Wednesday, February 19, 2014

An Example of what to Do.

Tom's Journal.

I have a new buddy, also a Veteran, and we have challenged each other in a way, with different scriptures, and so far things have been interesting, at least for me.   I like what he sent me and intend to study it more.  Remember:  "Iron sharpens Iron."  ---Proverbs 27: 17.  Actually,  I hunger for others like me with whom I can have an intelligent conversation U.P. here.   I find it stimulating,  refreshing, and challenging.  

We all have our favorite speakers, pastors, writers, etc.,  but real Christian try not to 'follow' other human beings.   We follow ONLY Jesus Christ, and the Bible !   Human make mistakes ----  God does not.   But if some humans follow a godly, biblical path, we do well to emulate their actions.   Just like, a relative named his son,  Tyger,  [and what a beautiful boy !!]  -- I think, because he loves golf.   But just look what happens when another human with a certain name falls flat on his face, or does a serious crime ??  Then goofy people are reminded of the wrong person, and poke fun at the innocent guy or gal.  Pity.  One of my favorite uncles was named Adolph, and he was good, hard working, moral man, who was well loved in this world and did a lot of good things....   but his name may have made people wince.   You see what I mean?  

So,  we need to be seeking the Holy Spirit when we study the Bible in it's context, to get the correct jest and meaning, and then we can apply that knowledge and share the Gospel with others.   There are many "Good Things" that we COULD be doing with our time, but in this wicked age of time, so close and into the 'End Times', what OUGHT WE TO BE DOING ??   Well,  if you had the power to heal someone, or had the cure for cancer, wouldn't you share it with others??   We DO have the power to lead other people to Salvation by the blood of Jesus Christ, by just opening up our mouths !!    I also vote to put the right people in gov't over sight, and I never voted for Obama.   This is not something only reserved for a pastor, or minister.   All Christians are actually commanded to help preach / share the Gospel, until God says to stop.   A great start would be to read and study the books of John, and Romans, and that will prepare you learn all about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  If you don't think you know enough, read them AGAIN !!   And then read the whole Bible too.   I hope that I have helped some body today.    Comments?   Not too many people have figured out to comment yet....  but I comment on other blog sites.   I'm not the only smart kid on the block, am I ?  Ha!

We are going to get another snow storm U.P. here where I live, and maybe up to 6 inches.   But it's the ice and slippery side walks that bother me.

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014 
An example of what to do
Everyday I receive dozens of emails about what to do. Daily Jot readers recognize the condition of our society here in America and really do want to do something, but many don't know what to do. Really, my calling is to provide you with information about how news events relate to the Bible, Biblical prophecy, and Biblical principles that you might take action--equip, encourage, evangelize. The reason I do not often tell you what to do is because I believe you need to be seeking the Holy Spirit, studying your Bible in its context and true meaning, and determining your course of action. For myself, I speak out. I find people at the grocery story, gas pump, athletic gatherings, etc., to use the news to speak out.
Last night, I saw an example of it worthy of your attention. Now before you chastise me for watching a hedonistic show such as American Idol, please note that I also watch Congress and the White House very carefully--and there is nothing in our culture more ungodly than that--so American Idol is tame in comparison. But last night was kind of a defining moment for those who are wondering what to do about our society. I believe that Jesus would want us to engage--He engaged the woman at the well. He engaged the young rich man. He engaged the people at the Sermon on the Mount. Because he engaged society about righteousness, he changed the world. You can do the same. But I digress.
I don't know much about Harry Connick, Jr., but he gave us a great example of how to engage without offending--and he did it on the big stage in front of millions of television viewers. Idol contestant Emily Piriz just turned 18 this week. She chose the song "Paris (Ooh La La)" to sing. She had sung it before in auditions and Connick had remarked that it wasn't appropriate for her age (then 17). Connick asked her after she sang the song if she could repeat the lyrics of the first two lines of it. She said, she could and proceeded: "You got me down on the floor, So what'd you bring me down here for?" Connick made a point to tell her that this was not appropriate for a girl her age to be singing. 
He asked her if that was the type of image she wanted to promote of herself. Her answer was that she wanted to appear as a strong woman who wanted to get what she goes after. Connick asked again if this was the image she wanted to portray.  Host Ryan Seacrest stepped in and tried to lighten things up by saying Harry was having a fatherly moment with Emily. Fact is, my brothers and sisters, we should all be having fatherly and motherly moments with the people in our society. We need to speak up. Connick did it in a non-offensive way, but with authority. He made a statement. He had an Ephesians 6:19 moment, "that I may open my mouth boldly, to make known the mystery of the gospel"--whether he knew it or not, he shared a bit of the gospel. WE need to engage, not shrink back. This was an example.
Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

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