Friday, October 11, 2013

D.C. Truckers' Info... Video.

Tom's Journal.

Some Friends of mine have said that they are having trouble posting any info on the Truckers in D.C. protest, etc.   When you think about it, 'the apple doesn't fall far from the tree,' and Satan's tactics are clearly adopted by his minions and human servants/ followers..... ie:  WH.  

Of course, I respect and support those brave Veterans and Patriots who are trying hard to reverse Obama's vast damage to our Republic, and even China is worried about Obama's train wreck economy BS.   We should ALL KNOW WELL, that if the USA goes bankrupt, the whole world will tumble down that slippery slope too!  And when that happens-- enter the Anti-Christ.   "Good Night, Saigon."   [song].  

Terri bought a gimmick water cooler with bottled water thingy that she put in the kitchen [that had no]   --because she said that she hates the taste of the water U.P. here.   So I tried it, and liked it, but of course, it comes with a fee $$$.    I am not complaining, because she does have some great ideas, and I am all for 'setting women free' --within the confines of the KJV Bible.  Just think:  If EVERYONE would live with Jesus' teachings and short simple Law... "Love God above all things.  And love your neighbor as yourself,'  we would live in a Paradise !! !!
      Few people really know what this is all about, dear friends...  the BIG number one question in the Garden of Eden was:  'Satan put a question to Jehovah [Yahweh, YHVH], Father God [AND ALL OF HIS CREATION!], that mankind had the Right and knowledge to live and rule by himself  !!  God said "NO !"  Now... God could have just zapped Satan out of existence, and it was NEVER a question of 'power.'  But then all his angels and mankind might always have that question lingering in the back of their minds.   And our Father created us as "Free Moral Agents" -- not robots.  So our Father/ Creator decided to put this open question to the final test... and for the last 6000 years, mankind has had and tried every imaginable form of rule/ government.  Even Democracy has proven to be a poor form of Government.  Our American Republic seemed to be good for the first 100 years, but even it started to go down hill, when godless men seized power and broke away from the god-centered 'Founding Framers of our good Constitution'  -- but they discerned that our Republic only worked well with a well grounded Judeo- Christian base!  Sorry.   The world of mankind is now quite polluted and getting worse by the day!  Sorry again !  
     So now, soon comes the NEW WORLD ORDER, and the Anti-Christ, followed by the coming of the Lord, Jesus Christ, who WILL win the game.  But look up Genesis 3:15, where it all began... and now that 6000 is over, as we are indeed living in the "End Times."
     Friends,  I may dabble in politics and support various causes like the TPP, etc.,  but my First Love is Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, who never breaks a promise, and holds all the cards, tools, powers, and the gateway to Heaven.

Well, guys,  I am rooting for the Truckers and Veterans this week end, and I pray that no one gets hurt....  but anything could happen.   I am a sinner man, an dwell know my many faults [as my dear wife tells me daily... LOL].  I work on my faults and personal shortcomings, but I am old, and disabled...  sorry again...Ha !  The Holy Spirit is active and alive in me... PTL.  Blogging is one way that a simple man like me can 'Share the Gospel of Jesus Christ', and I am blessed to have a double handful of true blue friends, albeit scattered all over the USA, etc.  Please visit me some time: 

Watch the short video.

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman