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Obama's Ethanol Environmental Disaster.

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Infrastructure Rebuilding Costs

I love some of the old slogans, motto's,  words to the wise,  but especially the Proverbs, which have so much wisdom and truth in them !!  Like: 
Trust in the Lord with all thine heart;  and lean not unto thine own understanding."  ~Proverbs 3:5.   Be warned, you college people !!  I LOVED COLLEGE AND GAINED A LOT OF GOOD KNOWLEDGE AND A SKILL THAT PAID THE BILLS AND FED MY FAMILY!   But..... 'the wisdom of the world is foolishness with God...'   Getting TOO full of yourself will make you haughty, too proud, and could turn you AWAY from God.  I be knowin' that for a fact, friends.  The God of the Holy Bible used a stout piece of lumber to break my stiff neck, literally, in 1997.  That made me kind of bitter, so a few years latter, I had another death dealing accident -- not even my fault, when a red pick up truck ran a stop sign and wiped me out on my  Goldwing motorcycle, breaking 12 ribs in multiple places...  and THAT accident did take 'the wind out of my sails' and slowed me down quite a bit.   That made me stop and take a look at my miserable life, although working hard and making tons of money at Chrysler plus benefits, etc.  Why was I slaving for a greedy woman -- whose whole life was her miserable house!   That house could have easily burned down had I not had a good electrician buddy who discovered that most of the electrical outlets in her house were actually warm, with the plastic insulation crumbling away !!   Greedy, selfish  people never win.  

And stupid "kings" run their land into the ground,  even the land of "We the People !"   I did not know how Ethanol  has already hurt the environment in the USA !!!  Another big, national blunder.  Yes, Bush put into law,  but Obama pushed it to a whole new level !!  Is this the workings of a "wise king ??"   I think not.
       When you catch a person lying about ONE thing...  you've got to wonder:  'what else is he / she lying about ?'  
    Through the years, before I knew the Lord, and after,  I have several relationships when I was duped by  females that were lying to me all the time.   And I was hoodwinked, fooled,  into thinking that their lies were just a matter of coincidences....  until I caught the women  in a lie that they could not talk their way out of.  So then, that usually makes the innocent partner wonder if she is ever telling the truth after that. 
     My father raised me to never, but never tell a lie!!    That was the worst sin, in his mind, worse than anything else.   I have lied in my life, a few times, but it made me feel so guilty.   [The Bible says that all men are liars...and women too!]   I would say that I am a very honest person now, and the truth is very important to me.  A person loses so much credibility when he is caught with his lie, and then people wonder if there are more lies in his path.  Here is some good advice....  always watch what you say  when you walk into a VAMC  [Veterans Administration Medical Center ---hospital]  facility, and guard your tongue...  from BIG BROTHER !!   Now days, the VA is asking too many personal questions... and they work them in unbeknownst to us, and try to trick us Veterans --- and NO, I am NOT paranoid !!   Just Beware, fellow warriors, please!   In the USA, the people who deserved the most respect and honor-- are usually kicked to the curb, and denied their basic rights, freedoms, rightful due $$$, and benefits, in a hostile environment.  The Milwaukee VA hospital is very racially hostile to the white soldiers.... and the black nurses try to dump on and deny the white folks their basic respect.   I have talked to MANY OTHER VETERANS WHILE THERE ON BUSINESS AND SURGERY, and all of them, or at least 90% tell me the same story !!  Beware !  Be Fore- Warned!   Be On Guard !!   I may lose my head, literally, or suffer for telling these truths, but I am old, disabled and hurting.... and the Rapture is near, I pray.   Jesus is Lord... and heaven is my home, and I hope yours too !
       Enter the DEVIL's  disciple ! ! !   And the truth of the matter is that most people in the USA DON'T EVEN CARE IF HE LIES !!

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Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

Obama’s Ethanol Environmental Disaster

John Moore / Getty Images / AFP
John Moore / Getty Images / AFP
A new investigation has revealed that the United States’ ethanol mandate is severely harming the environment without producing enough tangible benefits.
From Russia Today
Since the Obama administration began implementing the ethanol  mandate – requiring a certain level of the biofuel to be added to  the gasoline supply – the Associated Press found that the damage  done by the program has dwarfed any suspected benefits, many of  which failed to materialize in the first place.
Since President Obama took office, roughly five million acres of  land set aside for conservation have been lost in the drive to  harvest more corn for ethanol, the investigation found. Farmers  have plowed into land previously unused for farming, releasing  amounts of carbon dioxide into the air that would take native  plants decades to reduce naturally.
Billons of pounds of fertilizer were also used on land, some of  which has leaked into drinking water, rivers, and has expanded  the Gulf of Mexico’s dead zone, which can no longer support life.
“This is an ecological disaster,” said Craig Cox with the  Environmental Working Group to the AP. Cox’s group, once a White  House ally, now opposes the administration’s ethanol policies.
The effectiveness of ethanol as a reducer of carbon dioxide  emissions has also been greatly exaggerated, according to the  investigation, making it unknown whether or not ethanol could  ever be improved enough to help combat the effects of global  warming. On top of this, the price of corn has more than doubled  since 2010.
As a result, the ethanol industry has come under fire from a  surprising coalition of oil companies who oppose the mandate and  green groups who consider corn-based ethanol to be a net harm to  the environment.
The ethanol industry was quick to hit back at the AP  investigation, however. “There’s probably more truth in this  week’s National Enquirer than there is in  the AP story,” said the Renewable Fuels Association’s Geoff  Cooper on a press call, according to the National Journal.
The industry denies that the ethanol mandate is the root cause of  conservation land loss, and said the data showing more corn going  into fuel than food in 2010 is misleading.
For now, at least, the Obama administration is standing behind  the policy, partly to avoid a legislative battle with the  agriculture lobby, and partly because it believes that endorsing  corn-based ethanol will promote the development of biofuels that  are ultimately much cleaner and more efficient.
“That is what you give up if you don’t recognize that  renewable fuels have some place here,” Environmental  Protection Agency (EPA) administrator Gina McCarthy said to the  AP. “All renewable fuels are not corn ethanol.”
Regardless, the tangible benefits of ethanol have become low  enough that the EPA is set to lower the amount of ethanol  required in the gas supply. Critics of the mandate are now  suggesting the government scrap it entirely, while the Washington  Post also published a story today, headlined “Time to kill the  corn ethanol mandate.”
Though the ethanol mandate was signed into law by President  George W. Bush before his second term ended, implementation fell  to the incoming Obama administration. The EPA was skeptical from  the outset, due to concern that planting and harvesting so much  corn would release enough carbon dioxide into the atmosphere to  make the benefits of ethanol uncertain at best.
“I don’t remember anybody having great passion for this,”  Bob Sussman, who worked on Obama’s transition team and recently  retired as EPA’s senior policy counsel, said to the AP. “I  don’t have a lot of personal enthusiasm for the program.”
With support from the Department of Agriculture and some of  Obama’s senior advisers, however, the program went ahead. As a  result of inefficient regulations and poor predictions regarding  the biofuel’s viability as green energy, Obama officials have  realized that the ethanol mandate is inadequate policy. Obama  himself did not even refer to ethanol in his last major speech on  the environment, though whether any action is taken outside of  lowering the ethanol requirement for gas remains to be seen.


And just to back me up in what I say,  here is a email I got today from a good friend in NH, who was an Infantryman over in Vietnam,  Jerry B:

Well this didn't cheer me up any!  I guess Veterans have been disposable items for many years. 
I was at the VA today and found out my new insulin I have been taken isn't like my old stuff in that I can't take it together, it washes out the other.  Now I have been taken it for almost a year together and no one has said a thing, now I have to shoot myself 4 times a day along with all the sticks to see if it is working.  
All this stuff really sucks! I guess its just one of those days, but I did go online and pull up my records from the VA and DoD.  I found out that I listed with kidney disease and heart disease plus other stuff Oh and maybe Agent Orange related......  You got to love our Government they never give up on their lies.  I also found out that I was in areas of imminent danger of getting shot while I was in Country.  Now you and I could have told them that but I bet they more than likely paid some guy more than we both made all the time were in the Army.
Well so much for my happy self, I'm going to bed and see if tomorrow will be better,  Blessing  Jerry

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