Monday, October 31, 2011

History Channel Vietnam video.

Tom's Journal.

The message below is of importance to all combat Vietnam Vets[ and spouses] and not for the 'faint- hearted.'  I am very blessed  to have contact and fellowship with a double handful of other combat Vets who share important, constructive news and advice with each other in our various net works, phone, email, etc., and it's like a 'sacred brotherhood of an elite group' and we speak our own language!  And YES, I AM PROUD TO BE IN THEIR NUMBER!  May God bless my brothers in Arms, and let the Holy Spirit strengthen them in their last days, with dignity.  

I would like to speak about the importance of a SMILE and the power behind it.  An honest smile from a person who has pure godly love in their heart is worth a handful of pure silver, IMHO!  And since I've been dating again, for a serious long term relationship- monogamy, I go thru MANY women, trying to figure them out and ferret out the truth.  But looking at their pictures-- I past up all the females that can't even muster a smile.  Sure, looks can be deceiving but I am not looking for a sour puss, whose 'glass is half empty.'   And there are plenty of gold diggers, users, players out there, especially in these hard times that will only get HARDER in coming months.  There just may be a short little 'spurt of economic glee' ONLY because that toad in the WH wants to get re-elected...  grrrrr..HA!   But the Bible promises us that things in the 'Last Days' WILL GET MUCH WORSE!  Yet, real Christian can smile and know that their salvation is near, and the Lord will take care of them, no matter what comes down the pike!  YOU should ALL be HAPPY [but not].

A buddy sent me this message today from his own blog:

"The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life;  and he that winneth souls is wise.  
Behold, the righteous shall be recompensed in the earth:  much more the wicked and the sinner."   ~ Proverbs 11: verses 30 and 31. KJB, or course...
Friends, I am afraid that my search for the right lady has turned into a ministry of sorts..LOL, but if the Lord wants this for me-- then so be it.  I am a lonely man, especially after loosing my dear soul mate/ wife, Sharon, this year, April 9th, 2011,and then my only beloved son, Andy, killed on May 10th.  The Lord gives me more than I need to pay my bills-- and still paying for one funeral, that that is just a fact of life.  My goofy Rottweiler male, Deuce, always acts the clown when ever any lady comes over for a date, or just to visit and talk/ chat, and he don't know when to quit.  I can't even hold hands with out him barking or trying to separate us!!   I am a very romantic man, sometimes emotional, still trying to get my head straight-- but I WILL continue to see Christian ladies, with the proper motive in my heart.  Some how we inevitably talk about the Bible, God, and salvation, and most of them are ignorant of them all, but I am a kind, patient listener and we trained, skilled, competent to share my knowledge of the Bible with anyone.  The Holy Spirit engages my brain and summons up all that I know-- to share with them and I make them feel GOOD about themselves and give them hope!!  PTL!

Well, maybe the Lord knows me that well-- that if and when I find a lady who really likes/ loves me for whom and what I am-- my preaching work might slow down a tad-- and I still have not found a good woman.  Maybe the Rapture will come sooner and I will be in heaven along with the millions [prob not billions] of other REAL, biblical Christians taken up before the Great Trib. strikes all those "Left Behind."   Well, that will be the end of my so-called dating... LOL..Ha!    I want you all to know that even with my severe knee, leg and back pain [and the VA could care less], I am not a couch potato, but still doing the Lord's work... and I still need your prayers, please.
    I have a date tomorrow with a Algebra teacher for lunch!  Woo Woo!  I hope she likes me.  Maybe I could use some prayers in this area too-- please, brothers and sisters.  I am doing great with my weight loss program and now just added the kenosha,wi YMCA to my regimen. 

It a great, crisp, sunny Wisconsin day-- be glad in it!

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman
Vietnam Veteran: 68-70, and proud of it!


VN movie--tell everyone


This link is a preview of the 6 hour film to be shown on the History Channel on Nov 8,9, &10.  I saw the first two hours with some infantry grunts as we met at a reunion in TN, and we were all moved by the detail and presentation. One of our clan helped make the film.  The DVDs can be pre-ordered at
Good presentation, not for the faint of heart.
Lee Livingston

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