Friday, March 14, 2014

Prudent Decisions to Prepare.

Tom's Journal.

Here I am again, alone, but  happy, and just ate some left over fish.   We got back from another visit to Kenosha, but were pushed for time and important business, but I got to visit and see my youngest daughter and her baby girl, Grace, and they live in CO., with a long hard drive up here to WI.,  and what a  pair of DOLLS !!  Terri had a good time there too, visiting, at a better, nice Hotel,  and the soothing hot tub and swimming at the costly  $$$  Hotel we picked, with in good 'striking range' of all the good stores and eating places.    I love to spoil the females in my family, when I can, to brighten up their lives and help them with life's challenges.    And they are worth every penny of mine,  [and after you are married,  "our's ."  I  keep them in good health and good spirits.   Not that I am rich....   but I did work hard all my life...   and  God has truly bless me....  thank you, Lord.   Ahhhh, we did dodge the big storm his time,  again,   as it went across the South of Chicago and East to mess those folks in New England up...  LOL !   Ha!  Better than us.   smile.  

While there is a short 'lull' in the weather and politics...  but our 2 TV's suddenly won't work,  or maybe I didn't get the TV- Cable bill,   duh...  sometimes the world is just so chaotic and DISORGANIZED, and simple people don't even care to do their work correctly and RIGHT !!   3RD World Countries, are barely scratching out a living, so their kids won't starve, are more, "on the ball" than our Amerikan service community workers.   Please do not get them mixed up with the Armed Service People, Army, Navy, Marines !!!   They are my hero's !!   Just like, when people  see I am 'wearing my Colors' a tune folks automatically THANK ME FOR MY SERVICE !  Makes me feel good, and my wife too, because she married me...  LOL !   Daddy didn't raise any cowards on the farm.   

So,  PRUDENT DECISIONS TO PREPARE.   No matter what comes down the pike, we will see millions of uneducated people who have depended on our Gov't to supply them with everything for living, expect their personal responsibility!   They will suffer the consequences,  sorry folks.    And if they truly knew the KJV Bible as they pretend, MOST OF THEM wouldn't even BE on Welfare in the first  place.  I am referring to 4th and 5th generation poverty and welfare mindsets.   Paul wrote to the Thessalonians  2nd Letter, Chapter 3, verse 12..."For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any of you would not work, neither should he eat."   Well, that's seems to be clear enough, and there are other places too to support this theme.   And right there near that scripture in my old Scofield Study Bible, is a picture of me, about 7 years ago, in my green garden, with my 6 feet high tomatoes.   I just love, fresh, organic tomatoes and cuke's in a salad !!!   Especially after I raised and watered them by myself !    And just try fresh zucchini's sliced lengthways on the grill, next to your T-bones !!   You will never cook them another way... !!  I USED TO COOK A LOT, about 50 % of the time, when my kids were under 13 years old...  just thought I would help me wife out with the chores, etc.  But I figures that she was a good mother, and had good skills, in sewing and preserving garden veggies, etc.  [just trying to be nice -- especially right now as she is grieving for her recently passed Mother, June D.   Karen,  I am sorry for your loss.   

I cannot believe that I slept so long, so hard, until 1:30 in the aft !!  I was so tired after the trip back U.P. to our home.   Thank you, dear Terri for  driving us up here  safely.  I love you!

Here is an older picture of my fine son, Andy, and one of my daughter, Sarah's baby girls.... and my EX- [first] wife of 22 years.
Terri M. Schuckman, is my TRUE  Love and legally  married Wife, of course !  She is so good to me, and I love her to pieces !!   She loves Jesus Christ as her personal Savior too.  ------
Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman

> Just in case you need a little reinforcement for your already very
> prudent decisions to prepare and prepare well:


> Please read this thoroughly (not too long, and so interesting that I
> doubt you'd be able to stop reading it anyway)…

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