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When will Ezekiel 38 Happen? The War.

Tom's Journal.

What another beautiful day with sun shine and warmth!!   I got a great sun burn yesterday that helped my erupted skin, and I am drinking more water to clean my insides out and hydrate !!   Last night, getting ready for bed, I brushed my teeth with my new soft brush, and when I say on the bed to take my final meds,  my dental bridge just dropped onto my tongue !!  To think:  'I could have had that happen while I was asleep with my breathing apparatus, CPAP mask on, and the Oxygen  machine going... ["white noise"] --- and choked to death !!     Ha!  Terri wouldn't have anyone to nag at, for a while... LOL.   Anyway, the local VA clinic/ hospital in IM scheduled me to see their best dental specialist in 'mid-Oct' --in Milwaukee VAMC, 8th floor, but now I figure that our local VA can just super glue my old bridge back in.
    And when  you read the following, interesting, encouraging Article about Ezekiel 38, we get the notion that all our long range business might just KEEP, and won't be thought of as an emergency or quite so important.    God, please help me produce the right words to make my dear, lovely wife UNDERSTAND this simple concept, and others too.
    For the thousandth time:   Titus 1:2 says,  "GOD CANNOT LIE."   My main, pure love is Bible Prophecy,  sorry,  I just love it and study it, along with other things I find interesting, dear friends.   I have a long list of other things I feel that I have mastered enough to hold a degree in,  but an old adage is:  "The cream always rises to the top."    Which means that some things in life are more important than others, and rise to  the TOP of our to-do list.   If the ship is sinking, it's not the time to polish the brass knobs in the boiler room.....duh.   It's time to "abandon ship!!"   Put some of your jewels on -- but not so much that would cause you to sink in the water, to render  your 'Mae West' vest.    

And isn't STD [Satan] and his servants, human and spirits, doing a smashing job MISLEADING THE WHOLE INHABITED WORLD with things like:  Obama-care, Illegal Aliens, the border infiltration of evil, wicked enemies who would do us harm, crime, gun control, abortion, etc ?? ??   If the devil can JUST eat up more time, anyway he can, he will be successful in keeping the vast majority of people on Earth.... "LEFT BEHIND ~!"   This is Satan's evil entertainment and pleasure as a cruel, sadist, to hurt human beings, something GOOD that  God created to once live in a Paradise Earth, forever!  And Satan dragged ONE THIRD of the angels in heaven after him, now corrupted, and will only be destroyed forever in the Revelation 'Lake of Fire.'  
      I have studied the KJV Bible long enough to know exactly what I [WE] need to do to get into heaven, friends.   If I can do it -- You can too!   I am not bragging,  but I publicly admit that I am an old, sinner man.   Yes, I still commit sins, but they are not "planned" sins.   I confess my sins to the Lord every day, and try hard not to repeat them, and the Holy Spirit helps me.   I love my Lord and Master,  Jesus Christ, and am ready to die for Him.   Does anyone who reads this post really believe that there is something BETTER OUT THERE IN THE WORLD -- THAT WILL LAST FOREVER--- compared to heaven ? ? ?    If so, please contact me: 

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman


When Will Ezekiel 38 Happen?

Q.  Is it possible for you to give some kind of approximation of when you think the Battle of Ezekiel 38/39 will start?  It seems like all the factors are falling into place.  Haven’t huge amounts of gas and oil been found in Israel and wouldn’t this be motivation for Russia to start this battle?  I’m wondering also about the other battles involving Damascus. Aren’t these supposed to happen before the battle of Ezekiel?  Thanks so much for all the work you put into your website.

A. I’ve never given a direct answer to this question because the Middle East is in such a state of flux, I’d just be guessing.  I think the Battle of Ezekiel 38-39 will happen soon, but at a time when nobody is expecting it. (Nobody other than students of prophecy, that is.)  Israel will have been experiencing the illusion of peace and other nations will be inquiring as to the motives of the attackers when it happens, indicating their surprise (Ezekiel 38:13).  I think groups like Hezbollah, Hamas, and the PLO will have to be neutralized ahead of time since they don’t appear to be involved in Ezekiel 38 as you’d expect.  Psalm 83 speaks of this.  Syria is also absent from this battle, a hint that Isaiah 17 will also have occurred.
All these things could happen very quickly once they begin.  After all they’re called battles, not wars, and and battles usually take only hours or days to complete.  For example Israel recently announced it could destroy Lebanon’s entire military capability in four hours. And how long would Syria last if Damascus is destroyed as foretold in Isaiah 17?

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