Wednesday, February 12, 2014

RINO's and Dems alike.

Tom's Journal.

Hi Folks,
People, in general, don't like to be scolded, especially in public.   But that is just what WE Christians  deserve, including me!   I, too, was AWOL, for many years, but trapped in a nasty cult... the JW- org., for 22 long years, that I COULD HAVE spent helping our nation... albeit, I was trying to play, "catch up" after the Vietnam War that left me with a nasty PTSD issue, when there was little help at the VA, etc.   Now, in my old age, I write letters, emails, Blog, sign petitions, etc., to spread the word about the uber corrupt Gov't.  
      A good way of looking at things is:  We know that God will take care of everything,  but we can also be a part of the solution, and stick to the  Constitution of the USA, which many feel is written with the Bible in mind... as a guide.   I have studied and  read the Constitution many times, so I can know what I am talking about.  An old  Middle school teacher, friend of mine, now dead, told me to just read it slowly, and it can be understood.  
     So... WE the People, stand guilty and complicit, in general, for allowing the Gov't to grow more corrupt and greedy, leading us into the NWO -- the New World Order, which the Bible says:  WILL COME !  But, is it not much better to practice our Christian Faith in a Free, Democratic Republic, than in a dictatorship ? ? ?   The Muslims here in the USA get a free pass, while we have real persecution here for Christians!    We might be fighting a losing battle, but fight we must, IMHO.
    Well, that's the way I see it.

So,  I am off to buy a big sack of oranges today, just need to get out... in the frozen tundra, while my wife is building her bird Avery [place for her birds to have more room to fly around in a huge cage].   Terri is never idle, and always has a bunch of projects to occupy her time, and I am thankful just to be able to TALK WITH HER SOMETIMES.   My Mom feels a bit better now, as I check on her every single day, by phone.   My birthday is on the 20th of Feb., and hers is on the last day of this month, so we will do a little celebration.  
     I am also on Face/ Book, even though it's a Gov't watched web site, and we need to be discreet there.   I am seeing a civilian dentist next month, because the VA 'dentists' only recommend that all my teeth be pulled out, and I will not have that stupid idea !!  They never do what is good for the patient, just the easiest, most expedient way!   I loath those lazy oinks.... sorry.   I would never allow them to do any major surgery on me again, since they botched up my Right knee replacement surgery, that left me a cripple for life !!   It's like the Civil War, when a soldier got a bad wound in the leg,  they just cut off the leg, instead of TRYING TO SAVE IT !   It's more expedient !   And, sorry to say, the Milwaukee VAMC has a serious racial problem, especially on the 3rd shift, where 'those black staff ' --- "nurses" refused to help me in any way, and I never got cleaned or bathed for 5 days while I was there after that knee surgery, and I have never seen such mean-spirited losers anywhere else.   Many other Veterans have told me their horror stories about that place too.  Other places like the Great Lakes Naval VAMC, and Madison, WI VAMC, treat their patients well, and with respect!  Ha!   Just wait for Obama-care... LOL !!  And it will surely bankrupt the country... just like a 3rd world place.

Time to put on my socks.

War m Regards,

...  Getting pain  med  shots in my knees at the Milwaukee VA hospital, by one of the GOOD nurse practitioners there.  >>>

Wednesday, February 12, 2014 
Republicans and Democrats alike
We have entered an era in American politics where there is virtually no difference between the political parties. Democrats long have been cast as the villains by conservatives for their undying support of unbridled government spending, support of immoral social issues, and weak foreign policy. For years we have seen the opposing Republican Party drifting further and further into the Democratic camp. Today, there is very little difference between them. Perhaps, the Republicans take a little longer to get where the Democrats are going because they have to lie to their constituents about their conservative ruse in order to get reelected. But the transformation of political parties toward liberalism is nearly complete.
The Republican Majority in the House of Representatives did not hold in a February 11 vote on fiscal responsibility. In fact, 28 Republicans joined with some 193 Democrats to pass the debt ceiling limit to $17,200,000,000,000--that's roughly $52,000 for every man, woman and child in the US. House Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Canter, both Republicans, voted for the bill. Then Canter had the nerve to blame it on the Democrats, saying, "House Republicans need more responsible and willing partners in Washington so we can finally and boldly address our long term debt crisis." Its the old bait and switch that cost a family of four over $200,000 in government debt. What are these people thinking?
Well, it is the Democrats' fault, AND the Republicans' fault. But it is really the American citizen's fault. Americans have disengaged from the political system, especially American Christians. Individually, many are trying to fight the good fight. Collectively, however, there are mixed messages from the pulpit; bad doctrines being taught; there is confusion among those who claim to be Biblical to the point it has caused collective inaction. The moral compass of America, the Christian, is by and large minimized in this country. And the Christian is the only human who can bring truth and common sense to the American Republic form of government. But for numerous reasons, we have let it get out of control.
Government in America occurs by the consent of the governed. We have been so lied to and so misled that we are now faced with the economic and moral consequences. They have reached such critical mass in our government that the task of removing them seems overwhelming. But remove them we must otherwise there will be no nation, no freedom of speech or religion, nothing for our future generations. The godless will have won. I, for one, do not want to face my Lord and have him say, "I blessed you with the freedom as a nation to share my word and it was your generation that turned your back on me." Beloved, Romans 13:12 is upon us: "The night is far spent, the day is at hand:  let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armor of light."  We must do so both individually and as a nation of Christians.  
Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

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Heli gunner Tom said...

Hey Tommy,

Yes, the general consensus of our VA system is generally the same...The racial issues are much more widespread than anybody wants to admit for fear of being politically incorrect....Blacks have taken over many of our VA's to include the VA central office in Washington D.C.......They treat us like crap and holler racism if we complain.....I too, do not utilize the VA system..Everything seems to be for the convenience of the Staff and not for the benefit of the Veteran....I've had so many run-ins with the VA I stopped counting....Thanks for the post......"JJ