Saturday, October 5, 2013

Government is NOT God !

Tom's Journal.

Let's  just see what happens in D.C. this coming week end........[smile]  !!   AS the truckers are forming up with the Veterans !!


UNBELIEVABLE: Police force Vietnam veterans to vacate Vietnam Veterans Memorial


The police came and forced both Vietnam veterans and the general public to leave the Vietnam Veterans Memorial after veterans went through the barricades:
WEEKLY STANDARD – After one group of veterans went around the barricade, “the park ranger told them the wall was closed,” NBC’s Mark Seagraves reported. “Later another group of vets showed up and moved the barricades. At that point, the memorial filled with vets and tourists. That’s when police came and moved everyone out.”
The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall is a black granite outdoor wall on which the names of the 58,272 service members who died or were unaccounted for during the Vietnam war are inscribed.
It takes more manpower and costs the government more money to close down an outdoor wall than to let people walk past it and pay their respects.
The Obama administration has been very selective in devoting resources to shutting down memorials.

Here’s a tweet from Steve King on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial this morning, saying it is indeed open and the guard dogs are only for intimidation. GUARD DOGS?

No!   Government is NOT God, and every person on earth IS essential !!

Ahhhh, that makes me feel GOOD inside!   And if more people only knew and believed  this well known Christian Truth, we would all get along much better.   But, like an old cartoon pictured  'Teach a Democrat how to fish, and you've just made a Republican.'   Now days, I swear that there is not any difference between the two parties.   Period.   How many RINIO's have been persuaded to vote for some form of abortion, or Gay 'rights ??'   If I take any label I might be called a Christian Conservative, or just Independent now days, but I try to side step politics because Christ is our real Lord and Master  --- and soon to take his throne on Earth too, and rule from Jerusalem for 1000 years !    This not a fairy tale, young folks, it's God's Word, found in Revelation 24: 4, etc.   [I had to look it  up to make sure I gave the correct chapter and verse... smile].   And Satan and his bad angels were also tossed into that great deep chasm for 1000 to suffer, while the New Earth is filled with good people who must learn the new rules and regs of God's New Order  --- and grow to perfection in a Paradise, just as was the Father's first wish and directive, back in early Genesis .... only [Adam and Eve] and the rest of mankind  save their worship for HIM, the Father  alone.   Not too much has changed except that we have come full circle now awaiting a NEW Earth and New Heavens...   but the polluted 2 places need to be torn down and cleaned up before we can call them a real Paradise, right?  That cleansing will also 'take out the many rats and other vermin, cockroaches' who refuse to work even if they are ABLE, instead of living off the hard work and taxes of the "Other Half of Society !!"   I paid a lot of heavy taxes all my life starting at age 18, until I became disabled in many ways, unable to work anymore and blessed to be able to walk to the bathroom to do my duty and keep clean.   PTL! 

God knows that man is fully capable of blowing the Earth up right now-- but He will NOT ALLOW THAT TO HAPPEN, in a total, major way!!   There may be some limited nukes, but  God is saving the grand finale for himself....  just read the simple Book written on a 5th grade reading level, friends.   Remember, folks,  all  you need is the Holy Spirit to understand the Bible.  

You know,  the constant drilling and mind bending BS on TV, movies and radio, 'brain-washing' of the American and other countries societies, have truly muddied the water, so that we have lost our manhood, mushed up our brains and dumbed us down  ---  must be cleaned up and awakened before it is too late -- if we are to strong Soldiers for the Lord and do His will !!   Or are we willing to just put in our hours at work and then get stupid will booze and beer after work and just hit the hay, after watching some lame movie, or sit-com  on Liberal TV??  Have we become so dead, jaded, sorted and numbed like the ancient Romans who also got fat and lazy, only to be conquered by the 'new kid on the block ?'   Goths, Visigoths, Franks, Germans, North Africans ?   Hey, friends,  our so-called, "Golden Age" is gone, and a normal one lasts only 200 years,  and we are so under DEBT that we can never get free even if we WANTED TO !!    Obama's remedy is to jack UP the Debt Limit...ceiling -- LOL.   Even if Japan, alone,  went down -- they would pull the rest of the world down with us;  And the super, doper grand masters who really run the show-- huge bankers behind the scenes, and secret manipulators--Puppeteers,  are angry with Obama, because they DON'T want him to destroy America ---  just pull it's fangs and claws, and keep working to show them a profit... a fat profit, while Obama  does in exile to a  kept paradise in some Islamic land...  won't 'Mooshell' enjoy the heck out of that with her new way to dress  like the rest of the  Muslim ladies...  LOL...   smile.  Burqa? [sp?]

But people will do anything and everything to NOT read the Bible and find out what the future brings!   They would rather believe in something else, like "Kingdom Now" preaching, or New Age baloney, or Mormonism, and please forget the JW's!   They world still wants to think that they can have their cake and eat it too....  live forever world where scientists can prolong life by mutating the human body or use machines, etc.   Hey,  this is not some Buck Rogers movie, guys.  People love to pick up the Bible on their death bed, when they COULD HAVE worked, served and worshiped the Lord for many years and taught their children right at the same  time. 

Time to brush my teeth, and most of them are mine....   but a few years back the Milwaukee VA  ---  Veterans Administration  Medical Center [VAMC] convinced me to have many of my  GOOD teeth pulled out for a partial bridge that DIDN'T WORK, so now I have to suffer for their short sightedness, mistakes.   And they slammed me for even voicing my humble opinion.... ah!   Rejoice!!     When I yelled  at  them for butchering my right knee replacement 3 years ago,  I became very "unpopular" at that facility, so I then moved to North Chicago, where I got better care, after we worked out most of the screw ups and flaws..., but now I am U.P. in Iron Mountain, M

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman


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Friday, October 4, 2013  

Being non-essential

The federal government shut down has raised a lot of eyebrows. It has exposed a lot about our government, how big it has gotten, how interwoven it is into the fabric of American enterprise and society. It was never supposed to get that way. The Founding Fathers envisioned a limited government where the people would have freedom to create opportunities, business and commerce, a better way for themselves, or not, if they chose not to. We see now that a government shut down has caused a ripple effect throughout the nation. We have to wonder, if there are millions on non-essential personnel sitting at home, why? What does this tell us about our nation, and what opportunity does it present?

Government is not God. Yet to millions, it is their provider; their care giver; their facilitator of life. This is the trap. And it has been sprung on way too many Americans. There are too many of us who are far too dependent on the government. We need to wean away. And what better time than now? Think about it. All these people at home because they are non essential. I would wager if I were a wagering man that these folks could provide better service to the government as part of their own company doing the very same thing for the government. I bet they could do it more efficiently, less expensively, more creatively, and also be happier while they were doing it.

If I were a "non essential" sitting at home, I would probably call my co-workers together for a meeting. I would tell them that we could start a company and provide the very same kind of services to the government and to others who wanted them. Let's get rid of the people who don't do any work in our area and start our own business. I bet they could work harder, faster and make more money than what the government is paying them because they know their jobs and how to do them, there is just no incentive at the government for such efficiency. Its a thought. If I were non essential, I would surely be wondering about my future.

There is a deeper message. To this Congress and White House, we are all "non-essential." They don't care. They don't want to hear our concerns. They do what they want to do. We the People are a means to their selfish ends. We are essential for one day a year--April 15--when we are forced to show up with the cash. Otherwise, we are as non-essential as any government worker sitting at home today because politicians are blaming each other for everybody sitting at home. This is another reason government isn't God. In God's eyes, everyone is essential. Remember what Jesus told us in John 3:16, "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that who so ever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." No, government is not God, and you ARE essential.
Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

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