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The Great Diabetes and BS Rip Off.

Tom's Journal.

I am NOT advertising or working for this outfit Company, but I HAVE studied healing herbs, etc., for the past 40 years and know enough that proper herbs and knowledge can and has saved MY life, and heart disease runs in my family, and I know I cannot live forever [on Earth], but CAN find a modicum of happiness.  
     The main reason I put this up on my humble Blog was because I KNOW that "Big Pharma" is evil and super greedy, and this stuff may very well be pulled off the InterNet soon!  Why?  Because it works!!   In places like Germany, where they don't have the demonic AMA and 'big Pharma' --- they are a lot more open minded and treat folks with herbs, regularly!   The Germans are known for being a health conscience people, and I have been in Germany for 6 months, so I know!  
         I cannot and will not guarantee anything,  but Cinnamon, a common spice, can really help people, and I consume it too as a herbal supplement, daily!   I just want to share something that I feel is GOOD, that's all.   My dear wife just found out that she is diabetic, and I am so worried about her.    One big  reason I am posting this is to GET HER ATTENTION!!!    And her 'doctor' told her NOT to eat any cinnamon !!!  What's wrong with this picture....duh?  Now,  I am NOT giving medical advice,  Period.   I just think it's important to fully educate ourselves. 
        And WHAT IF, there was suddenly a shortage of Diabetes medicine??  If I am still correct, some of those medicines are only made in 2 places in the world...  Holland, and a much smaller place in the USA.     Now, if there were a crisis, would you not want SOME KIND OF ALTERNATIVE way to treat yourself?   Praying is good!  But I always wanted another "Edge" -- and so I have studied Herbs, and you all can do this too, and right now!
      OK, the ball is in YOUR court now.   I just ordered some Omega K oil in capsules for my heart, but also some Cinnamon Extract, a few weeks before I even came upon this forwarded article that I am posting right now, today!   I also take Hawthorne berries for my heart, and on a strict diet. 

1 Weird Spice that Reverses Diabetes
An Urgent Alert from Dr. Scott Saunders, M.D.:
If you or someone you love suffers from Pre-Diabetes,
Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes ... read this now.

Dear Reader,
I'm livid.
As a Medical Doctor, I'm sick and tired of how people with high blood sugar, pre-diabetes or diabetes are being treated by the mainstream medical system.
Dr Scott Saunders
That's why I'm going to turn the tables on the Big Drug Companies that sell $114 BILLION each year in Diabetes and blood sugar drugs.
It's no secret they would love to keep you buying their drugs...
I'm going to show you how to improve your blood sugar levels and gain relief from your problems -- without side effects associated with the prescription medication.
This story from Joanne says it all...
"I am the mother of 3 teenagers. I was diagnosed with diabetes and my doctor put me on the prescription drug Metformin® and then also on a statin drug. I had unbearable side effects. I got bad stomach cramps and felt ill. I became extremely tired (always), depressed and couldn't function on a day to day basis.
"I got your tips. It was the best thing I've ever done in my life. Ultimately, was able to move off drugs. It was so simple and straightforward, so easy. My sugar levels are down, and my energy level is up. I now go to the gym and have lost weight."
Amazing story, isn't it? Joanne's true story is just one from many people who have gained remarkable relief from their health problems.
If you have high blood sugar, pre-diabetes or diabetes, there is a proven clinical discovery that NO other doctor I know of will tell you about.
Click Here To Watch One Weird Spice that Reverses Diabetes
And I should know. I have treated thousands of patients since 1995, when I became an M.D., board certified in Family Medicine.
In my practice, I noticed the drugs I was prescribing were not helping people as much as they claimed they would , and OFTEN gave them bad side effects and MORE health problems that needed more drugs. This downward health spiral bothered me a lot .
In my opinion, the drugs I was prescribing were doing my patients more harm than good, but the "Medical Establishment" just kept recommending I prescribe these drugs, or every new drug that came out on the market .
My frustration led me to study other ways of helping patients, and I discovered that certain nutrients had studies showing they worked amazingly well, and with no side effects. I started telling my patients about these "natural wonders' ... and they worked great with no side effects!
My studies found that in America we spend more money per person on diabetes drugs and medical care than any other country in the world, and we still don't even rank in the top 15 countries for longevity.
I even left a huge hospital system (UCLA) to go off on my own so I can treat patients how I want to - almost totally drug-free.
Please ... don't let another M.D.'s ignorance or faulty "drugs first" Mainstream Medicine make you a victim of the American Diabetic Death March.
Doctors have a lot of incentive to prescribe prescription drugs. Period. End of story.
But I've discovered a much better, and natural solution to help relieve your blood sugar related health problems - with NO drug side effects or continuous doctor visits.
It will surprise you ... and there's ABSOLUTELY NO COST to you so click here to watch the free, short, informative video now.
You'll discover so much in this video - much more than I could ever tell you here.
Fact is, this video is so jam-packed with useful information, we may just take it out of the FREE category and start charging for it - that is, if it's allowed to remain on the internet at all...
Dr Scott Saunders
I am concerned that Big Pharma may soon shut down this video. I am certain they will hate that I put a dent in their money machine by showing good folks like you how to keep your hard earned money out of their hands ...
So make sure you click here now while you still can - it could mean the difference between living a healthy life free of drug induced side effects and being stuck taking medications that in my opinion your body doesn't want or even need..."cures" that are worse than the disease. In this video you will discover:
  • The one "weird spice" that lowers blood sugar and fixes your endocrine system - my observation in my practice is that it acts like insulin in your body!
  • 3 dangerous but common doctor recommendations you MUST avoid if you ever hope to get relief from your health problems.
Diabetes will kill you ... if you let it!
You can greatly reduce your risk of suffering from serious vision problems, heart problems or even amputation.
And you don't have to rely on expensive, dangerous drugs, either!
Let me show you what I have shown my own patients, how to lower your blood sugar levels substantially and gain relief in under a month using safe, inexpensive natural home remedies.
Watch this free, informative video right now, and see how to solve the real cause of your problem ... 1 Weird Spice That Destroys Diabetes. <--click here="" strong="" video="">
But this presentation may not be free for long...I am concerned that it may not even be available at any price if Big Pharma gets wind of it and forces me to shut it click here now before it may be too late for you or your loved one.
Sincerely Yours,
Scott Saunders M.D.

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