Saturday, April 26, 2014

Falling Asleep at the PC--@ 6PM !

Tom's Journal.

Did you ever have the feelings of HATE and DISTRUST of some body, or organization, but just could not prove it at that time ??    Yes!  I am with you good, fine, people, too, and share your views and feelings too !  

I still have a sore throat, and side effects from the VA Dentist pulling out the front, upper incisor tooth that was abscessed, and in severe PAIN, with poisons going to other parts of the body... and now, sweet Terri says that I am a nicer guy, with a kinder, more gentler, personality !  Proof!  That I am not a natural born, mean Father and bad Human Being!!   At the same time, I should be wary of some money grubbing, sneaky, women out  there.     
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