Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Need to sleep.

Tom's Journal.

I fear suffering from 'burn out', and am tired a lot lately with sore eyes prob from not sleeping so well at night, not eating properly, so maybe I will go to bed early to get rested up.  I am meeting a few nice ladies on-line-- for a change, and that gives me a positive charge to my battery, but I try hard not to get my hopes up because I am too smart about the selfish degenerate mind, and the 'gimme- gimme world' of users, players, games, etc.  The VA visit today went well, but it's always stressful just walking into their doors and dealing with some of the staff, but certainly not all of them.  One guy there might have really helped me out today with a new CPAP mask for breathing at night.  He was from India, and I could tell that he was lonely, bored, or just wanted to make friends with me--- and after I figured that out, I thanked him for his kindness and assistance several times.  It's just that there has been so much negativity with the VA in the past 35 years since I first walked in in 1970 [and from what so many other combat Vets have told me too] that my defense shields are up when ever I go there-- and I am new at North Chicago VAMC-- coming new from the jaded, corrupt Milwaukee VA system.  I would say that most of them treat me well, though, in N.C. VAMC,  so far... lol.   

I am thinking about giving my dog a bath but he hates the bath tub, and it's too cold outside already.... hummmm.  Sometimes just brushing and currying his coat makes a big difference.   He likes to be brushed and groomed-- don't we all? 

If I take a nap now and just sleep too long, I hope that others will understand- and if they try to call me and fail-- they can always email me and then I will get the message for sure.  I read so much at the computer and books that I should expect to be a bit tired anyway.   But I NEED to keep my mind stimulated daily, and since I only live with a dog [I mean Deuce]-- I need to read, study to keep sharp.  

The price of gas in IL is more like an extra 20 cents/ gallon, but I had to fill half the tank down there and then further had trouble making a foreigner understand my "King's English" to TURN THE DANG PUMP ON!!!!   --to boot!!  Dang!   Is this still America-- or Pakistan???   And I know what different races have 'captured' certain chains in the USA... and wonder if that might come to haunt us someday when we have a national 'emergency.'  One day when I feel especially brave or have a 'death wish' I will explain how certain 'factions' in America are actually trying to divide and DESTROY US FROM WITH IN... AND it's no big secret!  Glenn Beck had most of it right, except that I didn't agree with his religious views and agenda.

Salvation through Jesus Christ is no Big Secret either-- except that Satan appears as an 'angel of light' and his ministers who have already infiltrated the Church are appearing as ministers of light too.  The ONLY way we can discern the difference is to KNOW, READ, STUDY AND UNDERSTAND the Bible!!  And to do that we need the HOLY SPIRIT to help and guide us.  Even though that Spirit is FREE....  most folks don't have it -- for one reason or another, and I can explain that too, like any other real Christian, albeit sinner that I am.  

For me, this coming January will be a real test for me, and if all goes well, the way I want it to, I can pay off and pay down many bills that are just about history anyway.  Woo Woo!  I will do that anyway.   Other wise, I will do what I do best, hunker down and live cheap... lol.  It's a 'war of attrition' that I know how to win, by just cutting down on things I don't need... so simple.  I used to teach that over the kitchen table when I was working Finance and Investments-- so I should be able to apply it to my own little world too.  Actually, there is not one thing that I really need to buy except some fresh produce and gas, and some dog food for Deuce, the Rotty.

Tomorrow should be a great day-- and perhaps one of great joy, or just another day to give thanks for all the little things in life... and yes, that is a 'cryptic statement' that a very few others will understand... lol.    I imagine that I am sending out secret encrypted radio messages during WW-2 in Europe.  Ha!   My mind is still working, and there is nothing like high adventure to stoke the fires of my mind.  And that's why I like to hang out with smart people -- so some of that wit rubs off on me!  

Here is a pic of me about 15 years ago.  And I am finally, just getting back into weight lifting again after a long year of healing from some nasty knee surgery, etc.

Warm Regards,

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Wind Cometh.

Tom's Journal.

 If ya did any time in Saigon, this 'show' may bring back some memories! There is a 'speed control' to the right, for the 267 photos!

The truth of the matter is that most of us humans take the "path of least resistance" in this world, me included, and I have to BEAT myself into going to the YMCA Gym to work out...and also eat the right foods..  lol.   But I find that even if my mind and heart tell me that I will only have a small work out on a given day, I still benefit from going there and the fine warm, wholesome, friendly facilities and camaraderie make me feel good inside and out.   I pushed myself again today and got a hard workout in and that old nostalgic feeling of years ago is starting to come back to my body and mind, one of STRENGTH AND POWER !!  It's almost like a drug....Ha!  It's addictive, IMHO!  And because I wear my "Colors" and certain military insignias-- other combat Vets come up to me to chat, shake hands and chew the fat, and that feels good too, as I make new friends, etc.  If I could only come there every other day I could really make some progress, but this is a start, at least, in the right direction.  And you know, a strong body, IMHO, helps fight off germs, infections, colds and flu-- it's been my personal experience, and it's also good for the MIND [ Better circulation of the blood flow helps things work right in the old brain]. 
    I then stopped at my good friend's house, Dan T's to get some info and help installing my new Garmin 'direction finder/ locator' that I recently bought, and he got me interested in his big, beautiful Victory- American Made motorcycle!!  We were always crazy about bikes most of our lives, so now that I am healing better, I've been just thinking about the possibility of getting another "Big Boy".  We shall see, and Dan's price is right.  Dan is the kind of a man who never forgets a past favor or kindness shown to him-- and I have a good handful of prior military men, and also Chrysler buddies who are MORE than just good friends, and I believe they would die for me-- and I would do the same for them.   What is life anyway than a mere vapor in the sun, like green grass, it also withers in the heat and vanishes--  like dust in the wind [ as the Bible also says], and I have the right to live, or spend, or sacrifice my life for what I believe.  If crazy, Islamic terrorists can blow themselves up for what they THINK they believe-- I can give MY life for what I know and understand to be true-- according to the Bible, the highest source of enlightenment in the universe.  After all, I may be a sinner man, but Jesus told us that we shall live forever in Paradise with Him, if we confess His name and follow Him while on this wicked old earth--doing His will [1st John 5].  Don't let any doggie- doo politician or false 'Messiah' tell you any different!!  If you need scriptural proof, just ask me and I will be only too happy to provide... and I have lots of friends, brothers and sisters all over the world who can and will do the same-- Millions, in fact.  That is one of the reasons I write this humble blog!

I saw an ugly truck/ car  accident soon after it happened today on a Wisconsin road that took a man's life, just a few miles from where I live about 10:30 am today.  He was prob going too fast in a dangerous, hard to see area where many others have died through the years and 'submarine- d' under a big semi truck that prob took his head and the top of his car off.  Do you think he was SAVED and gone to heaven???  After the fact-- it's just too darn late now, isn't it??  It is for THIS very reason that Jesus made the Gospel sharing work so important, and in the form of a command for ALL REAL CHRISTIANS, in the last chapter of the book of Matthew...chapter 28, verses 18-20.  Go ahead, read it-- it's so simple and there is NO private "interpretation"-- just black and white straight talk, logical English, 5th grade level. Period.  I was trying to calmly tell a so-called "Christian RN woman" this at lunch today, but she just shut me down-- and so I stopped talking about biblical stuff.    Unfortunately, many times all that higher education has a negative effect on our humility that pushes the truth of the Bible away as not being sophisticated enough anymore... lol, and she said that she is also studying the Koran-- and that didn't surprise me much either [but I certainly wish her no evil].  But if I give my reason why-- some will surely say that I am a racist-- which I am NOT, [but we are seeing a new, disturbing trend in the USA....with some of the 'minorities'.. sorry.... and that I may address-- in a different post, please].  And mark my word!  The goofy, lazy, lying people who try to work their way around the facts-- never, ever, made the move to even read this portion of scripture, or prob. any other parts either!!   
that's just the way it always is-- in ignorance and stupidity.   As I've said so many times before [and ALL real Christian around the world KNOW] it's the Holy Spirit that helps us understand what the Bible says, and most people in the world just don't want it-- although IT'S free.  They chose for what ever selfish reason NOT to go down that 'cramped and narrow path leading to ever lasting life' -- but instead chose to follow Satan and this dying world of his down the wide and spacious path to the "alternative" place that rhymes with the word, "smell." 

Well, I bought lunch today after seeing that traffic accident for a certain RN, and could have won a pot full of money for the way it ended because I am that good at 'reading people'-- but that's OK, from much experience just from listening to a person's words -- what kind of snobby, arrogant, condescending  person she would be but I treated her well, was cordial, with good manners, and we parted with knowing we would never meet again. No problem-- been there, done that.  But I think I just may have some other hot prospects coming up in the near future.  And if not, I guess I will keep on living, and try to pay down/ pay off my bills before the economy gets much worse-- and I am willing to make a large wager that they will.... so sorry.  I think that friend, Dan, is thinking the same way, so I don't yet know if I can afford his cool bike... that might get me killed anyway... lol.  But it's a slick  American 'star cruiser' for sure with the same amount of power as my old Goldwing... except with a V-twin engine... so fine.

I just heard on the TV news at 4PM that the so-called middle class will soon be the next "working poor" and I am going to have to make some soon coming changes too that will affect my standard of living, perhaps....Ha!  But just think about all those people out there who are having such terrible problems now making ends meet-- who don't have the truth of real Salvation from God??  They will surely 'water their knees' as the scriptures predict and faint from extreme stress and duress.   'Good ole  Army boys' like me know how to survive, but knowing the sure promises of God helps us even more.  Now is the time to pray -- NOT party!  I am praying for an old  Christian friend named Debbie, from Kenosha, who is looking for better employment opportunities to come her way soon.  Please pray too that she will find what she needs.  Thank you! 

Tomorrow should bring some very strong winds in S.E. Wisconsin, above 35 MPH near the Lake, so that ought to be interesting.  Take care, friends.

Tommy Schuckman

If ya did any time in Saigon, this 'show' may bring back some memories! There is a 'speed control' to the right, for the 267 photos!

Posted: 28 Nov 2011 12:00 PM PST
By Aaron Klein Klein Online Multiple eyewitnesses reported seeing Israeli military trucks in recent days transport and station large missiles at the periphery of Jerusalem and in locations inside the West Bank. The descriptions of the projectiles are consistent with the Jewish state’s mid-to-long range Jericho ballistic missiles. The missile movement, if confirmed, would be considered

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Winter is coming.

Tom's Journal.

I am thinking about buying another bike this Spring-- if we are still here on

Well, now I could kick myself for not having the stamina in the afternoon and evening to go to social functions-- just like that church 'Sing-a-thong' at a different  church tonight!!  Grrrrr!  I'm just not a night owl, but a farm raised kid who had to get up early to milk the cows and do chores on the farm, and that carried into the Army and later my life's work... but also retirement.  But the fact is:  FELLOWSHIP-- is what I really needed!  Oh boy... Well, I guess I will figure something out next time this stuff comes around...duh.  You know that a person's night time vision gets worse when you reach age 40, and maybe that was in the back of my mind too, and my younger brother already has cataracts in his eyes.  I never really got into the bar scene and now days I am not a big drinker anyway-- it hurts my stomach and gives me a head ache.         Seems like working/ and married folks don't need to go out at night too much, unless they work a late shift.  And it's been said that it's actually unnatural to work those night shifts... and why do we have a night and a day, biblically speaking?  

I just wanted to throw out another scripture I just ran across:  "Then said they unto him, What shall we do, that we might work the works of God?  29. Jesus answered and said unto them, This is the work of God, that ye believe on him whom he hath sent." ~John 6:28-29.  I cited this one because some 'Faiths' say that you must do "works" ALONG WITH BELIEF OF CHRIST -- to get to paradise--heaven, mainly... and that is NOT true!!  Jesus' death on the cross was total and completely sufficient to redeem us all and pay the price of all our sins-- lest some of us boast...  I could name other 'religions' who feel the need to ADD certain things to the bible as requirements for salvation, even as I DID one time, until I learned the Truth of the Bible, by personal study.  You see:  Just 'going to some church no more makes you a Christian--than standing in a garage makes you a car!!'  LOL!  And right now, in 2011, we are seeing a great invasion of New Age, paganism, and false teachers sneaking into the church, spreading their personal lies and agendas... and all the more reason why we need personal study of the scriptures, to know the truth and false doctrines.  And don't worry, there are poor schmucks like me who have the education and knowledge but seem to have their hands full of fighting so many demons of the flesh, etc., loneliness, deprivation, isolation, temptation, and the devil knows what strings to pull and what bottoms to push-- so I think that we are mostly all in the same boat, roughly speaking.  Frankly, I've got to ask myself sometimes, 'Where is MY joy and happiness?'  

Seems like my life had more meaning and purpose when Sharon was alive, and I was a 'man on a mission'- taking care of her-- trying to make her happy, etc.  And I don't think the answer is to "keep busy" or volunteerism either.  I have things to do and a life-- it's just that something is missing, and it's hard to break up a good 'team of horses.'  When I had my brother take care of my dog when I was in the hospital having knee surgery, there were other dogs that he bonded to and enjoyed playing with-- so when he came back home to me, when I sufficiently healed-- my Deuce boy actually 'pined' and 'mourned' for a week or so, because he missed his new 'dog friends,' and that's not uncommon.  I love and cherish my personal peace and quiet, but I also love other people and am a social person. I guess that some folks would prefer to be and live alone, but I am not that sort.  
I've got a feeling that this December will be pretty hectic and more folks will lose their jobs, with more depression, stress, suicides and poverty, and the holidays will produce many air heads chasing their tails and spending money that they don't have-- but isn't that the norm?  I will try to keep my mom in mind and visit her more in her new surroundings, now home, all alone and isolated, poor lady.  She is not poor economically, just alone.  I would never allow poverty to hurt my family-- unless they needed some 'tough love', and then only for a while, maybe!   Got to make a list of what to do, too... and who to see.  Winter is coming!  Are you all ready for the deep, slippery snow and ice??  


Q.  You’ve said, “The signs pointing to the End of the Age are appearing all around us.  This is not happening so that we can hunker down and prepare for the storm. It’s happening so we can begin making preparations for our departure. Whether it’s several months or several years is immaterial. The sooner we [...]
Why did God not judge Satan when he first sinned ? It wasn't man's sin. As a result of God not doing that Satan was allowed to temp mankind, who failed. Now multiplied millions will plunge into Hell. I do not understand. Thanks.

Comment from a good Vietnam Vet- Army buddy who has Agent Orange poisoning, etc,

That is one beautiful bike! The last time I rode a bike was just before I went to AIT and then over seas I was 18 and didn't worry about anything, now if I would ride one I would be affaird of tipping it over on me or doing something stupid like get ran over by a Mack Truck.....  But it sure would be fun if my memory is right.
Tom I have always got up around 6 or sunrise and early to bed even when I drove truck across country I would stop and sleep after midnight and get up at 6 when I had to stay off the road for another 2 hours so I understand what you are saying.   Now days its up and down because I can slip into depression where I can sleep all the time and feel like I never slept at all. 
Being a Christen doesn't mean I don't get depressed or that I don't stumble or does it make me a bad person, but the devile tells me over and over how bad and how many things I have done in my life that was againest God.  Give me a little bit of time when I'm depressed and I can allow the devile talk me out of the fact Jesus died on the cross for me because I am so bad.
Well its a lie, Oh yes I have done plenty of wrong things and still do but Jesus did die on the cross for my sins before, today and next week becaused he loves me and you and a big bunch more of people in this world.  He also knew that we will stumble but He gave us forgiveness and His Word that we can come to Him and repent of our sins.
I don't want this to sound simple because it isn't but it took me almost 50 years to really get it and untill I did I was miserable, thinking how unworthy I am which I still am but God sent His Son for me because He loves me.  Don't let the deviel or anyone else that you are anything but a man who has his ups and downs who feels, crys, laughts and thinks about everything. 
Tom I think I'm worn out because I'm forgetting where I was, just want to tell you that you are in my prayers and you will in God's time find what He has for you.  Its  to say and do but I'm not because its been a long day and I have allot more of stuff to say and do or do and stuff or say oooooh I think I'll just go to bed Bro, God Bless you  and I'll be back,  Jerry
One last thing I love hot food with peppers.....

A Mexican Viewpoint.

Tom's Journal.

I think that there are some good  points in the email sent to me by a Marine Vet, Kurt,  today down below.  People THINK they are working hard for a dream, when they may already have most of what they want already!!  The wisdom is:  Understanding it.

But I want to share a few things I learned today about Thanksgiving and wondering if we may only THINK or Wonder/ Worry if we going to heaven or have true salvation.  1st John 5:12-13, "He that hath the Son hath life;  and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life.  2. These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of he Son of God;  that ye may KNOW  that ye have eternal life,  and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God."  The main point is that sometimes we all feel blue, depressed and down in spirit because for all we try-- we still stumble, sin, fall short of the target, fail and SIN EVERY DAY!  We feel like filthy rags so unworthy to even dream of heaven.  But God forgives real Christians who believe and confess Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior!!  Got to remember that and keep on trucking!   I learned a few nuggets at church today, but i also learned some very important things for my cleaning lady too-- a sister in Christ, and friend.   

One of my problems is that I have such a vivid memory and so blessed that I remember minute details from long ago in living color!  But that can also be a curse... in that I remember bad scenes of combat in RVN, etc., nightmares, too many sins, hardships, trials, etc., and have to use a powerful form of 'mind control' that I have taught others, to a certain degree, and "imaging" -- healing herbs, massage, breathing, fasting, etc.  The many loves of the past only make me hurt more so-- now when I am alone-- and yet, there are so many married folks suffering in horrible, abusive relationships who also go without the basics in life-- especially love, joy and peace.  I thrive on good relationships and do so well, but I also know how to survive on my own well, physically.  

I went to the North side of Kenosha after church to buy some great Burritos with hot peppers on the side and hot sauce to bring home and ate only 2 which filled me up with a cold beverage.  That  really helped me feel good.

I suppose I spend too much time at the computer these days and thought about going to another church tonight for some singing and fellowship, but it seems like I am driving all the time!   I am a 'morning person' even though I am retired and just run out of steam by the afternoon.  I been having trouble sleeping lately but know how to cure that too.  One of the big reasons that I, personally enjoy going to our country church is because of the fellowship with people of 'like Faith' -- learning "new" things, or those not brought to mind often, and I like to support the church  and a few missions with my modest offerings, like the Bible Tract stuff by Mark Smith, of WVCY Christian Radio, 107.7 FM-Milwaukee.  The VA hospitals are my fertile territory to hand them out [the small interesting Tracts] discreetly and most folks enjoy getting them!  

I suppose now, even at the advanced age of 62, I am now looking for some type of energy stuff [but not that drink stuff] to get more zip in my gait and more spark, I guess.  But then, if I always wake up at 0600, how much  do  I really need to do after working so hard my whole life and getting beat up from a few accidents and mishaps, almost croaking myself?  Why don't we apply this following story about the Mexican in the article below?  Smile-- God loves you!  

Too, I guess that I have had a 'crisis of conscience' lately and shocked a few friends with some 'off the wall questions and statements' that were out of character-- I 'think out loud' sometimes....  but hope that the Spirit will keep me walking the narrow and cramped road.  Thank you for your help and understanding, Anita.  Help me to wake up and walk straight and stop looking for love in all the wrong places.... lol.  Seems like most of those females on the dating web sites don't know if they are shot, stabbed or snake bit...LOL!  They honestly DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR and it's just entertainment for them-- as they play games with other people's feelings.  In the mean time, I will just be content.



A Mexican viewpoint
A boat docked in a tiny Mexican fishing village.
A tourist complimented the local fishermen on the quality of their fish and asked
how long it took him to catch them.
"Not very long." they answered in unison.
"Why didn't you stay out longer and catch more?"
The fishermen explained that their small catches were
sufficient to meet their needs and those of their families.
"But what do you do with the rest of your time?"
"We sleep late, fish a little, play with our children,
and take siestas with our wives..
In the evenings, we go into the village to see our friends,
have a few drinks, play the guitar, and sing a few songs.
We have a full life."
The tourist interrupted,
I have an MBA from Harvard and I can help you!
You should start by fishing longer every day.
You can then sell the extra fish you catch.
With the extra revenue, you can buy a bigger boat."
"And after that?"
"With the extra money the larger boat will bring,
you can buy a second one and a third one
and so on until you have an entire fleet of trawlers.
Instead of selling your fish to a middle man,
you can then negotiate directly with the processing plants
and maybe even open your own plant. You can then leave this little village and move to Mexico City , Los Angeles , or even New York City !

From there you can direct your huge new enterprise."
"How long would that take?"
"Twenty, perhaps twenty-five years." replied the tourist.
"And after that?"
"Afterwards? Well my friend, that's when it gets really interesting, "
answered the tourist, laughing. "When your business gets really big,
you can start buying and selling stocks and make millions!"
"Millions? Really? And after that?" asked the fishermen.
"After that you'll be able to retire,
live in a tiny village near the coast,
sleep late, play with your children,
catch a few fish, take a siesta with your wife
and spend your evenings drinking and enjoying your friends."
"With all due respect sir, but that's exactly what we are doing now.
So what's the point wasting twenty-five years?" asked the Mexicans.

And the moral of this story is:

Know where you're going in life....
you may already be there

Friday, November 25, 2011

Beard or No Beard?

Tom's Journal.

Subject:  New CPR Method
If you haven't seen this, you should. It may save a life. If you have seen it, it won't hurt to see it again.
This is a new CPR technique which is much simpler.

This is a very important video regarding the latest CPR procedure.  Please watch and forward to your friends and family if you haven't already done so.  You never know, a life may be saved utilizing this new procedure.

 I am sure that most of you have seen this recent picture of me and the dog in the back yard.  
   I would very much like to take a survey of how you all prefer me-- with, or without a full beard.  I like myself both ways, but I  can NEVER win with fickle females!  If I have a beard they don't like it-- but if I shave the beard they say, "Oh no, I like you WITH the beard!!"  We men just can't win, can we??  

I had a super good, hard workout today at the Gym, and felt so good and strong-- but I wonder how I will feel in the morning.. lol.  It takes a while to get back "in the pink" and everything is working again and you can feel the blood coursing  thru your heart and veins, as a few muscles start to grow again!!  You then burn calories even when you sleep!!  With the arthritic knees, I just went down hill the past 7 years and got too heavy-- even sold my expensive Goldwing motorcycle!  If I work hard, maybe I can get back to where I want in about 3 months or so.  Those 2 knee replacement operations sure took the 'wind out of my sails' this past year-- one last Dec. 6th and another on June 14th, 2011..Wow!!  We might as well say that I was ALL ON MY OWN WITH NO ONE TO HELP ME-- home alone.  That was so cruel and heartless to heal [and even the local pastor turned against me-- so I had to suck it all up and just tough it out] on my own, and Sharon was in the nursing home, going down hill until her passing, poor girl, pretty lover of mine, and dearest wife.  I finally found a good woman that would put up with my junk and then she dies on me.  I beat myself for months and still weep at the thought of her suffering.  I hear about all the other folks who have lots of family members who come over and nurse them, but I got the abusive Kenosha Country Nurses' Association...  grrrr, people who abused me and treated me roughly, until I fired !  That felt so good to give them some of their own punishment.  Hey,  I know I sound somewhat vindictive, but we combat Vets like to let some fresh air in and TELL THE TRUTH.  Having been lied to and abused so many times by the "doctors" and staff at the Milwaukee VA, I chose the Kenosha Memorial Hospital -KMH, and the good Dr. James Shapiro to do my Left knee, and he was very good, although a bit condescending-- but I don't mind his arrogant manner if he is that good, so I give him high marks-- but I heard many of the older guys at the Gym talk about him in 'other ways' I care not to mention tonight.  The only trouble at KMH is that they gave me a nasty life threatening infection -MRSA, that could have snuffed me..Ha!  And another good, close friend of mine {SB} almost got croaked by them too!   But I was 'too mean'  to die after all the poisons they pumped into my veins.  PTL, now I feel that I finally have a great doctor at the North Chicago VAMC, a fine Greek gentleman, and smart!   I plan to follow all his orders because he really wants to help me-- I can feel it! {Dr. J.A.}

Sorry, but these goofy ideas sneak into my head and heart that make me feel like watching other people who used to be so proud, suffer like I did, but of course, there is nothing I can do to help them anyway. We read about these folks in the book of Psalms, and I will show you where later.   Actually, I am running low on money now FROM helping 'other people' in need, and I will make it next month by the skin of my teeth, and the Lord will see me through, sinner that I am.  In the meantime, I am trying to find a compatible future soul- mate and LTR woman, but I have so much to work on with losing weight and healing so I can look and walk normal.  Hey- I am always pushing the envelope with a 'superman' mindset.. LOL!!  I should really be studying my Bible more than looking for a date/ mate-- as we are so far down the pike-- with Rapture waiting in the wings..., but I just can't see myself living alone this Winter...lonely,  and I am thinking that God is in control of my future and safety.  

The gasoline is also eating me alive, lately, with all my running around to North Chicago and back, etc.  Ha!  Wait until the gas goes up to $4 and $5/gal.  Yes, I have enough on my plate now, so maybe I should just hunker down and cool things-- even though I KNOW that the economy WILL SURELY GET WORSE in the next 6 months!  When did ANYONE do something for me lately?  Except my mom and very few friends from church.   she was so glad I called her today to know how I was, and I told her I had a very fine, warm, cozy time with the family yesterday, and the food was great, of course, thanks to my sister, Linda.  
    Well, don't forget to weigh  in on my beard issue, please.  People like  me need to know!  My cleaning lady came over to rub, pummel and work the big knots out of my back and I pay her what she wants, and I feel better.  She is a good, kind, smart Christian married lady, and I like her very much, as a sister and friend.  She is helping me sell some valuable stuff that my wife collected, so I am grateful for her kind and gentle mercies.  I would never lay my hands on a married woman, but I wish she was mine, and hope to find a precious gem like her somewhere soon.   I love to help those who treat me so well and put silver in their pockets.  As for our economy--obama has just about destroyed it....along with Harry Ried and Nancy Pelosi and the stinking Liberals/ Socialists!  And I will not be dating a Liberal female, period!  When there is rioting in the streets of America, I hope you Liberals are happy when you have to wait in long bread lines!!  50% of Americans work their buns off to support the other 50% that REFUSE TO WORK, the lazy bums!  And that goes for 4th generation welfare queens, etc. too.

And here is a recent picture of Old Soldier Tom with a nice full beard !!  Time to vote.
Time for bed already ??

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving. 2011.

Tom's Journal.
  God bless Bob Hope

A great tribute for a great man!
Everyone should see this one; it's our heritage!! This is REAL history!!

I have just enough time to write this simple, humble post, and wish all my friends and readers a good, safe holiday!  I know that I am truly blessed -- even if I cry in  my beer too much and get depressed in being alone... but I have a cool dog to act the fool for me... lol.  There are definite things that are going to happen right after this holiday and people to meet.  And I hope to get stronger so I can pump iron better and more frequent at the Kenosha, WI  YMCA and enjoy the facilities and people there.

I was encouraged to read the 2 items down below, the one about real, effective prayer, etc.  I hope that you all get the most out of reading these items as I do, and they are usually very short and wholesome.   

I just opened a letter from Jan Markell's Understanding the Times-- Olive Tree Ministries, and "The Prophecy Clock Races in 2011."  Wow !!  It makes me want to really get MY act together instead of pursuing my quest for a LTR with some Christian lady-- if there is one for me.. lol.  I am NOT in any relationship at present.   I went to bed last night at about 6:30PM !  And Deuce the Rotty, woke me up about 4:30 so he could 'go outside' -- but then I just went back to bed trying to get warm under my 2 OD Army blankets--[security blankets.. lol], but ended up turning the heat higher, to 73.  Hey!  I'm not going to live uncomfortable in my own house and have the $$$ resources to pay all my bills on time every single month, and more, PTL.  
     Anyway, it's Thanksgiving, but the whole world is visibly sliding down that slippery slope, heading toward a ONE WORLD GOV'T, that the Vatican truly supports!!  The real Christian church [the good guys] are under attacks, along with the Jews in Israel, and something's got to give!  But today we will think about our blessings and be NICE to our families, and I will bring a cake and pies, and soda [maybe] to mom's house to share with the others.   My fondest wish is that all my friends and readers have a great day-- and STAY SAFE ON THE HIGHWAYS WITH ALL THE DRUNK DRIVERS ON THE ROAD, ETC.  

Big Bear Hugs, and Love,
Tom Schuckman
This pic was taken about 8 years ago... and I hope to get back to this weight in the next 3 months or less !!

Q.  I’d like to ask for your advice on how to pray the most effectively for a person’s salvation.  The Rapture seems to be breathtakingly close even if it’s in the next year.  People who are very important to me (members of my family and my best friend for example) aren’t saved yet. To tell [...]
Q.  You recently commented that there may be nuclear weapons fired at Russia and the coastal areas of Europe in the Ezekiel 38/39 event. You alluded to this by quoting Ezekiel 39:6 which reads : “I will send fire on Magog and on those who live in safety in the coast lands, and they will [...]

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Good Sunday, but I'm using too much gas.

Tom's Journal.

I had to take the band aid off my finger because I am making too many "typos" and all I do is regress and correct... lol.   My finger tips get dry and crack open more so in the Winter time.
    It was a so-so day and at least I made it to church for the main worship service, and it's nice to see and greet the friends and brotherhood to see how everyone is doing-- and several people came up to tell me that I look like I am losing a  lot of weight...Woo Woo!!  Well, that feels good, but I really need to start the '2nd phase' of my big push to lose another 60 pounds. It sure would be nice if I had a 'partner'/ spouse to help and coach me and keep me on a proper diet and on track... and maybe work out at the Gym with me...Ha!  Fat chance.  Not complaining but-- looking for the right person [not the 'perfect' person]  is hard work because most ladies really DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR these days-- and they even say so!!  They want to keep their "Independence", but they can't live on their own, for a multitude of reasons...  and I have heard many sad stories, but also goofy ones.  

Having TAUGHT Finance, Term Life Insurance and Securities [marketing/ selling quality Mutual Funds/ Investments, etc], you quickly find out that, given a real chance to learn how to save money and invest in the good stuff-- and even offering a part time JOB to people who qualify -- many folks are too darn lazy [in the mind, and/ or cowards] to even TRY!!   I mean, if I can learn it- with an average intelligence and IQ-- who can't ??  Well, I do have certain gifts and talents and a fine education, IMHO,  but that is not what gives me the 'drive.'  It's an aggressive, well motivation heart of a Champion and being raised by a mom and dad that instilled a good, hard work ethic in me and my siblings!   Got it?!   It's like that old Investment Ad years ago by Smith-Barney, "We make money the old fashioned way -- we earn it!"  You get a bunch of Socialist Liberals in power and they want to change the system into a Welfare, Nanny  State!  So...  half the USA works to support the other half that WILL NOT WORK!  People drop out of school or get pregnant sometimes in their early teens,  and refuse to study when they are forced to be there in school-- wonder why they can't get meaningful employment now.  It sure wasn't EZ for me either all my working life, and I had to re-train several times just to survive.  The folks that just lay back and quit/ give up, will say that their old trade or skill is no longer in demand--- well have the guts to  "RE-TRAIN" and learn something else even if you take a cut in pay, you are still earning your money!  There is no more honor or morals and those on welfare eat better than the 'working poor!'  Let them eat rice and beans like the "working poor" have to!! 

But what do you think is behind this whole melt down??  Socialist/ Liberal baloney scum bags-- and Satan the Devil!  The devil and his demons-- and their agents on earth want to cause pain, hunger, chaos and ruin, and break up the basic family unit of ONE man and ONE woman-- married!  Yes, the Bible holds all these answers and how to survive by helping yourself, hard work, and trusting GOD.  We learned a new Hebrew term at church today:  Elyon... which means: the "Most High God."  Or we could also use His personal name of Jehovah.  Actually, the JW-cult- 'church of the poisoned mind' DOES have that part right, but they mess up the other most important parts of the New Testament, concerning Jesus, and love to take away His deity by calling him JUST an angel named - Michael.  Shame... that false religious cult is sending a few million people to hell, and they will pay dearly for that lie and more.. for perverting the Bible and spreading un-truths.  So, in this instance, what you DON'T know WILL hurt  you and send you to hell, or if you are too lazy to learn it for yourself!   Sorry, folks, I am just mirroring what the Bible says, and this part is NOT my opinion.    But we give the one true God His correct 'name and title' to distinguish Him for all the other FALSE gods... with a lower case, small "g" in our old country church where I attend, and many other churches teach that truth too.   But I don't want to go into the Trinity right now... lack of space/ time.   However, there are some great real Christian web sites on FaceBook and various other Blogs that go into much more  depth to explain that subject that I could refer you to.   If you need help and proof, just ask me.

What I was trying to say in a round about way, is that for those who think the economy is terrible now-- 'you ain't seen nothin' yet !!'  Things in the world and in the USA will get MUCH WORSE, and many experts believe it could come or collapse any time!!  And at the same time, most REAL, studied Christians who know their Bible still have much joy, love, peace, in their lives!   They know that these things/ "signs" fore tell that our SALVATION is near!  Yes!  And not all rich and prosperous people are selfish, greedy wicked people-- they just learned how to make their money grow and then they can and do help the less fortunate who have honestly, unfortunately fallen upon  hard times, and I have been there myself.  I worked my butt off ALL OF MY LIFE to have enough now to pay my bills!  It was NOT 'luck' or gambling or 'a break' that helped me, ever!   And I have been so poor that I was actually homeless for a short time in the Winter of '94-95 in Milwaukee, and that is when I found the Lord [or He found me].  I had too much pride and Father God 'broke me' in many pieces, to humble me.. and then He broke me a few more times... lol.  It was very painful and I shed many tears, and still do sometimes, so like the apostle Paul, I have know good times and lean times, and I don't blame God for my bad times.  Some of God's true servants will just have a poor, hard life-- but rest assured that they will receive their due reward in heaven-- FOR EVER! 

So, the coming 'harder times' will cause great changes in the world and U.S., and I believe riots, looting, more crime, killings, robbery, and don't count on the police or Gov't to protect you too  "Trust in the Lord" [Proverbs 3: 5], is a very smart and correct idea/ action, but using your head sure helps too!  Store up for a hard, rainy or cold day, and learn how to cook, sew, clean, do things for yourself to save money, help your poor neighbors, the old and infirm/ disabled, and God will  bless you-- IF you give all praise and glory to Him, and Him alone. and follow His Son, Jesus, dear friends and readers.  Actually, the only things we are guaranteed is  everlasting life in heaven.  Our lives on earth may be good or bad, rich or poor, sick, disabled, lonely, or what ever,  but those 70-90 years on earth are nothing compared to all eternity... in one place or another.  In the mean time, Satan has the vast majority on earth running in circles-- chasing their tails....Ha!  I have found, heard, seen and experienced that true, learned Christians who know and apply the Bible in their lives live a joyful, more peaceful life, and I love to be near those kind of people, because it sort of rubs off on me.  PTL!  And the little things I do or give to my friends in Christ, the missions, and godly orgs, like WVCY-107.7 FM- Christian Radio, etc.,  make me feel really good inside as I know that I am doing God's will, and also 'storing up treasures in heaven where moth and rust will not consume.'  And guess what?  God always treats me right with enough to cover my own bills and a few creature comforts in my advanced age of 62!  I would like to share some or all of my good things, including my health insurance, etc.,  with some kind, loving,  Christian lady someday, but it seems like I have not found her yet.... too bad, but I leave that in God's hands, and to that end I always request YOUR prayers, dear friends.  People just don't want to commit or surrender a small part of their selfish independence or pride to join up, hook up with a Christian gentleman, imperfect, sinner that I be. struggling to lose weight for MY health sake.   I just bought a new pair of warm sweat pants 4 sizes smaller than I used to wear-- and they are still falling off my butt!  So something is working-- but I doubt that I will ever be "skinny" and don't want to look like a emaciated  scare crow...Ha!  Oh well, God has His reasons.  I don't look for folks that smoke, although a few of my good Christian friends still have that habit-- as I once did too.  I used to love that bad habit --and still I quit for personal reasons, and never looked back.  And the trouble is:  Those who can least afford it, the poor, are those who insist on smoking, and expect the tax payers to pick up their tabs!  Isn't that cute??  I guess those folks are not so poor after all.  And if someone cares for them enough to give them some money for food-- you've got to know that part of THAT money WILL be used indirectly for smokes [or if they have a drug or alcohol problem-- for that junk].  I had a lot of growing up to do even after I got back from the war in South East Asia-- Vietnam, and had a lot to learn... and  still do-- so don't think I am 'casting stones.'

Well, I still contact many people and witness to them, lately, about the Gospel and Salvation, and GIVE free bibles away that I usually pay for out of my own pocket-- you  see, and somehow I can afford it because my 'Master' always sees me through each and every month with enough substance to cover myself-- and I don't smoke anymore [I quit in 1972].  I took someone out for lunch today and left a small Bible tract behind, with the tip... and that is part of my 'ministry' of sorts too... along with pocket bibles, etc.  Like I say, it gives me a good feeling inside.
    I have a gut feeling that the price of gasoline will go up soon for the 'holidays...'.  and it costs over $80 to fill up my gas tank in my truck now!  I might have to give up soda pop!
     Learn how to leave a comment on this web site-- it's not too hard....

Warm Regards, and Christian Bear Hugs,
Tommy Schuckman 
...My two lovely daughters, Sarah and Barbara >>> below. 

Friday, November 18, 2011

So Windy- Friday.

Tom's Journal.
Watch the following GREAT VIDEO, and turn on the sound!!  Wow!

Hey guys and gals,  Old Soldier Tom loves to be entertained too.  And I DON'T have a 'wooden heart.'  Ha!  But I love that old German song...
The VA visit early this morning  went so good this time!!!  A tech lady specialist  told me that they VA routinely check guys like me who are age 60 and older just to make sure our hearts and aorta are OK, so it was just a fun 'imaging' event with a pretty lady with super pretty eyes, checked me out, and it led to a great extended conversation about the Bible and Salvation!   She came from Iran, but has been in the States for the past 17 years and spoke perfect English, and said that she did not practice Islam but went to a Christian chapel to pray, etc.  I gave her a small pocket New Testament bible and she was so happy and thankful! I explained how to pray, how to call on the Holy Spirit to help her glean the most from scriptures and to first read:  the Book of John, and then Romans, to learn about the Gospel and Salvation.  I felt good when leaving there [for a change] and also collected my $21.50 for 'travel pay' that helps defray the cost of gas-- and I floated back home on EMPTY and filled up my super fine Ram truck for $80 !!!  Woo Woo!  Ouch!   I called up a fine new lady in IL to ask her out for lunch but she must have been gone or super busy-- she asked me over for Thanksgiving last night!!  She has got to be a special, precious Christian woman, and her fine son will be there too.  She is a 'rare commodity' these days with so much selfishness, greedy and hate floating around in this satanic burning world..

Jumping in and out of the high 4 by 4 truck starts to get me tired after the 3rd and 4th time, but I do manage to get so much done these past days, and I am starting to actually feel better physically and emotionally.  After the 2 horrible knee replacement operations, I honestly thought I would be a bleeding cripple, very disabled, for the rest of my miserable life, but praise the Lord-- I am healing and reaching a certain threshold where I can finally "see the Light."  Hey, some one's always got it worse than us, brothers and sisters!  I don't know what the next day will bring, and it's super windy today in IL and WI.  But all born-again, well studied Christian ought to realize that the 'Season of the Rapture' COULD be/ IS  very near, as I have beaten my loud drum constantly for the last few years!  Like I trumpet:  'Israel is the Center of the World' -- and what happens there in that tiny postage stamp size nation will have dire ripple effects all over the world!   That is what I told the  Iran woman at the VA who was performing the imaging on my chest and abdomen.   But the good part is:  We try hard to live our lives as if this MAY BE the last day on earth and stay ready and alert for the Lord to come.... and He will come like a thief in the night [2nd Thessalonians]-- unexpected by the vast majority of mankind...  maybe 95 % !!  Maybe 90%, but God is waiting for that 'number/ quota' of Saved Christians -- and then the Rapture WILL COME, and that will be the "last stage  coach out of Dodge" brethren,  and I hope to be riding shotgun.  
And this is why we do the unthinkable... something that is not normal:  talking to complete strangers about Jesus Christ, His Word, and Salvation!  Actually, we are COMMANDED TO DO THIS VITAL WORK!  See.  Matt. 28.  

I have many chores to do but I am a morning guy and always have been, from young --up, early school, doing farm chores every morning, the Army, and Chrysler, etc.  But retired does have it's perks and let no one cheat or abuse us!  We CAN lay in bed forever-- except that the dog WILL get your butt out of bed with his cold, wet nose-- so he can do his duty  outside in the back yard.  he is so well trained that he will not stray from the UN-fenced in back yard or wonder off!  Sharon and I worked hard to train him also to be a 'Service Animal' who can and will save a human's life!  Now you know why I value him.

I am also happy that things are finally rolling in my 'social life' with dates, visiting, searching for the right person to be my soul mate and close friend, PTL.  And when it rains--it pours, but I believe that God has a purpose and plan for me-- and others too.    Those 'players' and such who love to play with other's feelings will see that 'they will reap what they sow' and how can they live with themselves -- so selfish and crafty??  I put MY cards on the table immediately and tell them that I am looking for a LTR.  I really don't date for fun-- I am on a mission, but I am kind and respectful of those I date.  In the mean time, I have to live, take care of my hound dog, Deuce, keep things clean and somewhat orderly, pump iron, get a sun tan and listen to the VA docs... lol.   I also have a fine daughter and 3 grand kids in another State with mountains... and I should visit them some day... maybe in Springtime, if I am still around.
Why don't we ALL SAY A PRAYER FOR THE LONELY, HOMELESS, JOBLESS, POOR, DISABLED PEOPLE HERE that are really trying hard to survive, but things will just get worse,--- unless you know how to 'work obama's thing... the welfare system' and live off  the State-- on my hard paid taxes....Ha!  I have tried to help my fellow man and those in the Faith, but I am just one man, and certainly not rich in dollars.  But my "riches" are eternal and ever lasting, PTL.    It doesn't matter if I die tonight or tomorrow, and feel safe and secure in my knowledge that' God cannot lie' [Titus 1:2] and He KEEPS ALL HIS PROMISES.... not like those folks in Washington D.C. .. lol.  Really, our suffering now seems unbearable, but guys like me and you and all the real other Christians need to band together and communicate, email, call on the phone to love and encourage each other!!!  Come on, friends, let's try hard and comment or just email.

God Bless all my Brothers and Sister in the Lord,
Big Bear Hugs,

Tommy Schuckman
Union Grove, WI  53182  >>>  expert with a torch, and a good welder too, but retired and somewhat disabled now.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Team of Horses.

Tom's Journal.

Let's talk about teamwork today, for a while.  Individual talent, skills, positive and aggressive-- in a good way-- attitudes to get things done/ accomplished are very good and important.  We need to be independent to a certain degree. I recently heard one lonely woman's story [and I would NEVER mention her name or residence!], just lost her husband of whom she loved deeply.  The man was an exceptional hard working, loving man who took good care of his wife but insisted on handling EVERYTHING and she was the 'domestic engineer' at home, but didn't have any practical, 'hand's on' training of how to pay the bills, do business, etc., so now she is all mixed up and has to 're-invent the wheel' and is just so distressed, nervous, and  devastated!!   She will have to sell the house to survive!!  In the old days, 100 years ago I guess the man did run everything outside the house and paid the bills, did business-- but I honestly think that the spouse [either man or woman] NEEDS TO KNOW the BASICS   and have a 'working knowledge' of everything in the house hold, etc...  just in case a mate gets sick, incapacitated  or dies!   Hey!  I can sure understand about not wanting to do something that you absolutely hate,  but I have to force myself to learn new things that my passed dear wife did FOR ME, because she enjoyed them, like cooking, and technical stuff, filing things that are important, taxes, records,  etc.  I never knew or appreciated how much and how smart my wife was-- how multi-talented, skilled and wonderful!!  We would make deals:  'OK, sweetie pie, if you do this, which I hate to do-- I will do that, etc."  And it works, of course, and no woman should have to pick up everything after her spouse who thinks he can just sit on the couch all the time like a king!  Remember, they are a team! 
   She is gone now, and I have wept a river of tears, miss her, but I will and need to move on, and I am ready!  Some ill-advised people might say even with good intentions-- that I OUGHT TO GRIEVE FOR ANOTHER 10 YEARS OR SO before dating again.....HA!!  Sorry, that's just not me!    If I could find a woman with similar qualities that would be nice-- but it isn't probable or likely.   I HAD TO move on after 2 years of combat in Vietnam, after 30.5 years working at Chrysler, and now after my wife went to a 'better place' with no more pain and sorrow...PTL.   So I just want to find someone who is compatible with me, who can tolerate me and love me, and that WILL WORK!  It works all the time with others!  That means I need to change a bit and prob the other person can learn to bend a little bit and all will be well.  Or maybe it won't go well-- but I am going to do it anyway-- just take my time and don't rush or push things.   I don't expect to 'train, educate, force, mold or change' some one new, but to experience and compliment all the qualities that they have already acquired in their life time.  If we can find a good handful of important common interests and compatibilities-- I figure that is all we need to enjoy our company together and work and play like a well matched TEAM OF HORSES,  for what ever is left of our lives, and I am already 62!  Don't feel like waiting anymore.  Period. 

Being raised on a farm in WI, and also studying 2 years of  high school Agriculture and into 4-H,  I understand such things and ideas, and Dad used to tell me about his Father in the great State of Kansas --used to try hard to 'match up' a team of horses to pull the plow, etc., and tailoring the leather harnesses to evenly distribute the heavy load that the animals had to pull.  Simple logic, and the bible has some to say about that too, and LOTS TO SAY ABOUT THE RELATIONSHIP IN MARRIAGE, etc.  If you love someone-- you try to help them-- not hurt them!

With the economic melt down now, many singles are getting squeezed and are suffering now to pay their bills, etc,. and are lonely too.  They just might have to give up SOME of their prideful, egotistical INDEPENDENCE, and LEARN how to live with another person in peace, on an equal footing more or less and co-operate in a loving manner.  One of them, [and the bible appoints the man to be kind of a head, or spokesman] has  to lead the way-- but sometimes that is hard and the spouse MUST take the lead, even if she doesn't want to.  What ever works, you know what I mean....  but both should, again, have a 'working knowledge' of what goes on and how to handle things if sometime bad or unexpected comes up, God forbid.  This is my personal opinion, and I had to learn this the hard way after my wife passed away... and I believe she is in heaven now and very happy to be with her Lord.  That is my opinion too.  Now... you all don't have to agree with me-- but I am just expressing my personal opinion and ideas.... because it's NOT my place to force others to see things MY way... LOL.    
     Friends, I honestly hope that I am not speaking out of place today, although it's my legal right to post on MY blog, my feelings, ideas, understandings, and view points, and I freely admit that I am opinionated about many things, but that's my bold and daring character and the way I was brought up and educated by some fine instructors, plus my own intensive studies in many fields and endeavors.  I would be very happy to get comment from YOU too, if you have the guts to write them...LOL--- it's easy, just go below and hit the proper Links to Comment.
Have a great chilly day!

Warm Regards,