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Louie Gohmert.

Tom's Journal.

Louie Gohmert gives a speech on the House floor.

I just subscribed to this Christian News Paper, that alerts us to what's happening in the real world of persecuted Christianity, even in America !! 
    Since [I figure] most of my readers are in the same mindset as me, Christian Community, hard working folks, many Patriots, Middle class, Educated, people with at least Common Sense, Military men and women, etc.,  please allow me to ask a simple question:   'Have you ever wondered WHY God chose YOU to be Saved, and be in that special "Spirit Anointed Church Class" who are destined to go to Heaven ? ? ?'    I COULD HAVE TOTALLY MISSED THE BOAT, and ended up dead,  DEAD, before I had a chance to accept the Lord, Jesus Christ, and end up in hell !  Go figure that I put myself in harm's way so many times, and most of my friends in the same predicament too...  LOL !   And don't think I know who butters my toast  --- I am so thankful and happy to have been so BLESSED by the Lord, sinner that I am, no matter how hard I try,  I surely mess up every single day that goes by.   But God knows this and has thus made a special provision with the ransom blood of Jesus that takes away all sin, past, present and future sins!    We don't PLAN to go sin tomorrow or the next day, but it happens.

SOME of my personal faults are, impatience, short temper, lack of self control, frustration in not getting the proper results when I am teaching someone,  etc.  Other men have confessed their short comings with me too, and I try to tell them that we will NEVER be perfect while on God's green Earth!   But we can all reach a certain plateau in putting up with each other, and get along, and agree with what the Good Book says, as we meet and discuss sacred things from the KJV Bible...[or what ever you use..].  at church, or even on the InterNet, that blesses us all.   All the facts of the world at our fingertips, INFO, encouragement, fellowship, kindness !   But I was a Communicator even when in high school, class of '67, reading and writing letters.   Actually, many times I feel like a king where I am right now, U.P. in the Great Northern Woods.... in the 'Frozen Tundra,' with many books and our PC.   What more does a man need, but to have the basics of food, shelter and covering, besides a handful of good, godly friends to meet with every week in a Bible loving church ??   And we have the nasty cold, chilly weather in Winter, but not the high, scary crime of the big cities plagued by punks on drugs, rape, robbery, theft, and murder, PTL ! 

However, as studied servants of the Lord,  we do know that we live in the Last Days of this old, satanic system, that MUST happen to fulfill Bible prophesy.  So why do some of us continue to perpetuate the "Old World" that is corrupt and sin laden or godless humans who have jumped ship over to the devil's side ??  "Oh, vote for this man, or that party, or that [ism] --way of life, mindset, administration, or One World Gov't !!"  
     If anything, I just want to do God's Will, and make sure that I please Him!!  So..... just what IS God's Will ... How many even know ? ?  Just take a trip to:  FIRST
  TIMOTHY, 2ND CHAPTER, VERSES 3 and 4:   "For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour;;   Who will have all men be be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth."   ---
and verse 5:  "For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus.  6. Who gave himself a ransom for all, to be testified in de time."   And, friends, as I always say, AS SIMPLE AS THIS IS, many cannot absorb it,  because they have NOT the Holy Spirit to help them understand it.  The Holy Spirit is FREE !!!  Just ask for Him to come and help you!  If you are having trouble quiting a bad habit, like over drinking, smoking, cursing, foul  speech, or what ever, there exists a fine SYSTEM that works, with a very HIGH percentage of success, called:  REFORMERS.   Offered at many Baptist churches all over the world, and I have been there too, and benefited.   For more info, call my good pastor, Kevin Sullivan @  906-774-8239, or just look this org up on the InterNet.  If I get into trouble for taking these liberties,  just hang me.  I am here to help, if I can.   But why now start off  the New Year right  ? ?

Tell me, please leave a comment, if I have helped you at all.  Terri just got home from grocery shopping, and got me a pumpkin pie !
   Have a cold day.

Hugs and Well Wishes,
Tom Schuckman

WASHINGTON – In a recent speech on the House floor, Republican Representative Louie Gohmert of Texas explained that throughout the Bible, God protects nations that honor Him, but destroys nations that turn away from His rule.
Gohmert was speaking about the persecution of Christians around the world, including the in Middle East, and the mainstream media’s avoidance of the topic.
“Christians in the Middle East and around the world are being persecuted, imprisoned and martyred for their faith,” he said. “There is widespread systemic violence, and no one in the mainstream media and government seems to have noticed.”
“We may see the elimination and extinction of Christianity in its very birthplace, without a whimper of protest from the West,” he lamented.
He then began to speak about God’s protections on Israel in the Bible, as well removal of His hand from the nation when it stopped honoring Him.
“[N]o country has ever fallen while it was truly honoring the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,” he said. “So, if you were completely a-religious, completely atheistic, but you wanted to have [your country] safe and protected, then it would sound like from historical purposes, that it might be a good thing to encourage those who believe in God to keep doing so.”
“Because when a nation’s leaders honor that God,” he continued, “that nation is protected. It’s only when it turns away that it falls.”
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In 1798, President John Adams made similar statements in proclaiming a national day of humiliation, prayer and fasting.
“As the safety and prosperity of nations ultimately and essentially depend on the protection and blessing of Almighty God, and the national acknowledgment of this truth is not only an indispensable duty which the people owe to Him,” he wrote, “…this duty, at all times incumbent, is so especially in seasons of difficulty and of danger, when existing or threatening calamities—the just judgments of God against prevalent iniquity—are a loud call to repentance and reformation.”
Gohmert, a Sunday School teacher at Green Acres Baptist Church in Tyler, Texas, said in his speech that America has fallen from its glory days and is turning its back on the followers of Christ.
“Now we have turned full circle, and we are starting to … reward those abroad who persecute the very churches that made America the freest country,” he stated. “We are losing our exceptionalism because we are refusing to stand up for Christians here and around the world.”
Gohmert ended his address by pleading with the Obama administration to stop supporting foreign nations that persecute those who follow the God of the Bible.
“Quit rewarding them. Quit providing them arms,” he said. “Because if we don’t, we will slip down the slide of history and into the dustbin of history, and people will only be able to look back and say, ‘What an amazing country that once was.’”

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