Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Enter the Dragon!

Tom's Journal.

Maryland to Target 110,000 Citizens With Gun Confiscation      

Now... this is really a wake up call, and super exciting !!    This new article trumps everything I have said, worried about, fretted over, prepared for, and WOW !   When the truth and logic about the Anti-Christ is finally unveiled, not much else counts, IMHO.   It cut my so-called "long term" plans and preparation down to size over night, and gives me [and all other savvy Christians]  a whole new lease on life and a new attitude.   Petty differences and quarrel are all put to rest, guys and gals, brothers and sisters.   I wonder just how many other  brothers get the same vibrations as I just did over this news.  
     Well,  I guess the 'Cabin Fever' I've been whining about is just about to end, because my mind and heart have just been stoked with fresh hard coal and the fire is perking up to heat the whole house.   If this is really true -- me think that we may have a much more shorter time left than I thought....   but let's keep a cool head and continue our prayers, please.   This means that the pastor has been on the right track all along -- regarding his urgently pressed work of leading many people to Salvation by Christ's sacrifice on the cross.
    Tell me what YOU think.


4 March 2014:  We are now seeing complete ineptitude and powerlessness from Western leaders. Obama has withdrawn the United States of America as the "on-call" backbone of NATO. When the United States of America says its military commitment is ending (first Operation Iraqi Freedom and now Operation Enduring Freedom) our NATO allies commence to scrambling all over each other for the emergency exit door in bringing their troops out of the combat sandbox as quickly as possible.
Now we also see the United States of America abdicating from-the-front leadership (SECSTATE John Kerry a leader? Puh-leeze!) is absent from even the NATO alliance in defense of Europe itself. This abdication of leadership is manifesting itself is an unwillingness to defend NATO (the core proviso of the NATO Charter for crying out loud!) and its partner nations.  Putin is a ravenous wolf; he sees these glaring weaknesses and will exploit them to their fullest extent possible... or until he is confronted with a military power greater than his own.
However, there is something far more important to pay closer attention to here than Putin's (Gog of Magog) blatant aggression.  And it's basic Holy Bible eschatology 101, and we're the generation the Lord Himself prophesied about who would see it come to pass.

I think this is a combination of the perfect geo-political storm and Missing-In-Action leadership scenario to cause the spiritual  issuance of an immediate invitation for the rise of a charismatic statesman, the ultimate peacemaker, a man with more book and field military genius than Sun Tzu, Von Clausewitz, Charlemagne, Napoleon, Hitler, Zhukov and Patton combined. A man none other than the European Antichrist. A demonically-led "Prince of Europe." I think the stage is being set for his entrance through this uniquely European crisis.

Watch carefully as this crisis moves forward, an alliance of nearly 800 million people without a strong leader when one is prophesied to appear in these last days is a prophecy begging for fulfillment.

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