Monday, February 27, 2012

A great prayer by David.

Tom's Journal.

Today seems nice enough when I drove to the Iron Mt., VAMC, in U.P.,  MI.  The gal who stuck me with a needle for many vials of blood was very good and very nice to me!  I have to go back at 3PM to see my new PCP for the first time, and I expect that to last long enough-- for all my infirmities that an older Veteran has at age 63... lol.  Transfers are always a pain in the neck, but why complain and whine?  Most of the other Vets waiting in line, many with their 'significant others' are in the same boat as me-- many missing limbs or worse, and they seem for the most part, cordial and respectful-- and mostly soft spoken.  I don't intend to 'rock the boat' either,  just get what is legally mine, and move on to let the next soldier or sailor in. 

My hands and joints sure do get 'stimulated' in this cold Northern Winter climate up here, but just think about the great, cool, beautiful Summers up here, where every one South of here WANTS TO BE HERE TO ESCAPE THE HOT, HUMID POLLUTED AIR, carried up by the wind current from dirty old Chicago industry, etc.  My Dad used to always say, "You can't have it both ways-- as you have to take the bad with the good-- and don't complain about it."  Life may be better, easier, slower,  South of  WI, here-- but the work is in Wisconsin, etc., if  you want to earn a living, meaningful wage for your hard work top support a family and raise kids and dogs.  I know exactly how the Lefty Liberal ONE HALF of America lives, continually sucking the public breast of the hard working Right, blue and white collar folks with a good, old fashioned work ethic, but I will save that for my next Blog post, perhaps.

My main thoughts and priorities for today are:  making sure that my Dodge Ram 4 by 4 is working, right now with a big storm coming this way, and maybe canceling my road trip to my old house in Racine County, S.E. WI.  Why take a chance when we hear that the mother of Winter storms is headed our way tomorrow??   Even with my brand new tires, I don't feel like 'inviting trouble' if it's not an emergency.  

Today is my Mother's birthday:  2-27-12, and she is a sweet, kind, very generous, old lady, whom I call every day to see how she is doing, and she is forever giving me advice and how to be happy, while being legaly blind and fighting the early signs of dementia, sorry to say.  I think that she is age 85, and starting to ache with old age.  We sent her a birthday card with a '$$$-gift' inside and I am sure she will love it, even though she has trouble reading these days,  my good, hard working sister, Linda, is over there helping out Mom all the time.  THANK YOU, LINDA!  Sister, Linda, also has a son named David, who still serves as a Captain in the Air Force.  That good 'Schuckman blood' most likely makes him a smart, astute, warrior and leader. for our country.  I think my tours of Aviation combat in Vietnam, in the Army, had something to do with him wanting to serve, and make something of himself, and I wish him well.  Thank  you for serving and protecting us, David!

I really want to share something deep and close to my heart from David, in Psalm 6.. but please read the whole short chapter... 1.  "Lord, rebuke me not in thine anger, neither chasten me in they hot displeasure. 2. Have mercy upon me, O Lord;  for I am weak:  O Lord, heal me; for my bones are vexed."  --etc. etc.   We want the Father in heaven to heal us gently--if possible, and that's why we do well to maintain a lowly, HUMBLE heart-- because we all sin daily and need the Father's  forgivenss through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior!  It's better to be pulled aside, always,  from the ears and onlooking others and made straight/ corrected, in private, by a loving, kind God -- instead of reamed out harshly in front of others, isn't it ???  Ha!  I know well that this is true from many years of experience, trial and error, making many mistakes in my younger days.  I have tried hard to discipline and teach my own 3 children the same way that I would have liked to be corrected in my  youth -- in God's love, and not in His anger.  As sinners, so imperfect, we will NEVER be perfect in this evil system that belongs to Satan -- but we can soften the blows,  just by being humble, alert, and studying the Word-- the Bible, daily.   I knew an old elder who used this prayer often, but just now have I found it, at Psalm 6.  I love this fervent prayer!  I hope that YOU do too.

Have a good and safe day, dear friends and readers.

Warm Regards.
Tom Schuckman


JT said...

That is a wonderful prayer. God bless you.

JT said...

That is a wonderful prayer. God bless you.

Dante Mallet said...

Yeah, maybe there's still time to visit your old house after the winter storm. And even though the Dodge Ram is tough, it can't beat Mother Nature. Belated happy birthday to your loving Mom.

Dante Mallet