Monday, February 3, 2014

Back At LAST !! 2-03-14

Tom's Journal.

I am just holding my breath to see if this is really true --- that I am finally back to posting again on my beloved Blog !!!  Seems like I had some common virus that was going around on various blogs all over... so, let's just see if this all pans out...PTL.

So much has happened these past 30 some days, but one thing for sure:  'Old Man Winter' is so COLD, SNOWY and Windy this year, and I am so tired of him !  You all can call me superstitious, ignorant, and stupid, but IMHO, this is all tied to Genesis 12: 3, as I have mentioned so many times, and there IS a direct correlation between the US Gov't-- Sec of State John Kerry's dastardly pushing Israel to give up more so-called, "Land for Peace" to the Islamic enemies, and Obama's pushing his NWO thing also.   When wicked mankind tries to go around God's sacred Will,  things will  blow up in his face !!   People will try and cling to:  EVERYTHING and every way that seems right to them...  except the Will of the Father in Heaven!   Christians have to guard against this sin too!  Just stick to the KJV Bible, and things will turn out well for you, and me.  

Friends,   It's that "Independent Thinking"  --- JUST LIKE IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN THAT ALWAYS GETS US INTO TROUBLE !!   It's that Women's Lib that separates a man from his wife and splits up families, just as  Satan is behind the whole thing.    Women can sure get what  they truly need and want with honey--- instead of always holding out for THEIR WAY, or the "Last Word" all the time.   They can be poor and HAPPY by following the great advice in the Bible, and being submissive to a Christian hubby, who is TRYING to do the very best he can to steer the family down the river of rocks and strong currents, etc.  I always ask for a number of close friends to continue praying for my own marriage, and me especially, to do the right thing, and not give up.

Our great pastor, Kevin Sullivan, also asks for ME to continue praying for him, although I feel diminished standing next to him, and his wisdom.   Yes, We are Saved, and know that we are  going to heaven, but the devil wants to deprived WE CHRISTIANS of our love, fellowship, kindness and solidarity with each other in these Last Days, before the Rapture.   "Stay the Course!"  Stay in the race, and the walk of life.   All the mean things we say when we don't get out way-- going against the natural written system that the Lord laid  for us in the Good Book.   Let us use the Inter Net, now, while we still can, to encourage one another, also call friends up on the phone and just visit, to make sure that our fellow brothers and sisters are OK.   And if I ever need a kick in the pants --- don't hold back, but do it with kindness.  "Oh Lord,  Correct us in your kindness, and not in your anger."  When a soul mate resists going to the Bible to find the answer to a problem, there is something wrong !!  We won't be perfect on Earth --- but we can at least try to be cordial, kind, forgiving, civil, and co-operative.   And when two Christian brothers fight or disagree, or rub each other the wrong way --WHICH ONE OF THEM WILL BE MATURE ENOUGH TO TAKE THAT VERY FIRST STEP OF RECONCILIATION ?? 

Instead of living high on the hog,  I am trying to give it my best shot, to pay down / pay OFF my plastic credit cards NOW!   They are eating my lunch by charging so much interest, and we wonder how in the heck the "Law" let's them get away with that !   But Rome was not built in a day, and neither can we pay off everything in a day.  It all starts with,   "Let's make up our minds to start RIGHT NOW... TODAY!"   It won't be easy, but the Lord wants us to do it.   Or, I feel that many, if not most Americans, will be in bondage to Big Brother and the Holding company.  
      Also, the great drought in the South West, especially CA, where much fruit and veggies are grown for all of us, will also help drive up food prices.   I will be age 65, on Feb. 20th, and I cannot remember a Winter so cold, snowy and nasty as we have right now....   but we went through that before.   Yes, we have plenty to pray about, and for, dear friends.   I sorely miss getting email from you all, and hope that  you all will forgive me for being AWOL, please.   I am also on FaceBook, but I really have to watch what I say on that Gov't watched social net work.
  Beware !
If there is something special you want me to study or talk about, just run it by me  via your comments, at the end of this  humble post.
God bless all Believers, and also pray for the pastor's dear wife, Sandy, for a quick recovery from her recent surgery today, and various ailments.   Those two fine, Christians burn themselves out for the body of people under their charge, the local Congregation in IM., and we all love them to pieces ! ! !

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman 

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