantra': "count all your blessings", especially now days.  I wonder how many people will be able to dig their way through my cryptic words tonight.  People have married me in the past mostly for my Chrysler pension and benefits.  Perhaps I ought to cop the idea that I shall NEVER know real happiness on this 6000 year old earth, and let it go at that.

Love and Big Christian Bear Hugs,

Posted: 31 Oct 2011 11:36 AM PDT
By Stan Goodenough Jerusalem Watchman In what was described as a crucial “UN test vote,” UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) voted Monday to grant full membership to the ‘State of Palestine.” The 107 nations voting in favor included South Africa, China, Russia, Brazil, India and France. Among the 14 votes against were the US, Canada and Germany.

Posted: 31 Oct 2011 09:25 AM PDT
By Joseph Farah WorldNetDaily A U.S. intelligence source has told G2Bulletin there are more indicators Israel is preparing to launch an attack – possibly against Iran. And if it does, it may be looking at how to undertake a multi-front strategy that would include an assault against Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in the Gaza Strip or even Syria, according to a report from Joseph Farah's G2

Posted: 31 Oct 2011 08:29 AM PDT
By Jim Fletcher Prophecy Matters With Tunisia and Libya now going over to Sharia law, Egypt heading that way, and other regimes becoming more destabilized in the Middle East, one wonders how the U.S. State Department and White House could be so naïve. Are they? Of course, we helped arm and train the Taliban a generation ago, against the Soviets, so nothing should surprise us. I well

History Channel Vietnam video.

Tom's Journal.

The message below is of importance to all combat Vietnam Vets[ and spouses] and not for the 'faint- hearted.'  I am very blessed  to have contact and fellowship with a double handful of other combat Vets who share important, constructive news and advice with each other in our various net works, phone, email, etc., and it's like a 'sacred brotherhood of an elite group' and we speak our own language!  And YES, I AM PROUD TO BE IN THEIR NUMBER!  May God bless my brothers in Arms, and let the Holy Spirit strengthen them in their last days, with dignity.  

I would like to speak about the importance of a SMILE and the power behind it.  An honest smile from a person who has pure godly love in their heart is worth a handful of pure silver, IMHO!  And since I've been dating again, for a serious long term relationship- monogamy, I go thru MANY women, trying to figure them out and ferret out the truth.  But looking at their pictures-- I past up all the females that can't even muster a smile.  Sure, looks can be deceiving but I am not looking for a sour puss, whose 'glass is half empty.'   And there are plenty of gold diggers, users, players out there, especially in these hard times that will only get HARDER in coming months.  There just may be a short little 'spurt of economic glee' ONLY because that toad in the WH wants to get re-elected...  grrrrr..HA!   But the Bible promises us that things in the 'Last Days' WILL GET MUCH WORSE!  Yet, real Christian can smile and know that their salvation is near, and the Lord will take care of them, no matter what comes down the pike!  YOU should ALL be HAPPY [but not].

A buddy sent me this message today from his own blog:

"The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life;  and he that winneth souls is wise.  
Behold, the righteous shall be recompensed in the earth:  much more the wicked and the sinner."   ~ Proverbs 11: verses 30 and 31. KJB, or course...
Friends, I am afraid that my search for the right lady has turned into a ministry of sorts..LOL, but if the Lord wants this for me-- then so be it.  I am a lonely man, especially after loosing my dear soul mate/ wife, Sharon, this year, April 9th, 2011,and then my only beloved son, Andy, killed on May 10th.  The Lord gives me more than I need to pay my bills-- and still paying for one funeral, that that is just a fact of life.  My goofy Rottweiler male, Deuce, always acts the clown when ever any lady comes over for a date, or just to visit and talk/ chat, and he don't know when to quit.  I can't even hold hands with out him barking or trying to separate us!!   I am a very romantic man, sometimes emotional, still trying to get my head straight-- but I WILL continue to see Christian ladies, with the proper motive in my heart.  Some how we inevitably talk about the Bible, God, and salvation, and most of them are ignorant of them all, but I am a kind, patient listener and we trained, skilled, competent to share my knowledge of the Bible with anyone.  The Holy Spirit engages my brain and summons up all that I know-- to share with them and I make them feel GOOD about themselves and give them hope!!  PTL!

Well, maybe the Lord knows me that well-- that if and when I find a lady who really likes/ loves me for whom and what I am-- my preaching work might slow down a tad-- and I still have not found a good woman.  Maybe the Rapture will come sooner and I will be in heaven along with the millions [prob not billions] of other REAL, biblical Christians taken up before the Great Trib. strikes all those "Left Behind."   Well, that will be the end of my so-called dating... LOL..Ha!    I want you all to know that even with my severe knee, leg and back pain [and the VA could care less], I am not a couch potato, but still doing the Lord's work... and I still need your prayers, please.
    I have a date tomorrow with a Algebra teacher for lunch!  Woo Woo!  I hope she likes me.  Maybe I could use some prayers in this area too-- please, brothers and sisters.  I am doing great with my weight loss program and now just added the kenosha,wi YMCA to my regimen. 

It a great, crisp, sunny Wisconsin day-- be glad in it!

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman
Vietnam Veteran: 68-70, and proud of it!


VN movie--tell everyone


This link is a preview of the 6 hour film to be shown on the History Channel on Nov 8,9, &10.  I saw the first two hours with some infantry grunts as we met at a reunion in TN, and we were all moved by the detail and presentation. One of our clan helped make the film.  The DVDs can be pre-ordered at
Good presentation, not for the faint of heart.
Lee Livingston

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Missle Launchers from Libya.

Tom's Journal.

Question:  How long would America wait to defend itself if Mexico or Canada started launching rockets and artillery at us??  Actually, obama KNOWS that many Mexicans are targeting people in the USA right now, but does NOTHING!

Question number two:  How much longer will Israel put up with her neighbors shelling her citizens from Gaza, etc, and those weapons are know to be from Libya, Iran, Syria, etc etc ???

Remember,many smart, studied Christians know believe that after God wins the next war for Israel-- we think that the RAPTURE is close behind!  How long will people here in the USA continue to bury their heads in the sand and pretend that this is not happening, running around like chickens with their heads cut off so busy trying to make a buck in Satan's wicked world?

Ponder on this, friends and readers...

Posted: 30 Oct 2011 08:39 AM PDT
By Aaron Klein Klein Online A missile launcher capable of firing up to five projectiles at once was recently smuggled into the Gaza Strip and originated in Libya, according to sources in the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization speaking to KleinOnline. Earlier today, Islamic Jihad released a video of what it claimed was the launcher actually firing five missiles. If confirmed, this

Lift your heads up.

Tom's Journal.

The following article/ important video is not a scare tactic-- just the truth, and I urge you to watch this short message.  The main reason I am posting this is NOT to incite readers to anger or fear-- but to encourage us all that we need NOT fear all these coming calamities... and we must ALWAYS remember that the Father's plans and promises trump everything else in this world!!  All the crude, corrupt human leaders' promises [LIES] will be dashed and fail.

I know it sounds like a paradox, but real Christians [not CHINO's] can actually lift their heads up with confidence that the Lord God in Heaven WILL save all who have confessed in their heart of hearts that Jesus is their personal Lord and Savior!

After studying for 22 years with the JW-cult, we always thought that salvation could come only thru the WatchTower and Tract society, they claimed that they alone had a 'direct channel' to God... lol,  and there are many other cults who tell the same sort of lies and trap people in their spider webs from cradle to grave-- and hell yawns eternal and has no bottom for those who refuse the kiss the Son!  Sorry... that's Scripture and Jesus talks MORE about hell than he did about heaven.  Just read the simple Gospels!  They are written on a 5th grade level....duh.   Unfortunately, the folks who worked so hard for their Ph.,D's, and Masters, don't always have or believe the TRUTH of the Bible [but I applaud their hard work and zeal if they use their smarts to serve their fellow man, and I loved college too!]  Paul said that the "Wisdom of the world is foolishness with God."  `1st Corinthians, chapter 3, verse 19.  It has been my sublime joy to help and explain all of this to many fine, but confused people, for the past 12 years of my life, since I found the Lord-- but I had to humble myself and 're-learn' the Bible, that was corrupted by false religion and the cults.   
      Smart people have told me that God must have loved me SO MUCH, in saving me from mortal combat in Vietnam, even serving as a helicopter door gunner: 68-70, and numerous traumatic accidents, truck [broken neck, C1 and C2-anterior -1997], motorcycle[12 fractured ribs and blood in the lung-2001], surgery, knee replacements, and mishaps in my 62 of life on planet earth!!  First of all, the Father loved me and knew me before I was born!  God knew about Essau and his brother Jacob, before they slipped out of momma--[sorry to be so graphic...]. We all have the chance of being saved by Jesus' ransom, sanguinary sacrifice on the cross [or tree, if you prefer...], but all humans are "free, moral agents" --not robots, and we can make up our own minds as to what we choose to do in or life.  How do I know all of this?  I am a good reader and the Holy Spirit enables me to understand the scriptures and remember them.  Little children can do the same!!  What is YOUR excuse-- not knowing this life saving, high priority information, dear friends??  Please forward this post to your loved ones and friends if you think it has merit.  I am nothing but dust, dirt in the wind- but the Lord 'uses' folks like me IF WE KEEP OURSELVES RELATIVELY 'CLEAN', and humble, even sinners as we be.

This obama-care is truly a nightmare and is unlawful!  But something far greater is slated to happen according to the Father...and His Word...  There will soon be another war between Israel and her hateful Islamic neighbors... SOON, and true Christians already KNOW WHO WILL WIN THE BATTLE...God will fight for Israel again, just like He did through out the Old Testaments- Hebrew scriptures!  This will be a 'game changer' and affect the entire world, and shortly after that millions of Christians [the Bride of Christ-- the Church] will be Raptured up to heavenly bliss and eternal joy!!!  Wow!  Conclusion:  Lift your heads up high and praise the Lord, and grow as close to Him as possible by meeting with ones of like Biblical Faith, and study the Word-- the Bible as much as you physically can.  Please visit:

Here is a pic of me, at age 19 shortly after I got "in-country" RVN--Vietnam in 1968, at a place near the Cambodian border, called Cu Chi, RVN. >>>


Much Christian Love, and hugs,
tommy schuckman 

Subject: Fw: This will knock your socks off!--a MUST see

Need to watch, we have some of these statements before; it will be too late soon.  This bill has been pushing from under cover.  This is still America!!!!!!!!!!  Call all of your reps and not just once.

Please don’t wait for someone else to do your part!!!!
 Warning!!!   This is scarrrry!!!!

Please watch the entire video....This is a MUST!
Then send it to everyone you know.

 Texas 1845, Preamble We the People of the Republic of Texas , acknowledging, with gratitude, the grace and beneficence of God.

Friday, October 28, 2011


Tom's Journal.

I have been having a lot better success dating and meeting nice people since I've been 'fishing in a different larger pond'!  Many of the younger girls usually want a younger guy, drop dead handsome, skinny and filthy rich-- a 'sugar daddy.'  Even the so-called "Christians."  That term now days is nothing more than a buzz word anyway, and there are really very few Christians out there that I can find, and you are taking a chance even at that.  I dated FOUR church going 'Christian' women these past 4 weeks, and they  all were so sour, demanding and egotistic.... duh.  I was disillusioned to say the least.  As I have said so many times:  "Going to church all the time no more makes a person a Christian-- than standing in a garage makes one a car!!"  Ha!  Some folks say that, "all is fair in love and war."  But I don't see it that way.  Truth and honesty are still very important to me.  I don't know if a woman just wants a free hot meal or just wants to 'unload' her problems, sorrows, tell her personal story [and I am a good listener], but I try to make myself abundantly clear that I am not the one who plays these games-- I am hunting/ looking. searching for the right woman who is somewhat compatible with me-- who will love me for who and what I am.   
That's not too hard to understand... or maybe it 

A fine lady came over for a glass of wine and a nice long visit/ talk this afternoon, and I like her,and I think we 'click'.  I am sure we MIGHT meet again, but I have 3 more dates lined up in the near future. After the person gets to know me well, trusts me, cares for me-- I will be wanting a commitment down the road, leading to a serious relationship and love.  I don't plan on jumping into to something pre-maturely, as I did in earlier years-- only to regret it, big time.   That stinks on ice, and break ups really destroy me and hurt!  But rest assured that God in Heaven sees all of this and He will judge us all in the end.  I really value my extensive Bible knowledge helped by the Holy Spirit through out so many years of hard, serious study and prayer.  PTL!
   You have to watch out for "PLAYERS" and Game players,'Users', greedy and selfish women [and men] and so many of  the women out there don't honestly know WHAT THEY REALLY WANT!!!  And so I have to just be blunt, direct in asking them if they are REALLY looking for a relationship-- because I am, and why waste time?   It's OK to meet and have fun, but I just like to be up front and honest.   But I am always a gentleman and treat them all well and with respect, tell them jokes and kid with them, make them laugh until they ache, and they leave with a smile on their face.
I also teach and explain the Bible with them in a very gentle way--[only if they want or ask for help], and I am starting to believe this  is what God really wants me to do. The Lord 'USES' me!  I am also convinced that long distance relationships seldom work because that means one person has to be willing to give up so much and move, so I don't want to play games there either, and try to be kind but realistic.  On the other hand I might be planning to sell my 100 year old house and re-locate to the suburbs of Kenosha, or some other nice place, if I meet the right person.   I am taking things slowly and that seems to work well.   I still get nervous before I meet someone, but that dissolves pretty quick after I beak the ice and make them feel comfortable, and after all-- I am a Christian gentleman, just searching for a compatible lady who likes to have fun and laugh!   So I am somewhat content-- and thank the Lord for every gentle mercy and all His abundant blessings on me...  No complaints, mate.

I did my first workout today at the Kenosha YMCA and meet an old work mate Chrysler buddy, named Dennis!  He told me about a one time mutual friend has turned himself into a hermit, but I still have to cut that Vietnam Vet Marine some slack, because I KNOW that he too suffers from PTSD.  Had a good time at the YMCA- but already SORE from the "light: work out, but need some swimming trunks.  I think I am building up my endurance with all the walking these days.
I also told the North Chicago VAMC that I don't want the colonoscophy, PERIOD!  that's just one more invasive procedure where they can mess me up again and hurt me worse than before.  I well remember how KMH- Kenosha replaced my Left knee on June 14th of this year and also gave me a horrible Staff Infection that could have been fatal!!  I was inches away for bringing a law suit...  I have great health insurance from both Chrysler and the VA, PTL, and I will not be treated like a bum or a refugee!  I fired one abusive "doctor" from Romania for verbally abusing me and treating me like used toilet paper....  Poof!

Q.  How do you comfort someone and reassure her that God loves her after she was raped and beaten?  She is 21 years old and was overpowered by an intruder in her home. She barely survived the ordeal. I know to tell her that it is Satan and not God that brings these things across [...]

Warm Regards, Christian Bear Hugs,

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Some days a diamond-- somedays a stone.

Tom's Journal.

Is this short article personally prophetic or what ???!  Talk about a short ministry of sorts.. and I personally believe that God uses those who are clean and humble to do certain 'jobs'/ missions that only THEY are suited/ capable for!  I went through, experienced so many varied trials, traumas that make ME suited to witness to special types of people who NEED special things.  It happens to me so often that it's uncanny.  PTL.  Thank you, Lord, for using this tired, old Soldier as a 'tool' to accomplish your work in these last days.  And, anyone who is a servant of Jesus can be used in  the same way.  So what is holding you back, now that you know this?

Q.  Does the Holy Spirit know when the Rapture will occur?  This question arose a few weeks ago when a missionary friend of mine was in town and shared several words of knowledge with me.  He told me I would have a certain ministry.  I was excited about my upcoming ministry, but at the same [...]

What a super fine day in WI!!  I got so much done again but ran out of steam and didn't work out at the Kenosha YMCA.  Just me and the hound dog here, "Deuce" the wonder dog!  I was just sorting through some paper work and found a picture of my past dearest son, Andy, slain on May 10th, 2011, about one month after I lost my dear wife, Sharon, my soul mate.   I could lament and cry about my losses, but I think not.  I am charged by the DA NOT to talk about the case-- for fear of jeopardizing it in court.   
     Friends,  I don't mean to sound holy or pompous, but I am NOT worried about justice for my handsome, educated, talented son, Andrew Thomas Schuckman, age 37.  I personally trained him like a soldier-- everything I knew and learned, and then encouraged him to seek higher education to make sure he had a viable trade/skill to get what he needed in life.  I sat him on my knee teaching him to MEMORIZE parts of the Bible when he was a little boy in his long johns underwear and taught him the Bible, and  how to shoot, operate my power tools, and all facts of love, war, peace, self defense, and wisdom.  He was exceptionally handsome and a ladies man, tall and proud.  People immediately saw the resemble between us when I used to show my short movie of me in Vietnam at age 21, helicopter door gunner with the 240th AHC [Assault Helicopter Company] BearCat, RVN.. My 2nd tour of duty.  
Well, I forced myself to move on, and I totally trust my Heavenly  Father to take care of business at His discretion.  And that's a quantum leap from the Terrible Tom 30 years ago...  Now I feel the loneliness and am searching for a kind, gentle Christian lady to be my soul mate again, but I am older now, age 62, and the younger women in their mid-50's want a skinny, handsome, young, wealthy man...Ha! So I am tapping the older set of mature ladies, and have a few friends, but I must wait and be patient for the Lord to help me, IF IT BE HIS WILL.

A certain lady trusted me enough to tell her story of sexual abuse as a young girl and many other horrible things, including her dear daughter's rape and murder long ago.  I had to control my eyes from getting emotional... and I thought that my own life was more of a 'cake walk' compared to hers'.  I prayed with her yesterday and gave her a new Bible [$50] with her promise that she would read it in her spare time.  I felt as if God was whispering in my ear to help her if I could.  I am so imperfect, sinful and fall flat on my face all the time, but this was one of my finest hours.  PTL.

Does anyone know how to 'block' an unwanted caller who loves to harass me??  Cell phone and land phone?

Time to kick back and play with my dog, Deuce.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Gloomy Day.

Tom's Journal.

Even the best laid planning can have holes in it and fail.  Today was another Murphy's Law with slow moving airheads...sorry.  I have never seen so many brain dead people together in one place since I visited the North Chicago VA on Monday!!  I had an appointment and came in at 0830 and still have to wait for 2 hours and 40 minutes before they got my 2 new tires mounted.. saying they had trouble with the rim.   But I have had such back luck with these goofs before, but they just had a special rugged tire there that I wanted for Winter.  And now I have traction big time!!  Now I am ready for the snow!  

Another fine cleaning lady is here today at my house and she seems like a special, kind married woman, who had a long tale of life's hardships, etc. that made me think that mine were miniscule!  I will never give her identity, but we share the same sorrows of having a child murdered and abuse, etc.  So I gave her a new DEFINED KJV Bible if she promised she would read it in her spare time.  Emotionally, Spiritually, and Intellectually, she would be the woman for me!!  But all the good ones are taken...   I treat ladies like her like queens, and rightfully so... as I consider them as a gift from God, and it's almost like God tells me to 'take care of them' because they are His children in need to something special.  'I am glad to do my little part Great Master and Father.'  Well then, today has not been a total loss, and I was praying again this morning for some sign of support, help and encouragement.  

Posted: 26 Oct 2011 11:10 AM PDT
By Chris Perver Prophecy in the News The Vatican has called for the establishment of a global authority that would regulate financial transactions and prevent the world economy sliding deeper into recession. The European Union is presently in the grip of a grave financial crisis involving the Euro, the single currency adopted by seventeen of its member states. Last year several EU states,
Warm Regards,


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Good Winter Tires.

Tom's Journal.

I had another fine, busy day today dining out for some prime rib, and before that as I needed to kill some time, I ordered 2 heavy tread tires from Farm and Fleet to be mounted tomorrow morning for $500!!!  I really wanted to get 4 tires but could not afford that right now-- but on the other hand... hmmm, I will think about it over night.  

I still have that bad back, need a back rub or a REAL chiropractor instead of a money grubbing quack like the last one in Union Grove..Ha!  The VA needs to assess, and address that situation too as I have mentioned it to them a few times-- but those wheels of medicine run ever so slow--on the 'planet of the apes.'  Friends,  if I say that I am not all that smart-- where does that leave the bone heads/ brain dead staff working at the North Chicago VAMC...LOL?   Seems like once you have your gravy Gov't/ VA job, it's almost impossible to get fired there.  I should have opted for that type of work instead of auto manufacturing and welding ... except that I always hated such places of suffering, misery, and death- hospitals.  Things turned out OK for me anyway, and I am not ashamed of my retirement or struggles through life.  If only I could have learned these lessons about 25 years ago.  A smart high school teacher, Mr. Joe Kaster,  at a class reunion once told me:  'Tom, never wish you were someone else, or in another person's shoes.'  We all have to live our own lives, and also answer to the Father when our "tour of duty" is over.

As I've said the other day, I think I need to get back to the basics and stick my nose in the Scriptures-- and form that good habit of reading a few chapters every day!  If I start feeling sorry for myself-- the Word is the place to go for encouragement and wisdom.  

New VA appointed 'cleaning lady' coming tomorrow, so we will have to 'reinvent the wheel' again.   Need to buy some groceries too.  I am so tired tonight.

Warm Regards,

Q.  Does the Greek word translated as “taken” in 2 Thessalonians 2:7 appear anywhere else in the New Testament, and is it translated consistently with the same meaning? A.  In English 2 Thes. 2:7 reads, “For the secret power of lawlessness is already at work; but the one who now holds it back will continue [...]

Monday, October 24, 2011

Abort, Abort.

Tom's Journal.

 I guess we could all joke, laugh and hoot about my day at the "Planet of the Apes" this morning [VAMC- North Chicago]... the procedure was aborted when they discovered that my stool was not crystal, clear, clean, so we didn't do the camera up the back side today, Colonoscopy.  The Doctor/ surgeon told  me that it was NOT my fault, but next time we will do a few days with out food before the cleansing treatment times two days.  I was so constipated that the  goo-goo, gunk water didn't clean me out enough-- how ever... I scaled up and was happy to see another 20 pounds gone!!!  Now, at least I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!  PTL.
     So I came home to celebrate by having a Spanish omelet, and then drove to Burlington to visit with my Mom for a while, came home and let Deuce the Rotty outside, and now catching up with my email, etc.  Am looking forward to tomorrow!  Smile, Tommy, Smile!
       A good, kind,  friend from MN told me that it's alright to be 'discriminating' as far as picking whom I date, and that's sound about right anyway.  I don't date SMOKERS, drug addicts,  people who outweigh me 10 to 1, atheists/ agnostics, etc....   but the woman doesn't have to be drop dead beautiful either.  Average looks, and good brains will do just fine.  Having been in a few relationships-- I don't ever want to repeat something bitter and cruel.  People fault me for re-marrying again, but my ex-wife  just moved from man to loser and just shacked up all these years  with numerous men [and told me that she doesn't even believe in God anymore!!]  and she will NEVER be happy!   But she never was that bright sorry. I seldom even think about her  --- but I do honestly believe that a person can make a few mistakes, repent, turn around from evil and start anew by studying the Scriptures and keeping the nose to the grindstone, trying to be a Christian.  You can't lose with that equation!  Even if I never find another compatible woman-- it won't be that bad.  I found the secret, and know for a fact that I AM SAVED and going to heaven!  Not because I am a "good person" but because I have accepted  the Lord Jesus Christ into my heart as my personal Savior, and try to follow His way.  Period.  I still have to confess my sins every night before going to sleep.  Besides, I just might be a little off balance mindset in my latest thing about poor old me-- Mr. Lonely.  After all, don't I have plenty to be thankful for, enough $$$$  to pay off, pay on my bills and debts and still invest a little??  And just think how much more ill I would be trapped with 'dog from Hades' in a horrible marriage? 

Oh, what a splendid, warm, SUNNY day, so fine with pretty Autumn colors.  It rained and thundered last night, and that's when I sleep good!  But my dog still has nightmares and PTSD  [Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, --for all you civilians --Ha!] from New Orleans- Katrina, and he usually sleeps on the floor at the foot of my bed, taking care of his master, Tom.  I am strict with him, but I cherish and treat him well.  I was raised on a small beef and grain farm in Racine County and taught never to abuse any animal.  I remember the day Papa had to shoot our family dog, Duke,  because he got run over by a car, and was in dire pain and agony, dying... and I am my father's son.   I wish my dearest son, Andy, were still around using all the knowledge and wisdom I taught him...  he was a fine, handsome, hard working, educated gentleman.

Well, I am 'off the hook' for a while, but will have to reschedule another procedure in the future, and lose more weight and pump iron in the time being.  Now the day is pretty much shot, and time to kick back and relax watching the Fox News.  
     Bill Tippett and family, I am so happy that 'your ship has come in to port!!!'  God bless you and your fine family,and thank you for riding 'shotgun' today even our mission was aborted.   See you latter. 

Q.  When talking about salvation what are the absolutes one has to believe to be saved?  Is there a difference between somebody who refuses to believe Jesus is God and somebody who may accept Jesus as their savior and tragically dies that night without full understanding of who Jesus is? A.  In order to be [...]
Q.  What do I say to a  believer who doesn’t believe that God speaks to men today? A.  God doesn’t speak through officially appointed prophets in the same way He did in Old Testament times, because He has spoken His complete message to man through His Son (Hebrews 1:1-2).  But while hearing the audible voice [...]


Saturday, October 22, 2011

When all else fails-- read the BOOK.

Tom's Journal.

I am crazy about the book [out of print, unfortunately] called, MURPHY'S LAW.  And I am very fond of the Bible book of Proverbs too.  I love logic and things that unlock and make perfect sense, and old geezers who have learned most every 'trick on the trade', and old welders!  
    "When all else fails-- read the directions."  "The mind is like a parachute-- it only works when open."  "Never force something-- get a bigger hammer...Ha!"  "Those who have the gold-- make the rules."  
     'All is far in love and war.'
      But the most wise Book in the universe is:  The Bible!  People who scoff or disagree at this statement, are usually ignorant [that means they never really read/ studied it in the first place], or are lying, or just plain STUPID!!  Human scholars may have SOME wisdom, but it can never compare to the Bible.  I have found it to be true that most folks, including my dear, old MOM, will go through any sacrifice, any length, to go around the Bible-- mostly because they don't want to be "accountable" to someone else, especially GOD!  That was Satan initial contention with God in the beginning-- see books of Genesis and Job... Satan claimed that mankind did NOT need to obey God's rule, commandments, statutes.  So.. for the last 6000 years man has tried every kind of self rule and ever Democracy is demonic!!  Rule of the majority???  Well, what if the majority is evil, stupid, very ignorant, and ill advised? Duh...  Just look what America just did 3 years ago... elected a man who has trashed the U.S. Constitution ever chance he could, went around the Congress, courts, Law, to put his personal agenda into motion!   If it doesn't look like total destruction of the American way-- then just skin me alive and throw me in a ditch, because that's what our lawless society has bargained for.  The Law has been totally subverted already.. by the majority of ignorant buffoons who claimed that they voted... and now we are in a pickle, and the world economy is going South as we speak!  So much for "higher learning", guys and gals.  
       Those who read/ study, cherish the Bible will soon be in the minority and will be trashed, intimidated, and prob murdered, as in other heathen lands. For those of us who are well versed and studied in the Holy Scriptures, we know that the time is short and we expect the Rapture sooner rather than later.  Actually, sometimes I wonder if my Lord and Savior isn't keeping me celibate because the the "end of this system" is so close, and He doesn't want me to be led astray at the last moment...  and then, there really are many, unbelieving gold diggers out there, and I have crossed paths with a few already.  When I finally perceive that these kind of losers only want what ever material things they can squeeze with their filthy meat hooks-- and despise the Bible, I back off quick... and God has protected me, so far.  This is what I glean from Hebrews 4:12, "For the word of God is quick [alive], and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart."  Please read the next verse too.  IMHO, the Word of God acts like a 'truth serum' to force an issue --to make known what is in a person's heart!   Sooner or later, the real truth will be very apparent and plain for all to see.  People will not be able to sit on the fence anymore.  "MY CAMP" of millions of well studied born again Christians all believe and think the way I do!  I encourage those fine people to comment on this blog post, please.
    The super article below only reinforces what I have always said:  'God cannot lie.'  And all of His promises and prophecies have already-- and WILL COME true.  I am putting my money on the fine Warrior who rides the White horse, along with His Army.   Do you all want to bet on who is going to win the battle??

Warm Regards, Hugs,
Tommy Schuckman
Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70, and humble servant and soldier of Christ.

 I just sent  2 special letters to a fine Christian lady in MN.....[NS].  Please pray for her welfare, upcoming  surgery/ discomfort.  Thank you.

Posted: 22 Oct 2011 08:33 AM PDT
By Bill Salus The Arab Spring has yielded a bumper crop of dethroned leaders. The latest bad apple to fall from the tree is Muammar Gaddafi. Libya’s autocratic leader came into power forty-two years ago in 1969. Graphic blood-stained and scantily-clad images displaying the longstanding leader dead with a bullet to the head evidenced that according to NATO and his

Friday, October 21, 2011

All about Lawlessness.

Tom's Journal.

Tonight I have posted a power packed article  by one of my fav. writers/ Christians, Hal Lindsey!  I think he is a master at  bringing the real truth out in a very clear way, and this post interlaces the same things I have been pounding on --my own drums of war.  Thank you, Hal.  

I had the pleasure of entertaining a nice lady in my house after her work in IL was over today, and we had some pizza, talked, visited, and I had the chance to witness to her about the Bible, Salvation, the Holy Spirit and how to really know that you are 'Saved' and going to heaven!!  And she told me that she never heard this stuff before!!! Thank you, Lord, for permitting me to carry on your righteous work of sharing the Gospel with many in the world, and we left as friends, just as I said we would.   God has seen fit to use me as a 'tool' to spread the Good News of the Gospel and the Mercy of God the Father by giving His only begotten Son, Jesus, to die for our sins, so we don't have to get "Left Behind" and suffer in a post Rapture, ungodly world of violence and terror... the Great Tribulation!  

I might have been looking for a little romance to cure my loneliness, but the Lord had other plans that surely TRUMPED mine... lol.  'Nothing could be finer than to be on my recliner sharing pizza.  Nothing could be finer than to read the Holy Bible to the lady.'  I confess that:  'ours is not to ponder why-- ours is but to share the Gospel High.'

I will confess that parts of the bible that show what must definitely go down in the very near future are a bit un-nerving, and scary, and they ought to be!  The Trib. will be a nightmare  far outweighs  the bad dreams that PTSD combat Veterans from  Vietnam heaps on soldiers who have seen and experienced too much when "we were young-- we were soldiers."  In fact, I personally think that combat Vets make some of the finest, worthy Christians because they can understand the raw-ness of war, suffering and deprivation and figure out what the urgency is all about right now in sharing the truth of the Rapture and the die nightmares to follow!  And I think that we are regimented enough to take our godly mission seriously and share this timely warning, far and wide. 

Even though the humidity may have made my joints and body ache more today, I have a good feeling that I accomplished something good today, and praise the Lord ever more.

I will start Fasting tomorrow in preparation for the 'wonderful procedure' I must go through early next week in the North Chicago VAMC [Veteran's Administration Medical Center].  Another friend has promised me to drive me back afterwards back home, as the VA says I may be dizzy from the meds that will knock me out.  I care for all my close friends, and try to re-pay them in like manner, or when they need something special from me.  Bill T., you can 'stand down' as I have sought to take some stress and responsibility  off you, and another will fill in for you, but thanks just the same, brother.  I am fearful that your own health concerns plague you at this time.  Take care.

Warm Regards,

Sharon enjoyed her steaks when I grilled them outside...
I miss her so much... and maybe I will see her soon. 

Posted: 21 Oct 2011 10:16 AM PDT
By Hal Lindsey The Hal Lindsey Report A recurring theme used in the Bible to describe the state of man in the last days is "lawlessness." Now, I know that "lawlessness" as referred to on many occasions in the Bible means much more than small-time hoods knocking over liquor stores or mafia dons running numbers and prostitution rings. I believe the "lawlessness" that is prophesied to

Thursday, October 20, 2011

At least I am moving forward.

Tom's Journal.

Blue man group Berlin music awards- Drum Bone - YouTube

I've just got to share, that I bought 2 fine pairs of dress pants to be worn with a sport coat, to church, or what ever, to be tailored at the shop, down town Kenosha, WI -- OFF THE RACK, for the first time in years!!!  Wow!  that made my day!  And also got another 5 things done before heading home. Bought a printer/scanner and a LifeCam Cinema Microsoft 'WebCam' at Best Buy, in Racine... and hope it's "friendly" enough for an old plow boy to install.  I got another sun tan for $6., but my back was aching too much for a work out at the Gym, in town.
    I got home to find that the hound dog had barfed on the floor.... oh no! I have to clean that up.  And now, always in the evening when I am pretty worn out, and I seem to run out of steam, I just want to kick back and settle down.  It was that way when I was working too, had to get up at 0500 because the Chrysler assembly line started to move at 0600, and you've got to be at your station and ready to 'rock 'n roll !'  But you get used to it and it pays the bills and you can lift your head up with dignity because they pay a good wage and benefits-- for hard, quality work-- that MOST 'average men' cannot, or will not do...LOL!  
     I think my Mom is feeling blue, alone and depressed because she was forced to move to a higher rent apartment complex because the other place  she lived for many years refused to enforce the 'NO-SMOKING rule', and she was poisoned by cigarette smoke, etc. from the selfish, rats who refused to comply!!  I KNOW that I could have brought suit against those State sanctioned  apartment oinks, but she didn't want me to get involved.  Poor old Mom has a weak heart and didn't need any more stress.  Now she has to spend more money on a fixed income, because the other apartment manager didn't have spine to do the right thing!   I still might talk to an attorney, but I don't want to upset my 85 year old Mom, who is legally blind, who has done so much for me all my life.  I am a good faithful son, who knows his  sacred duty--'Honor your  father and mother.' 
    All of my friends are too sick, too injured, just had surgery, to come over and rub my aching back, and one fine lady from IL,  told me it's because I stay on the computer too long and don't sit right-- and I believe her.  
    I am feeling better, and am learning to take 'one day at a time', and not try to rush or push things faster than others can contend with.  I may be a slow learner-- but I do LEARN.   At least I am moving forward-- and not backward.  I don't yet know if I will shave  my Autumn  beard or grow a new full beard again this year.  I may know after tomorrow.  I am praying for some special friends who have asked me to just that-- and I realize that they have much stress, pain, and a super busy life.  Sometimes we purposely [or even subconsciously] weigh ourselves down so much, perhaps just to keep so busy so as not to be lonely-- and wonder why our love life won't blossom...  I have known many people like that who actually sabotage themselves to have a lame excuse why they are not truly happy, or have someone special in their lives.   Ha!  I've got enough of my own character flaws to keep myself occupied.   As long as I KNOW that the Bible promises me that I "AM SAVED-- AND GOING TO HEAVEN" when I die or get Raptured, I hope not to sweat the small stuff and get bent out of shape worrying about the 'fish that got away' ... and maybe I messed up and maybe I didn't.   However,  "The wisdom of the world is foolishness with God."  1st Corinthians 3rd chapter, 19th verse-- in the New Testament, of God's own Word, the Bible.   And I have found that the Wisdom of the Bible will ALWAYS trump any human higher education, university, college, and what good will mere humans do with a 'sheep skin' if it won't get them into heaven??? The superior wisdom, understanding and knowledge from God's own Word far out- weighs anything man can ever devise or accomplish...  and I truly LOVED college and learning!!  And I mean no harm, or hurtful sentiment against those who seek to better themselves or accomplish something that will help one get ahead and support themselves.  I just sometimes question the mindset of thinking the Rapture is a long way off, and 'why polish the brass on a sinking ship--  the late, great, planet Earth.  But that's just my 2 cents worth and personal opinion.... sorry, folks, I meant no harm or disrespect.  i was just thinking that a "combined income" ought to satisfy most blessed people in the USA... BUT THEN AGAIN-- maybe not. Please forgive me to pushing my private thoughts, dear friends, and I probably got myself into deep doo- doo again.    I should always consider the other person's wants, needs and desires above my own-- but time will tell who is right...   
     "One man's gold is another man's garbage"  -- and what seems wrong or unlovable to one person, another will pick up, love and have a happy, fulfilling life with--[I mean a man, woman, mate, human being, who has the basics of life and is thankful for being loved back, respected and 'A word to the wise should be sufficient...', as my old High School Agriculture teacher [Mr. Loyd Frye] at Waterford H.S. always used to say.   'The Lord is my  Shepard.'  

Enjoy the 'Blue Man Group' Link, above!

Warm Regards,

Any Vet that was in Nam or even Korea can apply for being exposed to Agent Orange, Nam Vets just stepping off the plane they get 20%.   That's how bad it was and you seen that page I sent you about it.  It effects people different some of my buddies dies right after they returned home and some passed it on to their kids and some like me didn't show anything till almost 30 years then all at once but what ever apply get on the registry and NEVER let up on them.  They will jerk you around with all kind of stuff that it isn't really sure that there is anything wrong with AO, well they lie and have lied for many years and lives.  Let Steve know he is in my prayers and anything I can do to help him , you or any others about AO let me know.  There are a number of books online that can give you information and help also.  There is also a number Vet groups that can help use them they are good.  We need to stay on top of this because they are doing the same thing to Our Troops in the Middle East with all the garbage they are in also.  What a Country.....I couldn't even Vote or own a gun or buy a beer when they sent me over into hell's nest but by God's Grace I came home PTL!!
OH I had my colonoscphy  and other than the taste of the Go-Lax it wasn't as bad as a ....... OK it was bad but they were great and they did find 3 palupts they took out and I don't have to worry for about 3 to 5 years because of AO so I'm good unless the bio comes back bad then I just have a new adventure to look for.  You know the way I look at it any more is one day closer!  Paul said absent of the body present with the Lord so my gain.
Well have a bunch of email to do so off I go.....ho ho ho.....I always get into a Christmas spirit when it gets cold....hohoho